Iowa Old Press

Larchwood Leader
Larchwood, Lyon County, Iowa
November 5, 1902

The McGilvra home last Saturday evening was the scene of a very pleasant social event, it being a Halloween party given by Messers Ole Syverson, L.M. Lewis, John Cauley and Roy McGilvra.  About thirty-five guests were present and the evening was spent in a manner usual for the occasion, most of the old Halloween tricks were tried and some new ways of reading the future were indulged in.  Dr. Lewis as ghost and a corpse was a decided success, several musical selections were rendered by Misses Swann, Hogan, Peile and Mr. Seward which were much enjoyed.  A fine lunch of ice cream cake nuts and fruit were served with the hosts as waiters.  The party was a decided success and a demonstration that the young men know how to entertain as well as the ladies and that the ladies much lood to their laurels.  The party broke up just in time not to break the Sabbath. The out of town guests were the Misses Peile of Rock Rapids and Miss Close of Inwood.
Halloween night was celebrated by more than one, as evidence by results seen on our streets Sunday morning.  All loose machinery, wagons, buggies, etc. were hauled on main street and left there.  Nearly all the small out buildings were tipped over.  OF course, this was fun for the boys, but if they had to put everything back it would not be so funny.  We don't believe in making mountains out of mole hills but the tipping over buildings was wrong and could have been prevented by extra police force.

Iowa Old Press
Lyon County