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Postville Review
Postville, Allamakee co. IA
January 5, 1876

Married. - ROBINSON -- CLAPP - At the house of the bride's father, near Faid, Jefferson county, Iowa, Dec. 30th, 1875, Mr. F. M. ROBINSON, of Sibley, Cola * Co., Iowa and Miss Laura CLAPP of Fairfield.
[*note: Sibley is in Osceola co. Iowa]

Thomas BENTLEY, of Village Creek, the oldest man in Allamakee county aged 93 -- was burned out of house and home on the night of the 13th. His aged wife and himself were the sole occupants, and they escaped in their night clothes. He was a soldier in the war of 1812, and possessed considerable means in cash but this was burned with the house -- nothing being saved but a small trunk, and no insurance

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Postville Review
Postville, Allamakee, Iowa
January 13, 1876

Mr. Fred Stock residing in Ludlow twp, while going to Lansing last Monday met with an accident by which he nearly lost his life. Stepping down behind the horses to pick up a line which had dropped, he startled one of them, which commenced kicking and broke Mr. Stock's leg below the knee, badly splintering the bone, and as he fell he received another kick upon his head, making a severe scalp wound. His companions on the road took him to Mr. Nee's and Dr. Earle was sent for, who dressed the wounds and at last account
he was doing well. -Waukon Standard

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Postville Review
Postville, Allamakee, Iowa
January 26, 1876

Postville School Report by S. WHITE, Principal.
The following is a report up to Jan. 14th, '76. 100 signifies perfect:
Clara BARNES - 100
Sarah J. LEET, M. MURPHY & Ellison ORR - 99
Loren POWERS - 98
Elmore COURSON & Amanda EATON - 97
Wm. HUDSON & Cora DARLING - 95
Frank BARCLAY, Nellie HAZELTON & Johnny FINNEY - 94
John SANDERS - 93
Celia MOTT - 91
Louisa BAILEY & Lizzie BURLING - 90
Carrie COLE, James JOHNSON & Willier CLARK - 89
Hattie HUBBARD & Della McCLELLAND - 87
Charles REED - 86
Willie WOXLER - 85
George ROE - 84
Jasper MARSTON & Lucy LULL - 83
Henry LAUGHLIN - 82
Oscar BOUGHTON, Watson SAWYER, Carrie BEEDY & Lettie MILFORD - 78
John ROLL, Ella CLARK & Sarah REED - 77
Ida BEEDY - 76
Belle MAKEPEACE - 75
Arthur CLARK - 62
Clara MOTT - 50
Alice MOTT - 48
Harvey BATESON -44
Libbie BURNHAM - 37
Sarah BATESON - 25

We are glad to hear that E. SCHMITZ, SR. has arrived, safe and well, in Postville, from Germany, where he has been on a visit with his wife and daughters, who are expected back in the spring or summer.

The officers of the N.I.A.A. [North Iowa Agriculture Association] met in Postville last week to arrange a premium list for the next [State] Fair and fix the time for holding the same. We have no report of their doings other than what Secretary CORLETT gives:
At a meeting of Board of Directors of the Dist. Ag. Society held at Postville, Tuesday and Wednesday of present week, to make arrangements for the next exhibition, R.N. SAWYER, of Ossian, was appointed General Superintendent; Hon. J.T. STONEMAN, of McGregor, Supt. of Floral Hall; John WEBSTER, of Frankville, Supt. of Vegetable Hall; A.R. PRESCOTT, of Postville, Supt. of Gates and tickets; R.S. BARCLAY, of Clermont, Marshall.
Division Superintendents were appointed as follows:
Div. A- S.C. CLARK, Castalia & E. BOLEY, Monona, asst.
Div. B- J.S. KING, Clayton
Div. C- Hon. P.G. BAILY, Postville
Div. D- E. HARDIN, Postville
Div. E- A.R. CARPENTER, Elgin
Div. F- J.N. TOPLIFF, Postville
Div. G- Mrs. Dr. SCOTT, Monona
Div. H- J.B. REED, Postville
Div. I- A.H. LOOMIS, Clermont
Premium list revised and adopted; entry fees, except in speed department, abolished. J.E. CORLETT, Sec., Bismark, Iowa, Jan 22d, 1876.

Advertising cards.
-B. WELLS, manufacturer of boots and shoes.
-A.P. ABBOTT, house painter.
-C.F. RATHBUN, livery and sale stable, teams & carriages.
-Jacob MEYER, Blacksmithing and repairing, horseshoeing.
-L. BROWN, physician and surgeon.
-S.S. POWERS & T.F. JOHNSON, attorneys at law, insurance & collecting agents.
-F. MEYER, wagon & sleigh manufacturer, repairing.
-BURLING & STOWE, attorneys at law.
-J.K. PHILLIPS, proprietor of the Key City barber shop.
-C.L. PUTNAM, carpenter and joiner, Clermont.
-A. STAADT, dealer in drugs, medicines, &c.
-P.F.& F.M. SCHWARTZ, proprietors National Hotel, Waukon.
-L. BIGELOW, proprietor Bigelow House (late of Boardman House), Elkader.
-J.S. GREEN M.D.,physician.
-R.H. RUDE, Oculist, treats diseases of the eye.
-BAYLESS, DOUGLAS & Co., dealers in drugs & patent medicines.
-T. STILES, Justice. Office with S.S. POWERS.
-J.B. SCHMIDT, manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes.
-J.H. KELLER, restaurant and dealer in confectionery.
-H.L. HUDSON, blacksmith and repair shop.
-I. SHEPHERD M.D., physician and surgeon.
-W.T. BOUGHTON, physician and surgeon.
-McGUIRE Bros., sand pit.
-SMITZ Bros., wholesale and retail horse clothing.

[transcribed by S.F., August 2003]

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