Iowa Old Press

Allamakee Journal and Lansing Mirror
Lansing, Allamakee co. Iowa
October 3, 1928

[transcriber note: this transcription is from an original paper, the condition of the first page was very poor, there may be errors in the transcription]

If you have anything in the news line kindly mail or hand same to the writer, Mrs. L. L. Boardman.

Jim Kass was a LaCrosse caller last Friday.

Mrs. Murray was at Lansing Saturday between trains.

Harpers Ferry lost a closely contested ball game to the fast McGregor club Sunday, by a score of 4 to 2.

Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald returned to her home at Minneapolis last week after a several weeks’ pleasant visit at the home of her brother, James Corrigan, and with other relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Pugsley, accompanied by Mrs. B. G. Bassler, motored up from Dubuque Saturday for a visit over Sunday with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gavin of Marquette were Sunday visitors with relatives here.

Mrs. Theresa Hawes and Theresa Joyce were passengers to Dubuque Monday.

Cota Brothers purchased a new corn shredder, which was delivered last week.

Mrs. Frank Meyers spent a couple of days last week with relatives at Dubuque.

Nell Powers returned last Friday from a couple weeks pleasant visit at the home of her brother John in Lansing.

A number from here attended the funeral of Mrs. Catherine Desmond at Paint Rock Tuesday morning.

Leo Joyce now delivers his Ness products in a brand new wagon, which he purchased at Dubuque last week.

The “Blue Moon” Serenaders, 6-piece orchestra, will play for a dance at Harpers Ferry Friday, Oct. 5.

Mrs. Will Shields and four children accompanied Frank Shields to his home near Waukon Sunday, Sept. 23, and enjoyed a several days visit, returning home on Thursday.

[?. W.] Melaven and daughter left last Thursday for a couple weeks visit with relatives at Chicago and Marshall, Ill., and Terra Haute, St. Mary’s of the Woods, and other points in Indiana.

Ethel Hogan was a week-end visitor at the home of her sister, Mrs. Ed Hoag, at Waukon.

On Sept. 27th, the Farm Bureau ladies of Taylor, Lafayette and Lansing townships met at the Mrs. M. J. Foley home for the first lesson of the second year of Home Furnishing work. The lesson was given by Miss Baur, Home Furnishing Specialist, of Ames, and consisted of the study of floor coverings and refinishing worn linoleum. There will be a follow-up meeting at the home of Mrs. Jas. Livingston Friday evening, Oct. 5. Anyone interested in the work is welcome to attend.

Mrs. Grace Dean Walkley, wife of Raymond L. Walkley of New Haven, Conn., died at her home Sept. 20. She was a daughter of John M. and Elizabeth Gay Dean, pioneer residents of Waukon. Mr. Dean is buried in Oakland Cemetery, but his family left Waukon in the early ‘80’s and have since resided in New England. Mrs. Walkley is survived by her husband and one daughter, also three brothers, Henry of Boston, Lincoln of Springfield Mass., and Arthur of Grand Rapids, Mich. The deceased was a friend of Miss Jessie May, to whom we are indebted for the item, which will interest many of our old Waukon readers who remember the family.

Gus Hansmeier has bought the old Fitzgerald residence property east of the Baptist church.

Mrs. Bert Klinkel, son Robert and Miss Hattie Deibert motored to Monona Sunday and spent the day with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. George Durant and Mr. and Mrs. Lute Jones motored to the Devil’s Backbone State Park near Strawberry Point Sunday and viewed the sights in that vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Minert motored to Rockford, Ill., Saturday afternoon, visiting their daughter, Miss Lois, a student at Rockford College. They spent Sunday evening with relatives and friends at Dubuque, returning home Monday forenoon.


I am taking this means of asking the voters, both men and women, whom I will be unable to meet personally for their support at the general election, Tuesday, Nov. 6. I am a Democratic candidate for member of the Board of Supervisors, term commencing Jan. 1, 1929.
JOHN MOSES, Linton township.

To the Voters of Allamakee Co.
I respectfully ask your vote and support for the office of County Treasurer at the coming election to be held on the 6th day of November, 1928. BEN SCHWARZHOFF, Democratic Candidate.

Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 2 and 3, Lois Wilson in “French Dressing,” Our Gang comedy, “Edison, Marconi & Company.”
Friday and Saturday, Karl Dane and George K. Arthur in “Detectives,” comedy, “Soup to Nuts.”
Sunday and Monday, John Gilbert in “The Cossacks,” Pathe News.
Tuesday, Two for One Night, “The Young Whirlewind,” comedy, “Foolin’ Casper.”
Coming, George Bancroft in “The Showdown.”

-Miss Lucille Wild, who attends High School at Lansing, spent Sunday with home folks, the Gus Wild family.
-Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Phipps and two children of near Harpers Ferry spent Sunday at the U. J. Ashbacher home.
-Wm. Buege spent a few days the past week at the Wm. Bublitz home.
-Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Ashbacher, daughter Lois and son John and Vern Bublitz autoed to Ludlow Sunday to see the landslide on the H. F. Opfer farm.
-Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fink were Sunday visitors at the John Fink home at New Albin.
-Mrs. Oscar Smerud and daughter Sarah of near New Albin visited Saturday at the Gus Wild home.
-The Misses Irene Buege and Gladys Bublitz were Waukon shoppers last Thursday.
-Otto Riser and sister, Mrs. Selma Wild and her daughter Cleone and their hired man, all of Mays Prairie, visited Sunday afternoon at the Gus Wild home.
-Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ashbacher attended church at Lansing Sunday.
-Chas. Fink and wife autoed to LaCrosse Sunday morning to visit relatives, the Esterley families, returning home Monday.

-Stephen Iverson had a barn raising last Wednesday, after which all present partook of a delicious supper served by Ida Nesheim and Mrs. J. McGinnis.
-John Opheim marketed hogs at Spring Grove last Tuesday.
-Irene Nelson called on Mrs. E. I. Helgeson last Tuesday evening.
-Elmer Helgeson and wife went to Waukon last Wednesday, the latter having dental work done.
-Co. Sup’t of Schools W. L. Peck and deputy John May visited schools in this vicinity last Wednesday.
-Mrs. John Opheim is enjoying a visit from her mother, Mrs. Josendahl.
-Mrs. Nanford Sande visited with Mrs. John Opheim Thursday.
-O. L. Nelson and Sever Severson were Waukon business callers Thursday of last week.
-Mrs. Carl Fretheim assisted her uncles, the Severson brothers, during silo filling.
-Olga Thompson assisted Mrs. Carl Fretheim during silo filling.
-Henry Quanrude motored to Lansing Thursday.
-Mrs. Ole Tilleras and Blonda Larson called on Mrs. Martin Droivold last Tuesday afternoon.
-Ole Tilleras and wife and Blond aLarson were Quandahl shoppers last Tuesday forenoon.
-Ed Iverson and daughters and Erling Lundering were at Quandahl last Tuesday.
-Alma, Palma and Margaret Droivold, Harold Opheim, Palma Quanrude, Milton Iverson and Raymond Gavle were neither absent nor tardy from the Iowa River School last month.

-Herbert E. Taylor spent the weekend with home folks at Waukon.
-Maurice Waters and Maurice Regan spent Sunday at New Albin.
-Mrs. Henry Schultz was quite badly injured last week when she was kicked in the head by a horse while picking potatoes. She was taken to the Spring Grove hospital for treatment.
-Mrs. Walter Linde and family spent Sunday at the home of her mother, Mrs. Marie Hefte at Bee.
-Lillian Howes of Waukon spent a few days last week with her friend, Katherine Schulte.
-Vic Zoll and family of Waukon visited here Sunday.
-Joe Kumpf and wife went to Janesville, Wis., last Friday with a truck load of goods for the Lawrence Medicus family.
-The Ben Roerko*hl, John and Clem Schulte families spent Sunday evening with Rev. J. H. Mullin.
-Rev. Mullen and Miss Theresa Kirsch returned last Tuesday from Dubuque, where they attended the funeral of Father Sullivan.
-Ray Mahr and wife of Sioux City and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mahr were callers at the Maurice Waters home Monday last.
-Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Westerman and sister-in-law of Bismarck, N. D., came last Tuesday for a visit with Mrs. N.’s brother, Frank J. Hart, and were surprised on their arrival here to find that the Hart family had moved to Hillsboro, N. D. From here they went to Chicago for a visit.
-Emmet Waters of Waterloo was a business caller at Decorah last Wednesday and visited here with this parents, Mrs. and Mrs. Maurice Waters.
-Mr. and Mrs. George Lapham purchased a new Ford Sedan from the local dealer, Joseph Kumpf.
-Louis Ranzenberger of Bee was a business caller here Thursday.
-Paul Mahr, son of Raymond Mahr of Sioux City, had the misfortune to fall from the hayloft in the barn and fracture his arm while visiting at the Walt Mahr home. He was taken to Spring Grove for medial attention. They returned to their home Sunday.
-Aloris Teff, who is attending school at Caledonia, spent the week-end with his parents, Max Teff and wife.
-Henry Weber and wife of Etizen were business callers here Saturday.
-Bernice Teff spent Sunday with her aunt, Dena Munkel, at Caledonia.
-Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Schulte of Hanover were callers Sunday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Hinchon and son Lawrence of Dubuque spent Sunday with the lady’s sister, Theresa Kirsch, at the parsonage.
-Jack Griffin and Merlin Smith were Spring Grove callers last Friday.

In the District Court of Iowa, and for Allamakee County, October Term, A. D., 1928.
Emily Henry, Administratrix of the Estate of Catherine Smith, deceased, Plaintiff, vs. William Barnes, Administrator of Estate , Anna Foster, Clara Ferreman, Samuel Smith and George Smith, Heirs at Law of James Smith, deceased, Defendants.
To William Barnes, Administrator of the Estate of James Smith, Anne Foster, Clara Ferreman, Samuel Smith and George Smith, Heirs at Law of James Smith, deceased, Defendants:
You and each of you are hereby notified that on or before the 15th day of October, 1928, there will be on file in the office of Clerk of the District Court of Allamakee County, Iowa, the petition of plaintiff claiming of you the sum of Two Thousand Two Hundred Forty-five and 75-100 Dollars ($2245.75), as justly due the estate of Catherine Smith, deceased, and which sum was appropriated by James Smith without due process of law;
And unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the second day of the next term of Court to be held at Waukon, in Allamakee County, Iowa, commencing on the 29th day of October, 1928, default will be entered against you and judgment rendered thereon against the Estate of James Smith, deceased in accordance with the prayer in said petition.
For further particulars you are referred to the petition.
FRANK L. MAY, Attorney for Plaintiff.

Wednesday, Oct. 3, 1928
E. O. Lenz, Local Representative.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hale and Frank Travis returned home last week from a very pleasant visit with old time friends at Carlyle, Ill.

Peter Richard of Reno was a business caller here Thursday.

Miss Emma Kruse left Thursday for Sheldon, Iowa, after a visit with relatives at Eitzen.

Eugene Kerrigan returned home Tuesday from a few days visit with relatives at LaCrosse.

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Schukei of Waukon were here Sunday, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Abe Meiners.

George Kubitz and family of Dubuque visited relatives here over the week-end, returning home Sunday.

H. J. Brenner, who is employed at Elizabeth, Ill., was an over Sunday visitor at the home of his parents.

Mrs. O. H. Pottratz and daughter Melita visited last week at the Gus Wuennecke home at Wheatland, returning home Friday.

Viola Deters of Caledonia is here visiting at the H. C. Dierksen home.

Mrs. Lawrence Medicus and children returned last week from a visit with relatives at Dorchester.

D. J. Kelly returned last Thursday from a two weeks business trip to points in the Dakotas.

Miss Esther Reiser, who teaches school at Storm Lake, Iowa spent the week-end with home folks here.

Edw. Hannafin left on a business trip to Chicago.

Mrs. C. A. Adkin was among arrivals last Wednesday from Chicago for a visit with her mother, Mrs. Mary Lahey.

Walter Weymiller and wife visited last week with relatives at Chicago.

Miss Tena Wenig attended a chiropractic convention at LaCrosse last week.

Banker A. H. Freiberg was at Waukon on business several days last week.

Mrs. Wm. Bakewell returned last Tuesday from a few days visit with Miles Kelly at St. Francis hospital, LaCrosse.

Chris Wuennecke of Reno was a business caller here last Wednesday.

Alfred Pohlman and wife of Lansing were Sunday guests at the home of his mother, Mrs. Minnie Pohlman.

Mrs. Nick Plembling returned to her home at Dubuque Friday after a few days visit with her mother, Mrs. Mary Plembling.

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Fitschen were here Sunday visiting at the home of their daughter, Mrs. J. C. Mendenhall.

Wm. Scholtes and wife of Lansing were here Sunday visiting at the Leo Reburn home.

The Misses Cleta and Genevieve Scholtes of Lansing spent the week-end with friends, the Misses Blanche and Gertrude Reburn.

Mrs. Herman Welper was hostess to a number of lady friends at her home last Sunday afternoon in honor of her birthday anniversary. The time was spent in a social way and a most delicious luncheon was served.

C. D. Hartley, Jimmie Hurley, G. M. Hayes and Herman Welper motored to LaCrosse Sunday to visit Wm. Stevens and Miles Kelly at St. Francis hospital.

Martin Welper and family visited Sunday at the Otto Pottratz home in this city.

Jim Price came Monday from Rock Island, Ill., for a visit with relatives.

Ed. Angell returned home Friday from an extended stay at Tomahawk Lake, Wis.

A reception was given at the Kelly Pavilion last Tuesday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Buege, who were recently married at Caledonia. The evening was spent in dancing, refreshments served and a most enjoyable time had by those in attendance.

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Colsch, George Colsch and Frank Gerkey and families and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Burroughs were entertained at a 6:30 o’clock dinner Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Colsch Sr. in this city.

Leo Pottratz of Eitzen was a local business caller Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Twite accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Welsh, motored to Winona last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Henry and son of Waukon were here Sunday visiting relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Colsch Sr.

Mrs. Rose Harvey returned to her home at LaCrosse Tuesday after a few days visit with relatives and friends here.

George May left Monday for Lake Park, Iowa, where he will engage in fishing.

Mr. and Mrs. Simon Medicus left Monday for Janesville, Wis., to attend the wedding of their son Leo.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Burroughs of Mt. Auburn, Iowa, were here from Friday until Saturday visiting at the home of the lady’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Colsch.

Los Angeles, Cal., Sept. 25, 28.
Editors Allamakee Journal,
Lansing, Iowa.
Dear Friends:--Here, we are in beautiful Los Angeles, where we arrived on Thursday, the 20th, at 9:30 A. M. We had a most delightful trip and enjoyed every moment of the entire journey. The scenery was beautiful, the mountains majestic and grand with great piles of red sandstone rocks covering the summit and sides, and ragged pine trees growing out of the rocks. I truly believe there were ten thousand turns and curves before we reached the foothills. It was awe inspiring and in some places it seemed we could almost touch the fleecy clouds. The sun was setting in all its glory and we felt to exclaim “How beautiful upon the mountain are the feet of them that bringeth good tidings, that published peace, that said unto Zion, Thy God reigneth.”

We spent Sunday, the 16th, in Denver, a most beautiful city. We saw many pretty towns and cities and had good meals and good beds to rest in at night. The busses were new and roomy, with adjustable high back seats covered with leather air cushions and were very comfortable. Every seat was occupied and every one friendly and jolly. The drivers were careful and courteous but attentive only to their wheel. We spent Thursday and most of Friday in the beautiful Rosslyn Hotel. Ate our first meal in our pretty apartment on Friday evening.

But with all I have seen I can truly say, no mountains I saw, no scene of grandeur affected me , so filled my soul with rapture, as do the mountains and hills and beautiful scenes in and around dear Lansing, my childhood and girlhood home.

Please send all Journals to 1411 Acacia ST. Los Angeles, Calif. I am longing to see them. With pleasant memories of my visit at Lansing and kindest thoughts of the dear people there.
Sincerely, S. MARIE HOOVER

Death of a Former Resident
From the Chillicothe, Mo., Tribune.
Michael J. Maloney, aged 62 years, died at his home on North Broadway at 2:30 yesterday afternoon. The body was removed to the J. D. Gordon Funeral home where it was prepared for burial. The body was removed to the family home at 5 o’clock this afternoon. Funeral services will be held at 9 o’clock Monday morning at St. Columban’s church and burial will be made in the Catholic cemetery.

Mr. Maloney is survived by is wife and the following children, Mrs. M. P. Von David, El Paso, Texas, Miss Esther Maloney of Kansas City and Alice, Ella, Grace and Kathleen, all of the home; the following sisters, Miss Mary Maloney, Wheatland, Wyoming, Mrs. Carl Ankey of Wheatland, and Mrs. John Caghey of Shelby, Montana, and the following brothers, John Maloney of Waukon, Iowa and Dan and James Maloney, Baker, N. D., all of whom had visited him during his last illness.

At the time of the Milwaukee homecoming in Chillicothe in September, 1927, Mr. Maloney had been with the Milwaukee forty years the preceding April. He came to Chillicothe in 1892 from southern Minnesota, where be began railroading and he a had made his home here since then. Mr. Maloney was born in Princeton, New Jersey, August 17, 1866.

An autumn wedding took place Tuesday morning at eight o’clock at St. Pius’ church at Cherry Mound, when Miss Mary Gertrude Brady, oldest daughter of Mrs. Anna Brady, and Lawrence M. Wagner, second son of Mrs. Catherine Wagner, were united in marriage by Rev. Father Neenan.

They were accompanied by Miss Viola Wagner, sister of the groom and George Brady, cousin of the bride. The bride was attired in a gown of white crepe de chine with white slippers and white felt hat. The bridesmaid wore a gown of blue canton crepe trimmed with velvet and hat to match.

After the marriage ceremony the bridal party went to the home of the bride’s mother, where a dinner was served to a large number of guests. Mr. and Mrs. Wagner were the recipients of many gifts.

Mrs. Wagner is a graduate of Waterville schools, with normal training at Iowa State Normal college. The bridegroom is a young farmer. Mr. and Mrs. Wagner will be at home on a farm in Paint Creek township.

Corrected on Capoli
Marshalltown, Ia., Sept. 22,’28.
Editor Allamakee Journal:--
I stand corrected on Capoli! Have been gone a long time from Allamakee and the few times I have heard the name Mt. Ida, was puzzled to know what bluff it belonged to, and am glad to hear the true inwardness of it all.

The picturesque bluffs in the neighborhood of our Mt. Hope farm (now owned and carried on by Ben Hartley), The Owls Head, Mount Elijah, Old’s Bluff, Mount Hope and the Elephant, are changing in appearance because of the growth of trees of various kinds, in the absence of the early spring fires of the earlier years, sometimes burning for days and exciting when they got beyond control, as they sometimes did. The fires always came in “fishing time,” when the fish from the Mississippi found their way up the Little Iowa, or properly speaking Oneota River, and the smoke of the fires and fishing are always associated in my mind in thinking over the early life in Allamakee. Sincerely yours, Mrs. Helen R. Moore.

-The J. B. Unterberger family motored to Wexford after Mass Sunday for a visit with relatives.
-James Broderick, Principal of the McGregor Schools, was a recent visitor at Kelly Bros.
-Ed Erickson has finished plastering the Wm. Schultz home.
-Mrs. J. Thomas McCormick and daughter Isabella were week-end guests of relatives at Iowa City.
-Mesdames James Slattery and M. J. Hart were visitors from Friday until Sunday with relatives at Monona.
-The L. D. Tarrance family, accompanied by Thomas Slattery and daughter Mame, motored to Dorchester Sunday for a visit at the J. H. Larkin Home.
-Mrs. James Kelly spent part of last week at the J. C. Heffern home at Paint Rock.
-The Ed Heim and Francis Kelly families attended Mass at Wexford Sunday and were dinner guests at the Leonard Kelleher home.
-Norman and Donald Cahalan are attending high school at Waukon.
-Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Heffern, Lawrence, Joseph and Maurice Kelly were visitors Sunday at the Mrs. M. D. Kelly home in Harpers Ferry.
-Mrs. Mame Hart was an over night guest at the Tate Molitor home Tuesday of last week.

The marriage of Miss Mary Brady and Lawrence Wagner was solemnized by Father Neenan at St. Pius’ church Tuesday morning, Sept. 25th. The attendants were Viola Wagner, sister of the groom, and George Brady, cousin of the bride. A reception was tendered at the bride’s home, and well wishes galore are theirs for a long and happy married life.

--The Yankees and Cardinals start the World Series in New York tomorrow, where the first two games will be played. Sunday and Monday the next two games follow at St. Louis. Betting favors the Cardinals to win again this year as they did in 1926. --

-Banker A. H. Freiberg of New Albin was a business caller in this city Monday morning.
-George Gordon has done a good job of tree trimming in front of his North Second street residence.
-D. F. Wolfe is in attendance at the Cattle Congress and Dairy Exhibit at Waterloo, leaving for there yesterday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Knudtson, of Waukon, visited over Sunday in this city with the lady’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Barney Strub.
-Supervisor John Howes of Waukon was a pleasant Journal caller last evening while down on official business mentioned elsewhere.
-The High School football squads are out daily after school practicing. The ground at the Ball Park has been measured off and everything is in readiness for a game.
-Niel Manning bought a new Whippet sedan last week from Wm. Lenz, the local agent, and Saturday, with his wife, left on a trip to Manchester, Iowa, to visit the Lee Croyle family, former neighbors in Lafayette township.
-R. F. Angell of St. Charles, Ill., was a city visitor yesterday and a welcome caller at this office. Frank, as his Lansing friends call him, was en route home from an extended stay at his summer cottage at Tomahawk Lake, Wis., and came via New Albin, Saturday, to visit his sister, Mrs. Ruth Tufts. He is greatly interested in Lansing’s bridge project, and is going to take stock himself, and also try to induce his daughter, Mrs. Norris, many times a millionaire, to do something worthwhile for the Company.

Messrs. J. W. Dempsey and Fred Schafer of the Iowa-Wisconsin Bridge Company, left for Madison, Wis., yesterday about noon to interview the Badger state authorities relative to the sale of their 7% Preferred Stock in that state. Iowa has held the bridge proposition as a State Utility, and if the Wisconsin authorities can be induced to do likewise it will greatly facilitate the sale of stock across the river. Some parties over there have already requested some of the stock but the Company refuse to accept it until authorized by the proper authorities to do business in that state. It is hoped the mission of the gentlemen to Madison may meet with success, in which case the sale of bridge stock will experience a fresh boom.


Mrs. Lawrence Medicus and children left Monday for Janesville, Wis., where they will make their future home. Mr. Medicus is employed with the Chevrolet Motor Co. at that city.

Miss Valiere Dundee returned home from the Grandview Hospital, LaCrosse, where she had undergone an operation.

The parishioners of St. Mary’s church, Dorchester, will hold their annual Fall Festival Tuesday, Oct. 16th. Full particulars next week.

For Sale, two Holstein cows, soon to freshen, also three year old Holstein heifer and calf. Apply to C. J. Hinrich, Church, Route 1.

Caroline Welper of Dorchester received a telegram at this station Saturday informing her of the death of Fred Harbecke, which took place at Bensonville, Ill.

Ed Gilbertson returned from LaCrosse last week, where he spent a week in St. Francis Hospital receiving treatment and reports himself benefited thereby.

Mrs. Nell Collins Ryan of Butte, Mont., in renewing her subscription to the Journal writes: “Al Smith was in town yesterday for an hour and they had a big parade.”

A large screwdriver picked up at the intersection of Main street and Spring Avenue Saturday has been left at this office. The owner can get it by paying for this notice.

The forthcoming marriage of Wm. G. Kane of this city and Miss Helen Birmingham of Boone, Iowa, was announced at St. Patrick’s church Sunday. The event takes place at the Sacred Heart Church at Boone Saturday, Oct. 13.

Earl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lute Jones, went to Rock Island, Ill., Saturday, where he has accepted a position in an insurance office. Earl is a young man with a fine education, exemplary habits and good character and will undoubtedly make a success of his start in the outside world.

Miss Anna Hansmeier, who has been on a vacation trip to the Yellowstone National Park, arrived here last Thursday evening and after a brief visit with home folks, the Henry Hansmeier family and other relatives and friends, returned to her work as a trained nurse in Chicago.

A party of lady friends arranged a surprise birthday party Friday evening for Miss Eva Cummings and Miss Emma Bieber at the home of Mrs. O. N. Heiser. The guests of honor found their friends awaiting their arrival. A fine dinner was served at 6:30 and a pleasant social evening enjoyed.

Waukon readers will remember Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dittman, former residents who left here several years ago to make their home at Lake Worth, Florida. Mrs. Dittman has spent the summer with relatives at McGregor, returning to her Florida home last week, as we glean from the McGregor Times.

Mr. and Mrs. John Leer and two children motored down from Minneapolis Tuesday of last week and Mrs. Leer and children will spend a couple of weeks with her mother, Mrs. J. W. Barthell and other relatives while John looks after his business as a crockery salesman in this city and neighboring towns.

Two car loads of Presbyterians motored to Madison, Wis., yesterday to attend a Presbyterian men’s meeting, which will be addressed by some of the notables in the church. The party comprised Rev. Paul Krebs, Clifford Hale, Wm. Lundberg, Earl Kelly, Merle Barthell, Robert Engrav, George Carter and J. D. Cowan. They return today.

Postville High School foot ball team won from Waukon High School on the local ground Friday afternoon by the score of 6 to 0. Becker, half back for the visitors, made a touchdown in the first quarter. Waukon was crippled by the absence of Paul Elliker, star half back, who was injured in the game with Calmar the week precious

Dubuque Telegraph-Herald: “Dubuquers have been invited to visit Waukon Wednesday, Oct. 10, when “corn day” will be observed as part of the community celebration being staged by the people of Waukon. The invitation was contained in a letter received by O. A. Reynolds, Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, from P. H. LeTourneau, Mayor of Waukon.”

Two cars of Waukonites motored to Traer, Iowa, Saturday afternoon to attend the silver wedding celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith that evening. The party comprised Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Megorden and son Wm., B. W. Smith, Ethel Smith and Mabel Dunlevy. Mrs. Dunlevy accompanied them as far as Waterloo, where she visited relatives and returned with them Sunday evening.

A news item from Rossville in the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald says: “Arthur Wagner was the victim of what might have proved a serious accident last Wednesday evening. A rifle had been given one of his brothers by friends and Arthur was trying it out. The gun exploded, the powder flying back, striking him in the face and right eye. He went to Dr. Dillon, who had a tedious task removing the grains of powder, especially from the eye ball. Several grains were imbedded in the eye ball too deep to be removed. The eyesight was not seriously affected it is thought.”

Postville Herald: “Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Schuette, Mrs. Frank Ervin and Mrs. Bert Tuttle were visitors in Waukon Tuesday afternoon.”

Mrs. T. J. Kelleher, who makes her home with her sons in Chicago, but who has been visiting relatives hereabouts for some time, returned to Chicago Saturday.

Mrs. Royal Pratt went to McGregor Tuesday of last week to attend the funeral of her cousin, Miss Bina McNeal of Minneapolis, who was brought here for burial.

George Hall, Henry Eldredge and Charley King, Waukon owners of harness race horses, are at Decorah with their horses competing in the races being held there today and tomorrow.

Rev. Fathers Stuart of Waukon, Reynolds of Hanover and Mullin of Dorchester were in Dubuque Monday of last week attending the funeral of the Right Rev. Msgr. Michael C. Sullivan, Vicar General of the archdiocese.

Elkader Register: “Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kline of Waukon visited Monday in the Fred Gilson home. Mr. Gilson is District Supervisor for the Mid-Continent Petroleum Company and just lately moved here from Waukon.”

Rev. Herbert D. Temple, pastor of the M. E. Church, who attended Conference at Vinton, Iowa, returned Monday of last week. He was returned to the charge here which was extremely satisfactory to both the minister and the church membership.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Klingle, Mrs. John Barton and Mrs. T. F. Dunlevy enjoyed a pleasant auto trip last Thursday. They motored to Riveville (Riceville) and Osage in Mitchell county and on their return visited Mr. and Mrs. Klingle’s relatives in Cresco.

John, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. J. Hale, went to Chicago, Saturday to take a position in Marshall Field Co.’s store. His cousin Harlan Magnusson, is already employed there and the boys will room together, which will make it pleasant for both of them.

Elliker and Houlihan have been elected football Captains at the Waukon High Schools. Elliker, called the Flying Phantom, is fast and shifty and a menace to the opponents at all times. Houlihan plays a stellar game at guard and is a big mainstay in the Waukon line.

Mrs. John Kasser, living with her son Charles north of town, has been quite sick the past week and her children were much alarmed in consequence and called to her bedside. She suffered a stroke of paralysis, but is seems to be passing off at this writing and her condition is improving.

Miss Nettie Yeager, a teacher in the Waukon schools for several years, was married a week ago Sunday at the home of her parents at Milford, Iowa, to Mr. H. F. Haakenson, a former Decorah young man. They will reside at Spirit Lake, Ia., where the groom is engaged in the lumber business.

Waukon friends of Miss Doris Ludwig a former teacher in our public school, have received announcements of her marriage, which took place Aug. 20 at Clovis, N. M., to Claude Norris Wilson. Their home will be at Phoenix, Arizona, where the bride has been teaching for the past couple of years.

The Albert Gundacker shoe store stock was moved last Thursday from its former location on the east side of Spring Avenue to the store room in the old Earle Block just vacated by the H. & H. Shoe Co. The transfer was all made that night and the Gundacker store was ready for business in its new location Friday morning.

Mrs. Traub and daughter Ann of Omaha, Neb., came Tuesday of last week for a visit with her old friend, Mrs. N. Colsch, Sr. Mrs. Traub was an early resident of Lansing and at one time lived on a farm on Lansing Ridge. They went to Lansing Wednesday to look up old friends still residing there.

Work on the new filling station of the Mid-Continent Corporation at the intersection of Spring Avenue and Rossville Road has progressed rapidly this week and shows that it is going to be one of the most up to date establishments of the kind hereabouts. The old Earle scales, which have been located there since most of us remember Waukon and of late years owned and operated by Dave Feldstein, have been moved down to the Feldstein coal sheds in the railroad yards. When the new station is ready for use Mr. Feldstein will occupy the old station as an office for his business.

Elsewhere in this paper will be found an account of the death of Michael J. Maloney, which occurred at this home at Chillicothe, Mo., taken from the local newspaper. The deceased’s youthful days were spent on his parents’ farm in southeastern Ludlow township and he left here as a young man and has ever since been railroading. He made frequent visits to the home folks and has kept in touch with affairs here through the columns of this paper, which he has taken for over forty years. In his death the writer feels as though he had lost a personal friend and his family, sisters and brothers have our sincere sympathy.

Al Grimm was a passenger for Chicago Monday, going in to select holiday foods for the store.

The Women’s Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church will meet Tuesday, Oct. 9, with Mrs. Mary Steele. All cordially invited.

Married Sept. 27, at eh residence of Rev. Van Nice, Mr. Bernhart M. Johnson and Miss Thora Storla, both of Waterville. The couple were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Bert Wendel, the latter a sister of the bride. The ring ceremony was used.

Mrs. Catherine Desmond who two months ago fell on the floor of her home in Lansing, sustaining a fracture of the hip, passed away at the home of her son Matthew in Paint Creek township, Saturday, Sept, 29. Immediately after the accident she was removed to St. Francis hospital, LaCrosse, and about two weeks ago, at her own request, brought back to the old homestead, where over forty years of her life were spent.

Catherine McDonald was born October 12, 1845, in Quebec, Canada. She came to the United States while a young girl and in 1863, at the age of 18, was married to Jeremiah Desmond, at Wexford, by Father Hannon, settling on the farm which was her home until she moved to Lansing seventeen years ago. Mr. Desmond died October 29th, 1905.

Six children were born to them, five boys and a girl, all living except the oldest son, Frank, who was Sheriff of Osceola county at one time and died there in Septemer,1904. The others are: Daniel, of Winnipeg, Canada; Mrs. Own O’Rourke, Minneapolis; Bernard, of Los Angeles, Cal.; James, of Winona, Minn., and Matthew J., at home. Two sisters, Mrs. Henry DeMerse, Chysostome, Canada, and Mrs. Margaret Kough, Hemmingford, Canada, both in the province of Quebec, also survive her. All her children with the exception of Bernard and Daniel, and the latter spent two weeks with his mother when she was first taken to hospital, attended the funeral, which took place at St. Joseph’s, Paint Rock, yesterday morning at 9:30 o’clock, Father Stuart, of Waukon, officiating in Father Nolan’s stead. Interment in the family lot in the adjoining cemetery.

Deceased was a life-long communicant of the Catholic church and died fortified by its last rites. She was a bright, intelligent woman and in her younger days must have been quite comely. Many neighbors and friends she made during her residence in Lansing paid their last respects to her remains Sunday and Monday.

Among outside relatives and friends at the funeral were: Mr. and Mrs. Owen O’Rourke, Minneapolis; Mr. and Mrs. James Desmond and Mrs. Jerry Revoir, Winona, Minn.

Proof of Will
To whom it may concern: Notice is hereby given that an Instrument purporting to be the last Will and Testament of MARY ANN CROWE,
deceased, late of Allamakee County, Iowa, has been opened and read in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Iowa, in and for Allamakee County, and that Oct. 26, 1928, has been set for hearing the proof of said Will in said Court.
Witness my hand and the seal of said Court this 22nd day of Sept., 1928.
WM. F. SHAFER, Clerk of District Court
By O. H. Fossum, Deputy.

--For the benefit of the base ball fans among our readers we will say that they will have an opportunity to see three stars of the American League in action at Decorah, Thursday, Oct. 11, when the Cascade, Iowa, and Winneshiek Giants will play. Ossie Orwoll of the Philadelphia Athletics will pitch for the Giants. Red Faber and Crouse of the Chicago White Sox will form the battery for Cascade. If the weather is half ways decent it ought to be a mighty good fame of ball and well worth seeing. --

(Written for last week)
-Miss Loretta Waters was a Saturday night guest of Clara Dresselhaus.
-The Misses Loretta Waters and Clara Dresselhaus and boy friends were noticed in New Albin Sunday evening.
-Earl Beardmore and family spent a few days the first of the week at the Ed Sadler home at Preston.
-James Hansen and family were Sunday visitors at the Ridge Martin home.
-Lewis Dresselhaus, daughter Ruby and son Roy were entertained Sunday at the Fred Kumpf home.
-Drs. Fields of New Albin and Hayes of Lansing and their wives were Sunday evening callers at the Gus Wild home.
-Walter Kumpf is working at the Fred Kumpf home this week.
-The Clyde Sadler family spent Sunday at the Mrs. Joe Hartley home.
-Mrs. Joe Reeder of Rossville spent a few days last week at the William Spiegler home.
-Harold Waters was at the LaCrosse Fair Saturday.
-Russell Roberts and wife of near Lansing were Sunday callers at the Clifford Sadler home.
-The John Sadler family and Mrs. Louisa Sadler were at the Fair at LaCrosse Friday; Frank and Eb Beardmore were also there Friday.
-George Dresselhaus, mother and two sisters were Sunday guests at the Mrs. Ada Martin home.
-Leland Weymiller spent the week-end at the John Sadler home.
-The John Sadler family were Sunday evening callers at the Gus Wild home.
-Clarence Wiemerslage spent Sunday at the George Wiemerslage home.
-Howard and Gene Bulman, Floyd Ashbacher and Edwin Wenig returned Thursday from their stay in North Dakota.
-Leo Pottratz and family of Eitzen spent Sunday at the Ben Hartley home.
-The John Sadler family and Mrs. Louisa Sadler now enjoy a new Pontiac Coach, purchased at Waukon.

(Written for last week.)
-Alfred Thune left for North Dakota Tuesday to look after faming interests.
-Martin Droivold went to Waukon Monday to serve on the jury.
-Henry Quanrude and Mae Hanson motored to Waukon Tuesday.
-Arthur Nelson and wife were Waukon shoppers Tuesday.
-Ole Gavle and wife took their son Raymond to Waukon Monday to have dental work done.
-John McLaughlin, the cattle buyer, was in this vicinity Tuesday.
-Mrs. Clarence Gjere is assisting Mrs. Alfred Thune with her housework.
-O. L. Nelson and daughter Irene were Decorah visitors Tuesday.
-The Leo Glaus family and Mrs. R. Sturm and son of St. Paul spent the forepart of the week with Mrs. Julia McGinnis.
-Ole Tilleras had his silo filled last Thursday.
-Mrs. E. J. Hanson called on Mrs. J. P. Opheim Thursday.
-Josie Josendahl visited her sister, Mrs. John Opheim, the first of the week.
-M. O. Nelson was a Quandahl business caller Tuesday.
-Edw. Iverson delivered cattle to John McLaughlin Friday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ouna, accompanied by their daughters, Mesdames Rudolph Myre and Martin Droivold, were Decorah shoppers Wednesday.

Home Project Work Started.
Miss Eleanor Baur, specialist in Home Furnishing, gave the first series of lessons of the second year Home Furnishing work last week, at the Waterville High School, with the following leaders present: Linton, Mrs. Ed. Haehlen, Mrs. John Melcher, Mrs. Wm. Thias; Paint Creek, Mrs. John Slattery, Mrs. T. P. Griffith, Mrs. Melvin Hermanson, Mrs. Henry Hermanson, Miss Johanna Kavanaugh, Florence Harby, Bertha Jacobson. The second meeting was held Tuesday at Mrs. Leonard Hammell’s in Franklin township. Those present were: Mrs. Leon Chamberlain, Franklin; Mrs. Ralph Bechtel, Arbe Behrens, Fred O’Riley, Fred Gerke, Post township. Wednesday the meeting was held at Mrs. Theodore Schwartzhoff’s in Waterloo township. Those present included Mrs. Ergar(?) Morstad, Gus Sacquitne, W. J. Mahr, C. J. Schulte, B. W. Roerkohl, J. A. Schulte, H. H. Teff, Alfred Thompson; Visitors, Mrs. Matt Flynn, C. A. Schulte, Theo C. Schulte, Miss Margaret Schwartzhoff, Veronica Schulte. Thursday it was held at Mrs. N. J. Foley’s home in Taylor township. Those present were Mrs. Adolph Mathis, Emil Krapfl, James Livingston, Dan Goettle, Leo Heffern, Cyril Garin, Michael Corcoran. Friday the leaders from Makee, Ludlow, Jefferson and Union Prairie townships met at the City Hall, Waukon, for their training lesson. Those present included Mrs. L. S. Meier, A. C. Johnson, Paul Hager, Albert Snitker, A. J. Siekmeier, C. H. Stilwell, J. P. Baxter, C. H. Stock, L. J. Kurth, A. R. Mosier, C. A. Helming, O. A. Dixon, Lyle Simon, Fred Beall and Miss Angie Teeple and Mildred Kiesau.

These leaders will hold follow-up meetings on Commercial Floor covering, which was the lesson given. The next series will be held during the week of November 5th at the following places: Monday—Waterville High School; Tuesday—Mrs. Ralph Bechtel, Post; Wednesday—Mrs. C. A. Schulte, Waterloo; Thursday—Lafayette; Friday—Mrs. O. A. Dixon, Makee.

Boys Judging Team to Waterloo
John Simmons, Milton Sivesind, Allan Herman and George Hexom, coached by County Agent Howard Jackson, left Sunday for Waterloo to enter the State Dairy Judging Contest, held in connection with the Dairy Cattle Congress at Waterloo.

Start Fall Meetings
According to word from the members of the paint Creek Community Club, their meeting at Waterville High School Monday evening, Sept. 24th, was a good start toward the fall and winter program. The officers of the club are: Mrs. O. S. Hesla, President; Mrs. Olvin Sorenson, Vice President; Miss Bertha Jacobson , Sec’-Treas. The club has held some fine meetings the past year.

THE FIRST ALL-TALKING PICTURE—“LIGHTS OF NEW YORK”—You Hear Everything you see—Hear Every Character Talk In Every Scene. 100% Talking Picture—20 Years From Now You Will Be Proud To Tell Your Children You Saw The First All Talking Picture. RIVOLI LA CROSSE, WIS.

-James Slattery drove over to Monona Friday and left his wife and Mrs. Hart there for an over Sunday visit with Mrs. Ed. Glynn and other relatives.
-Mr. and Mrs. Owen O’Rourke and daughter of Minneapolis arrived here Sunday morning, called by the death of Mrs. O’Rourke’s mother, Mrs. Catherine Desmond.
-James Desmond of Winona, Minn., was called here Saturday by the serious illness of his mother, arriving just before she passed away. His wife had been here for several days assisting in her care.
-Mrs. M. J. Hart spent Tuesday and Wednesday of last eek at he Cherry Mound parochial residence, assisting with household duties.
-Albert Vorseth and wife and Chas Dahl returned Monday from their trip to River Falls and other points in Minnesota. They will remain with Dahl Bros. this winter.
-O. J. Moe left for Rochester, Minn., Monday, to interview a specialist in regard to his health.
-The Ole Hanson family drove to Prairie du Chien Friday to attend the funeral of a relative.
-Mrs. John Heffern, Sr., and niece, Dorothy McClellan, of Paint Rock, were week-end visitors at the C. H. Hagen home.
-M. J. Kelly was a week-end business visitor at Dubuque, returning Sunday.
-Mr. and M4s. John McGeough and daughters drove to LaCrosse Sunday to see Grandpa Moore, who is recuperating from a recent operation at St. Francis hospital.
-Miss Dena Nelson returned to her work at Duluth, Monday, after a several weeks visit with her mother and brother Knute here.

The Town Talk

Mrs. Bertha Castle returned last Thursday from a visit with her sister, Mrs. C. E. Veit, at West Union.

For Sale, several sows to farrow soon; also Holstein springers. Wm. Monsrud, Harpers Ferry, Iowa.

Earl Riser of New Albin purchased a new John Deere corn picker last week at the Gilbertson machine Depot in this city.

Mrs. Frank Hirth and little daughter of Mays Prairie returned Thursday from a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wiehe, of Bagley, Wis.

Room for rent. Four good rooms and a wash room, with stove. Well, cistern and woodshed on place. Reasonable rent. Second street, South Lansing. Enquire of Martin Kohlstad.

Mrs. Leo J. Ryan of Lincoln, Neb., writes her mother here , Mrs. J. W. Ryan, a cute story about her little son of 4 years, Leo, Jr. A man who passes their place every day on his way to work stops and talks to the little fellow, who is most always playing on the lawn. So one day he asked the man what his name was and the man jokingly said it was Smith, “Alright,” said the little fellow, “I’ll vote for you.” She also added that she went with her husband and met the great man Smith when he was at Lincoln.

Mrs. Urban Healy on Friday last finished substituting for a month in the Leo Hawes district in Taylor township, which she reports as one of the best schools she ever taught. On Monday of this week she began teaching in the Van Cooley school in Lansing township, the teacher, Miss Irma Schultz, resigning to accompany her parents to California. Mrs. Healy is to be congratulated on getting this school, there being four or five applicants for it, and besides, she is no stranger there, having taught is before. She is one of Allamakee’s most successful teachers, by the way, and has taught for five years in her home township. Continued success to her.

Mrs. Joe Welch and two children of French Creek township, visited from Thursday until Saturday with LaCrosse relatives.

The name of Ralph Miller, Jessup, Iowa, was omitted from the list of “barberry boys” published in these columns week before last.

For Sale—Six choice Shropshire breeding ewes; also some goose feathers. Inquire at once. Henry Althoff, Jr., Lansing, Iowa.

Where is the Home Gift Shop? In the house by the side of the road to Mt. Hosmer. Come in. You will be most welcome. Miss Schach.

Msgr. Haxmeier returned from New Albin, Wednesday, where he went the day before to assist at the closing services of the Forty Hours.

Mrs. Mary Unterberger returned Friday from a week’s visit with her daughter, Miss Annie, at Cascade, Iowa, where she is housekeeper for Father Hehir.

Don’t forget the dance at the Court House, Lansing, Saturday evening, Oct. 6th. Come and have a good time. Your patronage appreciated. Rettinger & Hartman, Managers.

Mrs. MZoll returned Friday from St. Francis hospital, LaCrosse, where she was operated by Dr. Edw. Evans for gallstones. Twenty-nine years ago she submitted to same kind of an operation, also performed by Dr. Evans.

G. F. Wendel and wife, and the latter’s father Mr. Jacob Hirth, of Church, were taken home to Mason City, Thursday, by Mr. J. A. Decker in his car. The Wendels had been here for a week’s visit and Mr. Hirth will make his home with them this winter.

Dr. G. R. Dunlevy of the Chicago Health Department, broadcasted a talk on “Rabies,” from KYW, the Herald-Examiner station at 2:15 P. M. Wednesday last. Quite a few old home friends of the doctor in Lansing and Waukon tuned in and heard him.

We forgot last week to mention that Wm. McGarry is here on a vacation and to recuperate his health, which of late has been giving him some concern. For the past several years Will has been with the State Fish and Game Department at the Strawberry Point fish hatchery.

Mrs. Adeline Intlekofer and daughter Emma, returned Friday from a week’s visit in Milwaukee with her nieces, Mesdames Aiken and Hoffman. She would have liked to remain until next day to see Gov. Smith, but illness of her daughter caused them to return.

The Ole Paulson family returned from LaCrosse Wednesday last, where they had been called by the serious condition of Miss Sarah Paulson, of DeSoto, Wis., well known from frequent visits here, who died before their arrival there. She had been in poor health for a year or more.

The Journal acknowledges a pleasant call Wednesday last from Mesdames W. Meyer and Leon Straus, of Des Moines, who were here on a motor and sight-seeing trip. The former is a subscriber and a friend of Miss Susie Bacon, being an old-time Harpers Ferry girl. She went from here to Harpers to see Mrs. Hubert Guthneck. The lady’s maiden name was Miller.

Water falling slowly and down about a 7-ft. stage.

T. J. Ryan left with two carloads of feeders for Preston, Iowa, Friday.

Wm. Wendel left for Detroit, Mich., Monday, to visit his two sons residing there.

Miss Leonette Spinner, the nurse, returned from visiting relatives in Minneapolis Thursday.

Leo Volkert, wife and daughter Shirley motored down from LaCrosse, Friday, driving back next day.

The first new Ford truck was received by the local Ford garage last week and delivered to Ed. Gruber.

F. J. Hilkin and wife visited relatives at the old homestead, Cherry Mound, motoring over Thursday.

Kehr Bros. recently installed a new $900 hot water heating plant in the O. J. Koch home on Diagonal street.

John Schafer returned from a business trip to LaCrosse Wednesday last. He met a clothing salesman there.

The Medames All and Henry Bechtel of Lansing Ridge, were LaCrosse visitors between trains last Thursday.

Herbert W. Rice orders the Journal to his address at Milwaukee, where he is teaching in Marquette University.

Miss Phoebe Sadd, 85, visited her old stamping ground at New Albin last week, and took part in the Fall Festival doings.

Harold Gerling relieved Joe Robertson, second trick man at the depot, several days last week, while the latter went hunting.

Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Nachtway and Mrs. Frances Hess were passengers for LaCrosse yesterday morning, returning in the afternoon.

Miss Barbara Keegan, the nurse, terminated her visit with relatives, the Schafers and Gilbertsons, Friday, returning to her employment at Maywood, Ill.

Report has it that Paul Alexander and Miss Mabel Balsinger have concluded to work in double harness. The Journal congratulates the happy young couple.

The Rev. Chas. Meyer left Monday for Madison, Wis., to attend a Presbyterian men’s conference. Rev. Schalk will also be there and the two will motor home together.

Julius Boeckh and wife returned Wednesday from their motor trip to Sycamore and Chicago, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lee returned with them to the former city after spending the summer here.

Rettinger & Hartman have rented the old Court House Hall in South Lansing and will hold dances there. Good music will be furnished each evening and both old and new style dance music played.

Wm. F. Saam has added to the appointments of his undertaking department a new motor ambulance and hearse combined. It was purchased from the Henney Co. of Freeport, Ill., and is a fine looking machine.

John and Will Keller of Lafayette township yesterday sold 70 head of Polled Angus cattle John Arnold of Waukon, for which they received $4,250. This is as fine a bunch of cattle as has been marketed in this city for some time.

Walt Aschom went to LaCrosse early last week and brought home his wife and that blessed baby. Mrs. A. and the little lady were looking just fine and Walt was naturally feeling his oats a little. They were accompanied by Mrs. Rowland of Houston, Minn., a sister of Mrs. A.’s.

A train of 33 cars of sheep, mostly lambs, from Washington and Montana, passed south Friday morning. Ranchmen aboard wanted news of Al Smith and the baseball scores. One from Montana said that state was going to be very close. In compliance with a new ruling the train carried a coach for convenience of shippers.

The Allamakee County Ministerial Association met for the first regular session at Calvary Evangelical Church, Lansing, Oct. 1st, at 10 a.m. This is a worthy organization and we trust that all the ministers of the county will give their whole hearted support and co-operate in this movement. The next meeting will be held at Postville, Monday, Nov. 5th, at 10 a.m.

Mrs. O. J. Bean and daughter Miss Anna, of Zellwood, Florida, who have been here since Homecoming visiting the former’s brothers, Gruber Bros., of Lansing Ridge, left yesterday for home. They visit en route at Pana, Ill. Mrs. Bean has been a longtime resident of Florida, and “farming” an orange grove. She has always kept posted on Allamakee news through his paper.

Mrs. Wm. Perry of Pepin, Wis., terminated a visit at the Mrs. Anna Serene home in this city Saturday morning.

The leakage in the water system at the depot has necessitated the laying of new pipes from the water tank to the depot.

The U. S. Steamer Wakerobin, north bound on probably the last trip of the season, touched at the levee yesterday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. John Leibold of Mason City, motored over Saturday and spent the week-end at the D. F. Wolfe home, the ladies being sisters.

Goetzman, the bond salesman, who has been in the employ of the Iowa-Wisconsin Bridge Co., selling 7 percent preferred stock. Left for is home in Minneapolis on a vacation visit yesterday.

Miss Katherine Casey left for Chicago, Saturday last, to take a position as stenographer in the Russell Studio, in which her sister, Mrs. M. J. Dunlevy, is employed.

Sam Anderson of the Elon neighborhood, returned Saturday from a business trip to North Dakota. His brother, Peter, and wife of Waukon, met him at the train here.

Mrs. P. J. Miles and son John, who is a medical student at Northwestern, Chicago, motored here early last week, Mrs. Genevieve Thornton Anderson and two children returning with them Thursday.

Night Police August Breuchert was around last week reading water meters for the city and we shouldn’t be surprised to see him elected Superintendent of Water Works vice (to replace?) the late C. Riek by the City Council.

James Cole has been at his home on the south side since Friday, recuperating from a broken collar bone and other injuries received some weeks ago while working in the government quarry below McGregor.

Wm. F. Gaunitz purchased the former Will Murphy farm in Lafayette township last week, consideration $4,000. Mr. Gaunitz now owns 840 acres of land in Lafayette and is one of the big farmers of the county.

John Cassidy moved to his new home on upper Main street, the old Bensch homestead, Saturday, and Mrs. O. H. Olson and daughter moved to the place vacated by him, the old Rellihan place on North Second street.

Ed Julson has made extensive improvements to the Spencer place on Diagonal street, recently purchased by him. New paint, a new roof and other repairs has made the place quite respectable in appearance, and it is already furnishing cozy quarters for two tenants.

Gus Schultz, the painter, was a passenger for Minneapolis, Friday. He is preparing to remove to Los Angeles, California, and will offer his household furniture, painter’s outfit, Ford car, etc., at public sale at his residence near the Park next Saturday, October 6t.

Mrs. Gus Murphy had her son James to LaCrosse last week to have his tonsils removed, and on the way back Friday they got a good view of Gov. Al Smith, whose special pulled in about the time they were ready to leave, delaying No. 38 about half and hour that day.

Clem Bohrer, of Milwaukee, has been making the old home in this city a visit the past week or more while treating with Dr. Gratiot, of Dubuque, for an ulcer on the cornea of his right eye. We know how to sympathize with him, having had the same trouble repeatedly ourself.

Mrs. Lydia Robertson was at LaCrosse Friday visiting her father, George Horne, who was able to be brought home from St. Francis hospital next day, accompanied by his wife who has been with him there for several weeks. Mr. Horne is slowly improving at his home in this city.

-Pat Manning, Dick Larson, Edwin Shogren and Willard Aldrich purchased barb wire and Square Deal fence for repairing and building new fences on their farms.
-Gene Mooney ordered seventy sacks of cement and a 36-ft. ladder which we delivered last week.
-Pat Manning purchased one of our shop-made 14-inch single wagon boxes.
-Herman Rachor hauled out a 14-ft. 12-inch culvert which he will use to conduct the water underground in front of his barn.
-Herman Gelo placed an order for fourteen windows and enough lumber to enclose his porch. This is a model way of adding an extra room to the house and it also adds to the warmth and beauty of a home. A front porch can be made into a convenient and attractive room with very little expense.
-Bob Glynn ordered enough of our 5X shingles, nails and ride roll for re-shingling part of his house.

--Traffic Cop—“I’m sorry, miss, but I’ve got to tag your car. You now what that means?” --The Sweet Young Thing—“Certainly; now I chase somebody else and tag them an then they are it.” --

LOOKING BACKWARD - 1903 - Twenty-Five Years Ago - 1903
-Richard Thompson and Tom Bakewell are shipping horses and machinery to Dakota.
-Capt. And Mrs. James Ruth will soon leave to spend the winter in Chicago.
-Chris. Christianson was at LaCrosse this week, taking an examination for railway mail clerk.
-Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Oluf Hanson of Waukon, Sept. 30, a daughter.
-Will Cavers, the former Village Creek Miller, will locate at Sauk Center, Minn.
-Electric lights are being put in the L. O. Rud home on River street and the Fellows house on the Park.
-Nineteen rural routes will e established at LaCrosse this month.
-Charles Zerbis of Aberdeen, S. D. and Pete Aird of Dubuque, visited home folks this week.
-Tony Ahlstrom has gone to Nebraska and Ed. Boeckh to Cascade, Iowa, to relieve an operator.
-Fred Helsapple of Prairie du Chien found a 32 1-2 grain pearl last week, which he sold for $760.
-Over 600 rattlesnakes were killed in Crawford county, Wis., in September. The bounty is 50 cents each.
-Grant Whitney, a former Lansing boy, is now running a trunk factory in Los Angeles.
-Harry Nielander, Herman Boeck, Mabel Wier, Elsie Hufschmidt and Klara Aschom are all visiting in Decorah.
-The Genoa button factory was destroyed by fire last week, with a loss of $4000.
-The Dubuque jobbers excursion will make a half hours top at Lansing Oct. 12.
-Tuesday, at Lycurgus, Rev. Father Norton officiating, took place the marriage of Mrs. Anna Wirth to Iver Gamme, an old and faithful employee of Rud & Co.
-A four day Catholic church Fair will be held at New Albin, starting October 16th.
-Arthur Seeley of Jefferson, North of New Albin, found a $150 pearl last week.
-The 9-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Con Moore of New Albin died last week, the funeral being held Thursday.
-Thomas Sullivan, a pioneer of Taylor twp., died Sept. 29, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Thomas Bulger, at Deadwood, S. D., aged 83 years. He was born in Ireland Aug. 17, 1820, and came to Canada in 1847, and to Boston in 1849, where he married Bridget Donovan in Sept. 1851, and came with his young bride to Taylor twp. in November of that year. Eight children were born to them, the mother and four of them preceding him in death. Two sons, Own and John, and two daughters, Mrs. Duffy and Mrs. Bolger, survive.
-Daisy Beardmore and Mary Bakewell are attending Waukon Business College.
-Born, to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bulman of the Bench, Oct. 2, a daughter.
-Harpers Ferry ball nine was victorious the last two Sundays, beating Lynxville 17 to 9, and Prairie du Chien 8 to 7.
-John Ryan and Herman Hinrich, New Albin stock men, were in Chicago last week.

Items from The Mirror 35 Years Ago - 1868 [transcriber note: this is 35 years from 1903]
-Hon. Wm. B. Allison will speak at Lansing Saturday.
-Bates Bros. fast horse “Hiram” won his race at the Caledonia Fair last week.
-Billy Schultz will soon open the old Concert Hall billiard rooms and restaurant.
-W. D. Morgan is again in the grain business and Mrs. Sullivan has opened a grocery and feed store, south of Purdy’s.
-The steamers Milwaukee and Annie Johnson have laid up for the winter.
-Markwell Chapter No. 30, R. A. M., elected officers as follows: H. P.—H. H. Hemenway; K.—S. H. Kinne; Scribe—S. H. Hazelton; Treas.—G. D. Purdy; Sec’y—J. C. Orr.

LOOKING BACKWARD -1893 - Thirty-Five Years Ago - 1893
-The campaign for the Iowa governorship between Hon. Horace Boies and Frank Jockson is warming up fast, prohibition being the main issue.
-World’s Fair visitors include Jacob Marti and wife of Lycurgus, Herman Gaunitz, Charley Bergeler, Mrs. Peter Riser, daughter Emma and sons Henry and Wm.
-The four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weber of Mays Prairie died this week.
-Mrs. Hanson, aged about 70 years, died at the home of her son-in-law, P. J. Ask, in Taylor twp. Monday. Funeral at East Paint Creek.
-Mr. and Mrs. James Melaven of Paint Rock mourn the loss of their daughter Eliza, aged 19 years. Her death is the first break in a family circle of 12 children. Burial at Paint Rock.
-Democratic county convention will be held at Waukon Oct. 14. The following names have been proposed for the various offices: Representative, J. F. Dayton, Theo. Nachtwey; Treasurer, J. E. Duffy, Jr., Hugh O’Donnell; Sheriff, Wm. Fleming, Chas Bergeler, Ben Pohlman, J. F. Tracy, Jake Hoffman, Jackson Smith, Tom Knudtson, Dan Williams; Superintendent, W. J. Mitchell, L. Eells; supervisor, H. Froelich, Englehart Bartheld.
-Peter Melaven and Josie Guthneck, two of Taylor township’s well known young people, were married at Paint Rock Sept. 26, by Father Sheehan.
-J. B. Minert and J. H. McGhee are republican candidates for Sheriff.
-James O’Neill of south Lansing has purchased a fine piano for his girls.
-Ole Dahler of Spring Grove is the new painter at the Rud wagon works. He is a fine violinist and clarinet player and will start an orchestra here.
-33 years ago Saturday Jacob Marti rented box 66 in the Lansing post office from Postmaster Purdy and has kept it ever since.
-Mayme Coyle is now convalescent, but Miss Farnan doe not improve at all.
-Bert Erickson Strand, formerly of Lansing, has returned from a two years’ stay in Norway.
-Miss Kate Guider, popular clerk in Nielander’s has been on the sick list for two weeks.
-Over 300 Lansing people have attended the World’s Fair. Allowing $30 to $40 expense each, between $10,000 and $12,000 has been spent.
-Lansing twp. trustees, H. Nielander, J. A. Kemble and D. Keffeler, held their annual meeting this week. Roads are in good shape, thanks to road supervisor James Clancy.
-Gov. Horace Boies spoke in Waukon on Sept. 29, to a full house at the Armory, rain preventing an open air meeting. Many democrats from all over the county attended.
-Henry Greeling of Waukon and brother Theo. of Omaha are at the World’s Fair.
-Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John Helming, baby boy, last week
-Mrs. M. H. Dougherty of Lycurgus died on Monday of puerperal fever. Her maiden name was Celia McCroden and she was aged only 23 years. The bereaved husband and two small children survive.
-Luther College of Decorah and Waukon High School met at football at the Fair ground Friday, the former winning 16 to 0. It was the first game ever played in or by a Waukon team.

[transcribed by A.K., February 2012]

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