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Mt. Pleasant Free Press
Mount Pleasant, Henry Co, Iowa
21 June 1883

Mr. White was born in Hamilton county, Ohio, April 16th, 1811, moved with
his parents to Indiana in 1819, from thence to Schuyler county, Ill. in
1820, and settled with his parents on the land on which Rushville, the
capital of Schuyler county now stands, which his father entered and owned
for some years. At the age of eighteen, he learned the trade of cabinet
making, which trade he worked at for some years. Moved to Burlington, Iowa,
in 1836, worked at his trade while there, helped make the furniture for the
new State House after the old one had burned,-the capital being at
Burlington. As a cabinet maker he was second to none. He removed to Mt.
Pleasant in the year 1839. Here he worked at his trade for about one year,
he then moved on to the farm owned since the year 1840.-Married Mary A.
Rose, a native of Kentucky, Oct 10, 1833. Had four children, two of whom
survive him, Edward E., of Tippecanoe township, and Mrs. Mark Smith, of
Jefferson county.
He, with his father and brother, traveled over Iowa as early as the year
1835.-Has seen the Chief Blackhawk and family. While traveling throughout
Iowa staked themselves claims on the Des Moines river, in what is now Van
Buren county, but thinking that the country would never settle up so far
west, never returned to their claims.
He was a wise counsellor and a friend in time of need. In the year 1851 when
the Asiatic cholera raged in Tippecanoe township, he spent his time day and
night caring for the sick and burying the dead. By his gentlemanly bearing,
his uniform kindness and noble generosity he created many warm friends. In
all the elations of a husband, father, neighbor, citizen and friend, he
discharged his duties with uprightness and fidelity. Over his family he
watched with all the tenderness and solicitude of a kind father.
He was a lover of education, greatly enjoyed the presence of children. He
will be missed greatly by the children of the school which he visited while
his health permitted.
His death was caused by Brights disease. Has been an invalid for nearly five
years, gradually growing weaker and weaker. He suffered much bodily pain but
endured it with patience and fortitude. He had premonitions of his death and
his firm faith in God caused him to look forward to his dissolution with
hope, not with dread.
His funeral was attended by a large concourse of friends and neighbors who
deeply sympathize with the bereaved family. The loss his death has caused
cannot be repaired

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