Iowa Old Press

The Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette
Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa
February, 20, 1905

Whittier, Iowa, Feb. 20—
-The farmers’ club held a meeting full of interest and instruction at Daniel Hampton’s seventh day.
-Both Mariam Hall and Anna Mary Stanley are improving from the measles.
-Arthur Mott and wife are rejoicing over a little daughter since first day.
-Jennie Faulkner is spending some time at Arthur Mott’s, near Viola.
-George Copping and wife visited Dilwin Hampton’s third day as they returned to their home at Central City. They had visited their son Thad, who has been sick.
-Relatives here received word second day of the death of Jos. Roman’s daughter Blanch of appendicitis. She was at the school for deaf mutes at Vinton. Funeral at Springville third day afternoon.
-Tillman Patterson moved to his home in Springville sixth day.

Bertram, Iowa, Feb.20—
-Mrs. Ellen Hunter, Jacob Olson, Thomas Condon, Laura Plummer, Chester Lawson, Mrs. Thos. Hunter and Mr. Wolfe are on the sick list.
-At their home two miles east of town, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Thompson entertained a number of their young friends last Friday evening. After the young folks had spent several hours in playing numerous games, they were invited to the dining room where supper was served. Those present from out of town were Miss Sylvia Cairus and brother of Ely, and Herbert Penly of Waubeek.
-Herbert Penly of Waubeek was a guest Friday evening and Saturday at the home of his friends, Misses Cora and Oma Allen.

-Andrew Candon was doing business at Palo Friday.
-Nels Olsen and daughter, Sirena, were business passengers to Cedar Rapids Friday.
-E. R. Needles spent Saturday with friends at Kenwood Park.
-G. W. Allen returned Saturday night from his trip to southern Missouri and reports much snow and cold at all points visited.
-On account of the extreme cold and badly drifted roads, Rev. Harwood was not able to reach this place Sunday evening, so the hour was spent in a song and prayer service, conducted by T. H. Jorgenson.
-Mrs. Lawson of Cedar Rapids spent Sunday with her son, Chester Lawson and wife of this place.
-Many of the little folks have been out of school the past week on account of deep snow and cold.
-Mrs. James Hunter, who is suffering an attack of rheumatism this week, is reported better.
-A few friends were very pleasantly entertained Monday evening at the home of the Misses Katie and Cynthia Knapp. After music and a merry social time refreshments were served, when the guests took leave, well pleased with their evening’s fun.
-John Cary, who has spent the last ten days with his sister, Mrs. Thomas Lynch, left Tuesday for his home at Audubon.
-Miss Laura Blaine of Cedar Rapids came Thursday for a visit with her cousin, Bessie Snyder.
-A. C. Pancrantz, after spending a week with his family, left for Boone Tuesday.
-Tip Paul shipped cattle and hogs to Chicago Thursday.
-C. C. Mohler was doing business in Cedar Rapids Wednesday.
-Miss Sadie Clymer is suffering from inflammation of the eyes.
-Mr. and Mrs. William Cary, who have visited friends in Illinois the past three weeks, were fortunate in reaching home before the blockade of the last week.
-G. W. Allen transacted business in Cedar Rapids Thursday.

-John Stewart of Alkins was an over Sunday visitor in the city.
-Thomas Parks of Storm Lake was a business visitor in the city Saturday.

A. J. Fuhrmeister Injured
While walking from the porch of his residence, 1252 Third Avenue, to the steps that lead to the walk, County Supervisor A. J. Fuhrmeister slipped and fell to the top step on a coating of ice that had formed from drippings from the roof, and received painful bruises on his back. It is thought his injuries will not prove serious.

Arrested on Serious Charge
James F. Willis, a youth of 17 years, whose home is at Conway, Mich., but who has been attending school in this city since Nov. 21, under the name of James Stewart, was arrested at 2 o’clock this afternoon on a charge of being a fugitive from justice. The young man is wanted at his home on a serious charge and was arrested at the instance of the sheriff of his home county. The sheriff is now at Lansing, securing requisition papers, and will be here in a short time. The young man does not deny his guilt and will make no resistance.

[transcribed by J.M.P., August 2008]

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