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Postville Review
Postville, Allamakee Co., Iowa
August 6, 1909

PROOF OF WILL. The Last Will and Testament of Catherine B. MILLER, deceased, late of Allamakee Co. has been opened and read.

TRIAL JURORS, September term, Allamakee Co. Iowa:
Tom BARRY, Fairview
Chas. RUSSEL, Linton
James STEELE, Post
Geo. B. OLSON, Center
Thos. FULLERTON, Makee
H. FRUECHTE, Union City
W.J. WHITE, Franklin
Geo. GIVING, Jefferson
Andrew SORLIE, Lansing
Thos. LUDEKING, Union Prairie
Wm. COLLING, Jr., French Creek
John RIDER, Paint Creek
John FRANK, Lansing
Gilbert RUD, Waterloo
Henry BECKER, Lansing
O.D. PALMER, Makee
John BACON, Iowa
J.E. GRAHAM, Jefferson
B.L. ROBEY, Jefferson
Chas. FUERHEIM, Lansing
John REMME, Center
C.K. NELSON, Makee
Julius GRUBER, Lafayette
John FITZGERALD, Paint Creek
W.J. CLARK, Post
Henry MEYER, Post
J.W. HARTLEY, Lansing
A.L. LANG, Post
Martin MONSRUD, Taylor
Thos. SUCHANEK, Franklin
Dan FLYNN, Jefferson
Jas. FARLEY, Jr., Union Prairie
Justice JOHNSON, Taylor
Albert HAGER, Ludlow

Hans PARKER, James CHRISTOPHERSON, Loren GREGG and James BELLOWS returned Monday afternoon from a week's fishing trip on the Mississippi, near Lansing, where they had a splendid time and found fishing at its best and no mosquitos on tap to bite the nightmare. They say they behaved real nicely during their absence, because a German minister and two sons were camped on the same island with them. It was the first time the boys were ever in camp with a preacher and they had to resort to various schemes to keep the minister from hearing the flow of oratory when a ten pounder would slip off the hook and get back in the creek. Whenever an accident of that kind happened to PARKER he would have BELLOWS duck him under water, while every time GREGG lost one Hans would hammer on a tin pan for half an hour to call the fish back again.


Postville Review
Postville, Allamakee Co. Iowa
August 20, 1909

Mrs. Henry EGGERT and little daughter went to Luana Tuesday to visit the former's parents.

Mrs. C.W. MEIER and daughter Irene are visiting relatives at Remsen and LeMars this week.

E.E. OWEN of Frankville, will have a big dispersion sale of sheep on Sept. 8th. Watch for bills.

Mrs. W.E. DURNO returned Tuesday from a two week's visit with Mrs. Emma WOOD at Burchinal, Iowa.

Miss Delia LIETHOLD has decided to remain in Postville and desires a class in Piano, Organ and Harmony.

Miss Josephine HECKER returned on Monday evening from a visit with friends in Minneapolis and Excelsior, Minn.

Mrs. C.P. DARLING and Miss Cora leave for Fayette this afternoon or tomorrow for a visit with Mrs. Besie RICKERT.

Hon. Frank SCHULTE, of Garnavillo, was a pleasant caller the first of the week in company with Dr. A.A. SCHMIDT.

The Misses Emma and Jennie NICOLAY returned Monday evening from their two weeks vacation visit in Mankato, Minn.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark PLATT are here from Chicago spending their vacation at the home of the former's sister Mrs. E.P. DURNO.

W.A. OWEN left yesterday for his home in Grand Rapids, Wis., after a visit to his children and friends here-abouts.

Miss Cora DARLING is one of the instructors in the Fayette county teachers' institute, which well be held next week at Fayette.

Rad F. OWEN, the auctioneer, has a card in the Review announcing that he is ready to cry sales of all kinds and guarantees satisfaction.

Frank THILL is to be taken to Prairie du Chien to receive treatment for rheumatism from which he has been a great sufferer for sometime past.

Mrs. Ed CORSON, of Arnold's Park, Iowa, and Miss Minnie SCHUTTE, of Chicago, are here at present, having been called home by the serious illness of their sister, Miss Lizzie.

The Misses Ruth and Anna DOUGLASS were "at home" to a number of their lady friends Wednesday afternoon in honor of Miss HUNTLEY, of LaCrosse, who is their guest this week.

Supervisors Wm. WEIHE, Ole REMA and D.D. RONAN left Tuesday for Sioux city to attend a state convention of county supervisors. Meetings of this kind should be productive of much good.

We received a pleasant call Tuesday from the "two Charleys" -- ASH of West Union and KRUMM of this city -- both of whom are breeders of Poland China swine and will have big exhibits at the Iowa State Fair this year.

--Warner HARRIS has his new hog house up and enclosed.
--Louis MEIER's new house is all finished but the painting.
--August SCHULTZ was rusticating in our neighborhood the greater part of last week.
--Sam HARRIS gave the junior class of Bethel Sunday School a big treat Woodmen Picnic day by buying them all a ticket to McGregor and return. It is needless to say they enjoyed themselves by boat riding and climbing the bluffs, to say nothing of wading in the river. They'll not soon forget Sam or it either.
--George HARRIS is putting in a new bath room with all the best modern improvements.
--Master Everett COOK is having his first experience with a boil and it is a painful one.
--E. SWENSON and some of the younger members of the family spent a few days in McGregor last week.
--John ECKERTS' little girl has been very sick, requiring the services of a physician the first of the week.
--C.B. BACHTELL, Henry MEIER and Bert COOK go from this township to attend court next week, Aug. 30.
--Mrs. Andrew STOCKMAN and Mrs. Charley HAMMEL of Milwaukee are visiting at the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John HAMMEL.
--School begins at West Grove Monday August 23d. Miss Kate McGOURTY has been engaged to teach the Evergreen School for the fall and winter terms.
--Fred GERICKE has purchased a threshing outfit and is prepared to make things hum pretty soon; this makes three GERICKE outfits in this part of the county.

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