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The Semi-Weekly Sentinel
Maquoketa, Jackson co. Iowa
June 27, 1885

Births and Deaths
A Sentinel reporter finds the following births and deaths registered on the books of Clerk Seaward for two months ending June 25, 1885.

To Al. and Mary Hoot, Zwingle, first child, a female.
To Edward and Allie Swift, Brandon tp., fifth child, a male.
To Chas and Caroline Dubart, Fulton, fifth child a female.
To John and Clara Daugherty, Otter Creek tp., first child, a male.
To Samuel and Mary Van Pelt, Zwingle, first child, a male.
To John and Hannah Denberger, Swingle, seventh child, a female.
To Harvey David and Charlotte Adler, Brandon tp., third child, a male.
To John Leffert and wife, Zwingle, fourth child, a female.
To F.P. and Louisa Randolph, Milos, first child, a female.
To Wm. E. and Rosa French, Teeda Grove, second child, a female.
To Coleman and Catherine Tomphins, Mt. Alger, third child, a male.
To Robt and Laura Fonger, Iowa tp., first child, a male.
To John Hand and Harriet Clark, Brandon tp., sixth child, a female.
To Edward and Anna Mary Baker, Brandon tp., ninth child, a male.
To Leroy and Mary Ann Demost, Brandon tp., first child, a male.
To Herbert and Eva Pangborn, Maquoketa, first child, a male.
To John and Anna Wier, Delmar, first child, a female.
To H.L. and Ella Chensy, Farmers Creek tp., first child, a male.
To Cyrus and Mary Beck, Zwingle, sixth child, a male.
To Chris and Anna Peterson, South Fork tp., third child, a male.
To Alfred and Julia Burdick, Mill Rock, third child, a female.
To H.T. and Mary A. Ward, Farmers Creek tp., second child, a male.
To HIram and Betty Groth, Spragueville, eleventh child, a female.
To Christian and Ella M. Peterson, Preston, first child, a female.
To John and Elmira Heide, Fulton, fourth child, a female.
To Jerome and Belle Murphy, Maquoketa, second child, a male.
To Joseph and Edith Hortman, South Fork tp., fourth child, a male.
To Carl and Louisa Holtz, Maquoketa, second child, a female.
To Sherman W. and Rebecca B. Wilcox, Mill Rock, first child, a male.
To Linman and Lucy Dolph, Mill Rock, seventh child, a female.
To Wm and Beckey Tinafelt, Smithtown, Clinton Co., second child, a male.
To Thos J. and Sarah E. Houstan, Brandon tp., seventh child, a female.
To Edward and Minnie Meyers, Maquoketa, first child, a female.
To Richard and Lena Selter [or Felter], Maquoketa, sixth child, a female.
To James and Sabina McTroy, St. Donatus, eighth child, a male.
To John and Helena Harrag, St. Donatus, ninth child, a female.
To Wm. S. and Adeline Brady, Perry tp., third child, a female.
To Mathew and Caterina Hintges, St. Donatus, first child, a female.
To Peter and Anna Miller, St. Donatus, fourth child, a female.
To Christ and Margaretta Keil, St. Donatus, third child, a female.

-Abraham Ast, moulder, married, Maquoketa, aged 26 years. Cause - paralysis of heart.
-Chas Ottaway, Green Island, laborer, married, aged __. Cause - railroad injury.
-Theodore Tracy, Maquoketa, clerk, single, aged 23 years. Cause - heart disease.
-Wm. Horman, Bellevue, laborer, widower, aged 46 years. Cause - pistol shot wound.
-Joseph Long, Andrew, tailor, maried, aged 73 years, 3 mos. Cause - old age.
-John B. Kinsey, Baldwin, retired, married, aged 71 years. Cause - paralysis.
-___female, Spragueville, aged 5 hours. Cause - strangulation.
-"Maagercat" Brandon tp., aged 50 years, 4 mo. 28 days.
-Sarah Ronn [or Bonn], Brandon tp., aged 9 years 6 mos. 6 days. Cause - diptheria.
-Maggie Stokesberry, Otter Creek, married, housewife, aged 22 years. Cause - Blood poisoning.
-Emily J. Fisher, Farmers Creek tp., housekeeper, single, aged 21 years. Cause - consumption.
-Thomas Baggensgaars, Sabina, farmer, single, aged 22 years 6 mos 16 days. Cause - consumption.

The old settlers of south east Jackson county held an interesting meeting at Sabula, June 10th. Among the number present were J.E. Goodenow and wife of Maquoketa. George F. Green thought that something should be done to save from a swift oblivion the names of many early pioneers who had long since passed away, but who had in some degree helped to settle this part of the county and northeast part of Clinton county, and presented the following list:

James Leonard, James Wood, Benj. Hudson, James Hudson, Russel Hudson, George Hudson, Wm. Hubbell, Thos. Marshall, Fred Scarborough, Geo. Scarborough, Jno. Scarborough, n. Paddleford, Ulysses Steen, Wm. Cameron, C.S. Ferguson, Olive Emerson, Lewis Smith, James Smith, Ballard Smith, Allen Smith, James McCabe, Nicholas Carroll, John Smith, Charles McBride and And. McBride, Union.

Geo. Griswold, Otis Bennett, Daniel Smith, Wm. Alexander, M. Dimwiddie and Levi Shadduck, Elk River.

Wescott Davis, A. Newberry, T. Searborough, M. Stevens, Harrison Munn, M. Guilfoil, James Murphy, Lewis Carman, Ia.Tp.

R. Rounds, M. Hunter, Issac Ramsey, A. Farley, D.S. Swaney, Geo. Scarborough and Michael Gaffney, Dp. Crk.

It was resolved that the secretary Dr. J.G. Sugg, of Sabula, be authorized and requested to enter upon the records of the Society, the foregoing names of the pioneers of Sabula and vicinity; and that he add thereto such other names as he may find to have been omitted.

-Mrs. E. Cain has gone east to visit relatives.
-Chas. Fisk is home from Chicago to visit his people.
-Mrs. A.V. Rhodes is now cashier at C.M. Sanborn & Sons.
-Miss Emma Dunbar is home from Illinois on a visit to parents.
-R.L. Blesh visited his brother at Bellevue the first of the week.
-We were indebted to Capt. James Gilmore for the particulars of the suicide of Wm. McLaughlin.
-Judge Chase is among the number of Attorneys attending the present term of the Jackson County District Court.
-Mr. Hoffmand and wife Effie Sears Hoffman, of Oxford Junction, are in our city visiting parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sears.
-Mrs. Peter Von Escren, mother of the Ringlep Bros., departed this week for Germany, there to visit the scenes of her childhood days.
-Fred E. Clary, from Cheyenne, and his friend, Mr. Guerden, of the U.P. road visited Fred's relatives and friends in Maquoketa this week.
-Wm. Sears, the successful horticulturist, has our thanks for two boxes of delicious strawberries. Can't raise such berries on Indian River, Fla., William.
-Mr. F.G. Blessing, of Schayler, Neb., is here visiting his relatives. Fred is a brother of Wm. Blessing, of this city, and Mrs. J.C. Glaser, of Monticello, Iowa.
-M. King, student at the State University, at Iowa City, is shaking hands with his old schoolmates in Maquoketa. Mike is bound to complete his studies and receive his diploma.
-N.C. White, of Sabula, was in our city yesterday. Mr. White says all farm crops promise well except hay, and the freeze-out of clover makes hay far less than an average yield.

Lost Nation Notions.
-Our merchants had a rushing business Saturday, one hundred teams being counted on the street by your correspondent.
-Mr. Avery, living north of town, had a valuable mare shot last Sunday, by the reckless handling of a rifle in the hands of a thoughtless boy. The animal was valued at $175.
-Charles Becker was in town last week. There is nothing strange aobut his visit to the city, but Mr. Becker is the proud father of a family, a baker's dozen, thirteen, and all of the masculine persuasion.
-Mr. Memmors, living in the west part of town, is improving his premises, he built a neat addition to his house and otherwise improving his home.
-Messrs. Stein Brothers have moved into the residence they purchased of Mr. Wilbur. They are now comfortably situated in their own home.
-That live business man, O'Connell, who subscribed for the Sentinel last week, has moved his stock of merchandise into the John Tebby building, near the depot.
-The barn belonging to M.A. O'Neil narrowly escaped being consumed by fire. Some little boys while playing in and about the barn got matches and set the straw on fire.

[transcribed by S.F., January 2008]

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