Iowa Old Press

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Thursday, March 15, 1900

Long Grove, Ia. March 14- The country roads will bear the sign now in many
places "no bottom"...The Old Maids' convention was a success socially and
financially, but we fear the main object was not secured. More than a
hundred bachelors are yet to be seen scouting in the neighborhood heartwhole
and fancy free. The rejuvenating machine introduced which was to transport
old spinsters into lovely maidens of sweet 16 worked fairly well, but in
some instances when the subject was born again she was born a boy! A married
woman made an attempt to fool the machine but when she entered the hopper
the wheels refused to turn and she was compelled to withdraw...W.J. Evans
whose plunge into the icy waters of the Wapsie were chronicled in Tuesday's
Times, is himself again and is ready for another experience. He purchased a
new horse of C.F. Jacobsen today...Dr. Maxwell had an upset and runaway last
week without serious consequences...The school election Monday was a quiet
affair, only 20 votes being polled...William Reimers was chosen to succeed
James Hardes who has held the office for many years and was a faithful and
efficient director...The brick yard will open up for business again this
week. Mr. Ditch has taken a contract to burn five large kilns the coming
summer...John Seastrand has moved into the late home of John Hansen...The
W.O.W., the oldest and strongest benevolent insurance order here, has run
for ten years without a death...These are now about 90 members in good
standing. They are talking of building a suitable hall as their present
quarters are rather inconvenient. The Court of Honor, Modern Woodmen and
Modern Brotherhood also have a substantial and growing memberships here.

Wilton, March 14- The man who has seen the first robin is very numerous, but
the first robin is very scarce...James Murrison is spending the week with
relatives in Davenport and vicinity...Miss Agnes Breniford, who wields the
rod in Scott county, near Davenport, spent Sunday at her home in
Wilton...Miss Edna Giesler, who formerly resided in Wilton, but now of
Muscatine, is spending the week with her young friends here...Misses Lula
and Verda Dose of Iowa City spent a few days during the past week in
Wilton...Mrs. George J. Nicolaus and Mrs. J.Y. Monahon attended a large
dinner party at the home of Misses Freysmith in Bloomington township last
Thursday....Misses Vay and Libby Boer, who are attending school at the state
normal at Cedar Falls, are enjoying a vacation with their many Wilton

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
March 15, 1900

Errors in Names and Locations and Any Changes From the Way the Names Appear
in The Times, Including Removals, Must be Reported to the Office or the
Directory Manager in The Times Building Within 48 Hours From This Evening,
as These Names Will go in Book Form Then.


Feeney, Catherine, wid Patrick, r 827 Iowa
Feeney, Edward J wife Winifred E fireman Gas Co r 518 e 8th
Feeney, Frank W clk J A Feeney, r 1201 Farnam
Feeney, Hugh J wife Mary foreman D R & N.W. r 418 e 11th
Feeney, James wife Josephine molder Metal Wheel Co r 737 Esplanade av
Feeney, James, wife Annie D. r 515 e 7th
Feeney James J, barber 325 Brady r 1201 Farnam
Feeney, James J wife Isabelle H wks Metal Wheel Co r 732 e 9th
Feeney, James P wife Margaret driver Van Patten & Marks r 518 Esplanade av
Feeney, John, printer The Leader, r 809 e 6th
Feeney, John A wife Anna J grocer 222 e 3d r 1220 Farnam
Feeney, John J wife Bertha barber 319 Brady r 605 e 15th
Feeney, Joseph L clk J A Feeney r 1201 Farnam
Feeney, Miss Kate A r 809 e 10th
Feeney, Miss Margaret M r 515 e 7th
Feeney, Miss Mary E r 1201 Farnam
Feeney, Miss Mary J wks City Laundry r 727 Esplanade av
Feeney, Michael wood 1201 Farnam r same
Feeney, Sarah wid Patrick r 809 e 6th
Feeney, Miss Stella M wks City Laundry 737 Esplanade av
Feeney, Thomas J adv mngr The Leader r 1201 Farnam
Feeney, Thomas R, wks Metal Wheel Co r 732 e 9th
Feeney, Wm H mach opr Metal Wheel Co r 5?? e 7th
Feers, Albert, wife Allarette, wks Canning Co r 1106 w 4th
Feers, Miss Christina wks Crescent M Co r 212 Gaines
Feers, Christine wid A F r 212 Gaines
Feers, George H wif eIda W horseshoer J T Burke r 424 w 2d
Feers, Gustav wife Linda capt hose Co No 5 r 1520 w 2d
Fehlenberg, Wilhelmina wid Charles r 1304 Mitchell
Fehrs, Charles wife Louise (Witt & Fehrs) 1105 w 3d r 1414 Rockingham rd
Feid, Detievine, wid Louis r 408 w 5th
Feid, Miss Ellen wks union Pearl B Co r 408 w 5th
Feid, Louis printer Mossman & Vollmer Co r 408 w 5th
Feistkorn, Charlotte wid Charles r 1021 Ripley
Fejervary Building, 118 to 122 Western av
Fejervary home A C Schaeffer supt 2319 Grand av
Feldt, Hans wife Amanda tailor D Heeschen r 507 w 9th

Felger, Miss Amelia r 1402 Taney
Felger, Charles wife Emma, printer Democrat r 2025 w 3d
Felger, Jacob, wife Caroline r 1402 Taney
Felger, Miss Lydia wks Dav Pearl B Co r 1402 Taney
Felk, Frank S mngr Postal Telegraph Cable Co bds 215 w 4th
Fellner, Emil wks C R I & P r 1331 Gaines
Fellner, Fred wife Wilhelmina r 1331 Gaines
Fellner, Henry wife Margaret r 1632 Main
Fellner, Miss Lizzie E r 1331 Gaines
Fellner, Marguerite r 1632 Main
Fellner, Mrs Minnie r 1411 Prairie
Fengleen, Miss Sophia dom 637 e 15th
Fennern, Henry P wife Louise wks Beiderbecke M Co r 767 w 3d
Fennern, Maria wid H C r Telegraph rd nr Pine
Fenno, Anna wid Amos nurse r 830 Farnam
Fenno, Samuel W r 839 e 15th
Ferguson, John L wks Woolen Mills rms 523 Brady
Ferguson, Miss Kate cigmkr bds 518 Main
Ferguson, Leslie, cigmkr C F Hanssen, bds 518 Main
Ferguson, Miss Mamie r 116 Rock Island
Ferguson, Sadie, dressmkr D J Taylor rms 15 Lorenzen blk
Fernald, Miss Carrie E r 703 e 14th
Fernald, Wm H wife Maria G r 703 e 14th
Ferner, Mathias, wife Genevieve r 214 w 5th
Ferris, James W wife Tillie E jeweler, r 520 Summit
Fersch, Ambrosius, wife Dora cigmnfr,  1317 w 4th r same
Fersch, Carl W mngr A Fersch, r 1217 w 4th
Fersch, Miss Frieda C r 1217 w 4th
Fersch, Leo, wife Bertha cigmkr A Fersch, r 1631 Taney
Fetterer, Commodore, musician rms 327 e 4th
Fick, Emil H wife Emma printer r 119 w 4th
Fick, Frank G wife Amelia dep county auditor 2d n Court House r 813 w 2d
Fick, Federicka, wid Charles r 618 w 8th
Fick, Gustave A wife Tillie striper Bett Axle Co r 706 Myrtle
Fick, Herbert F clk W F Mattes, r 706 Myrtle
Fick, Juergen F wife Magdaline r 118 Warren
Fick, Mrs. Stella wid Charles B clk Petersen's Sons r 1314 w 6th
Fick, Wm wife Clara wks Christian Mueller & Sons, r 2002 Bowditch
Ficke, Miss Agnes, r 621 e 15th
Ficke, Betty wid Henry r 424 w 3d
Ficke, Charles A wife Frances D (Ficke & Ficke) 301 w 2d r 1208 Main
Ficke, Miss Ella T r 621 e 15th
Ficke, Emil O r 318 Ripley
Ficke, Gust H bkpr Scott co Sav Bank r 318 Ripley
Ficke, Henry E wife Louise, vice pres German Mut Fire Ins Co 304 w 2d r 318 Ripley
Ficke, Herman A wife Agnes r 621 e 15th
Ficke, Miss Johanna S r 424 w 3d
Ficke, Julius bkpr Io Nat Bank r 621 e 15th
Ficke, Robert C wife Madeline (Ficke & Ficke) 301 w 3d r 2020 Grand av
Ficke & Ficke (C A and R U) lawyers 301 w 3d
Ficker, Herman B wife Elizabeth watchman C R I & P r 814 w Front
Fidlar, Frank S clk Egbert F & C r 818 e 10th
Fidlar, Miss Helen M r 818 e 10th
Fidlar, Miss Jessie H matron Soldiers Orphans Home, r same
Fidlar, Miss Sarah D r 818 e 10th
Fidlar, Vinnie wid J B r 1221 Arlington av
Fidlar, Wilbur F wife Lois S (Egbert Fidlar & Chambers), 118 e 4th, r 818 e 10th
Fidlar, Wilbur W bkbndr Egbert F & C, r 818 e 10th
Fidlar, Wm H r 1221 Arlington
Field, Agnes, wid S G dressmkr r 1325 w 3d
Fields, Mrs. Amelia (col) dom 120 Spring
Finch, Fred F wife Anna cigars St James Hotel, r 8 Lorenzen blk
Finch, M. Jennie, wid Andrew r 1613 Main
Fincke, Jochim E wife Evaline contr 1207 w 5th r same
Findley, Louis, lab bds 415 e 14th
Finefield, Miss Bertha, dressmkr r 1035 w 6th
Finefield, Harvey r 1035 w 6th
Finefield, Miss Lizzie r 1035 w 6th
Finefield, Wm, wife Anna tmstr r 1035 w 6th
Finefield, Wm F wife Mabel M clk Kimball House r 1035 w 6th
Finger, Rev Charles F wife Catherne r 2143 w 5th
Finger, Charles F jr carp bds 2210 w 4th
Finger, Miss Esther, tchr r 2143 w 5th
Finger, Miss Lydia A tchr Sch No 5 r 2143 w 5th
Finger, Samuel A, wife Nellie, justice and lawyer, 226 w 3d r 2144 w 5th
Finger, Sherman W r 2143 w 5th
Fink, Miss Annie dom 2112 Fulton av
Fink, Miss Belle (Mrs. B Fink & Co) 312 Perry r 2004 Fulton av
Fink, Mrs. B & Co (Mrs. B Fink, Miss J Milcron) proprs City Laundry, 2028 e Front and 312 Perry
Fink, Miss Matilda M r 558 Mississippi av
Fink, Peter, wife Catherine r 558 Mississippi av
Fink, Miss Rose C, r 558 Mississippi av
Finke, August r 1723 Taney
Finley, Miss Cecil, music tchr r 422 Perry
Finley, Charles H pat medicines,  501 1/2 Brady r 422 Perry
Finley, Charles T clk Atlanctic Hotel r 423 Perry
Finley, Geo A wks T W McClelland Co bds 1918 Harrison
Finley, James C, wife Jenie propr Atlantic Hotel 422 Perry r same
Finley, John, wife Mary E driver J H Schaefer, r 1621 Ripley
Finley, Louis, wks U N Roberts Co r 415 e 4th
Finley, Miss Maud, music tchr r 422 Perry
Finley, Thomas H clk Atlantic Hotel r 422 Perry
Finley, Wm T wife Rena div eng D R I & N W r 114 e 8th
Finnegan, Miss Agnes A r e Locust nr city limits
First Church of Christ 105 e 3d
First German Evang Luth Ch Rev P J Bunger pastor Gaines se cor 8th
First National Bank, A Burdick pres C Mueller vice pres, C A Mast cashier, G Hoehn asst cashier, 2d sw cor Main
First National Bank Bldg, 2d sw cor Main
First Presbyterian Church, Rev J H Donaldson pastor, Kirkwood boul nw cor Iowa
First Seventh Day Adventist Church, T F Kendall elder, 2030 Iowa
First Unitarian Church , Rev A M Judy pastor, Perry sw cor 10th

FISCHER (See also Fisher)
Fischer, Miss Alma V stenog r 1902 Harrison
Fischer, Miss Carrie bkpr Buck & Co r 4 Bloody Hollow rd
Fischer, Charles wife Anna, grocer 1902 Harrison r same
Fischer, Edward D wife Bertha D, carp r 1818 Washington
Fischer, Miss Elsie F clk C Fischer r 1902 Harrison
Fischer, Ferd tmstr r 2001 w 2d
Fischer, Gottfried, wife Margaret stone ctr r 718 Harrison
Fischer, Henry wife Lizzie lab r 2001 w 2d
Fischer, Miss Jennie r 1902 Harrison
Fischer, John P wks Roddewig S r 626 w 3d
Fischer, Julius, wife Margaret, tailor W F Winecke, r 626 w 3d
Fischer, Miss Louise B stenog Red Jacket Mnft Co r 1902 Harrison
Fischer, Margaret wid J A r 4 Bloody Hollow rd
Fischer, Mary wid Rudolph r 1024 w 5th
Fischer, Wm cooper r 4 Bloody Hollow rd
Fish, Fred T r n side South av nr Brady
Fish, Miss Gertrude A r n side South av nr Brady
Fish, Miss Henrietta E r n side South av nr Brady
Fish, Henry D, guard Arsenal r n side South av nr Brady
Fish, John D master mach Tri-City Ry Co r Farnam nr city limits
FISHER (See also Fischer)
Fisher, Edward J tmstr r 704 w Locust
Fisher, George wife Louise watchman r 710 Harrison
Fisher, Joseph wife Rhoda S carp r 802 w Locust
Fisher, Lewis M, wife Laura P (Heinz & Fisher), 218 Harrison r 1003 Arlington av
Fisher, Mrs. Mattie r 616 Henry
Fisher, Murray L broommkr Lee B & D Co bds 112 Western av
Fisher, Miss Nellie A r 802 w Locust
Fisher, Wm A wife Elizabeth coachman r 1206 Sturdevant
Fisher, Wm T S, wife Mary tinner H K Newbern, r 2001 Main
Fisk, Eugene wife Agnes saloon 506 w 2d r same
Fitzer, Henry wife Rose D lab r 1301 e Front
Fitzgerald, Hiram H civ eng bds Windsor Hotel
Fitzsimmons, Felix r 416 w 2d
Fitzsimmons, Miss Lydia A r 2110 Brady
Fitzsimmons, Mary N wid Edward r Mercy Hospital
Fizer, Joseph W wife Electa carp r 117 Warren
Flachman, Miss Emma dom 425 e Locust
Flack, Wm W wife Augusta chf clk C R I & P r G 414 e 6th
Flambo, Gustof, wife Lena C dairy Marquette nr city limits r same
Flamboe, Alvina, wid Peter r 1826 w 5th
Flamboe, Henry wife Alvena wks Canning Co r 1826 w 5th
Flamboe, Louis wife Minnie, broommkr r 1612 Bridge av
FLANIGAN (See also Flannigan)
Flanigan, Miss Annie T, cigmkr r 1641 w 4th
Flanigan, Miss Bridget r 1641 w 4th
Flanigan, Charles W clk C R I & P r 1060 Tremont av
Flanigan, Daniel, watchman Dav F & M Co r 1641 w 4th
Flanigan, Daniel A molder Dav F & M Co r 1641 w 4th
Flanigan, Miss J Annette r 1060 Tremont av
Flanigan, Miss Kate wks N Kuhnen Co r 1641 w 4th
Flanigan, Miss Libbie dressmkr r M Ryan blk
Flanigan, Miss Mamie E clk Petersen's Sons r 1641 w 4th
Flanigan, Miss Nora V r 1641 w 4th
Flanigan, Wm B wife Julia C wks Arsenal r 1060 Tremont av
Flannagan, Rev John T A pres St. Ambrose College 518 w Locust r same
Flannery, Mrs. Clara L, r 316 w 5th
Flannery, Rev Dennis J pastor St Anthony's Ch r 417 Main
Flannery, Frank wks Knostman & P Furn Co r 425 e 12th
Flannery, James lab r 425 e 12th
Flannery, Johanna wid Kyran r 425 e 12th
Flannery, Martin, wife Julia A r 1029 Kent
FLANNIGAN (See also Flanigan)
Flannigan, John, lab r 604 n Depot
Flannigan, Miss Maggie nurse r 604 n Depot
Fleeharte, Miss Elizabeth M cigmkr r 1341 3d av
Fleeharte, John D wks Arsenal r 1341 3d av
Fleischmann & Co A Semmeck agt yeast 208 e 4th
Fleishmann, Joseph wife Lena clothing 108 e 2d r 1021 Brady
Fleming, Herman wife Amanda grocer 1602 w 7th r 1606 w 7th
Fleming, John molder Dav F & M Co bds 803 w 2d
Flemming, Dora wid Peter r 318 Brown
Flemming, Gustave A cigmkr F Haak r 222 Gaines
Flemming, Herman wks Christian Mueller & Sons, r 318 Brown
Flemming, Wm, wife Emma sawyer Christian Mueller & Sons r 1434 Rockingham rd
Fletcher, Wm H wife Laura E r 1749 Bridge av
Fleu, Alfred D, wife Matilda M agt r 702 e 12th
Fleu, Frank, driver Adams Exp Co  r 702 e 12th
Fleu, Wm G r 703 e 13th
Flexner, Miss Cora L stenog L Blcok r 319 e 13th
Flexner, Leopold wife Estelle trav agt Christian Mueller & Sons, r 319 e 11th
Flexner, Miss Olive E r 319 e 11th
Flexner, Miss Vivian, stenog Arsenal r 319 e 11th

Flick, Charles E, wife Anna M r 11 Petersen blk
Flick, Jacob H, wife Esther pres Flick & Johnson Const Co 13 Schmidt bldg r 7 Arlington ct
Flick & Johnson Construction Co J.H. flick pres. Charles Pasche sec and treas, 53 Schmidt bldg
Flickinger, George W wife Minnie barber E Redler r 827 w 3d
Flindt, Miss Amanda M r 1131 Washington
Flindt, Frederick H wife Bertha, mason r 1131 Washington
Flint, Henry J wife Harriet B wks Canning Co r 714 e 14th
Flint, Miss Jessie r 714 e 14th
Flournoy, Henry T (col) wife Mary V, contr 509 Brady r 2724 Fair av
Flournoy, James H (col) wife Mary V contr 509 Brady r 2724 Fair av
Flournoy, John M, (col) mason r 2724 Fair av
Flournoy, Miss Naomi N (col), r 2724 Fair av
Fluegel, Miss Anna wks Amazon Vinegar Wks r 2005 w 2d
Fluegel, Benj, wks Goucose Co r 2005 w 2d
Fluegel, Miss Catherine r 930 Harrison
Fluegel, Henrietta wid Herman r 2005 w 2d
Fluegel, Henry wks Christian Mueller & Sons, r 2005 w 2d
Fluegel, Herman lab r 2005 w 2d
Fluegel, Michael carpet weaver 930 Harrison r same
Fluegel, Wm, lab r 2005 w 2d
Fluegger, Mrs. Anna M r 908 w Front
Fluke, Newton, wife Celia K r 1640 Farnam
Fluke, Wm H wife Ella H wall paper 311 Brady r 1212 Perry
Flynn, Benjamin carp bds 220 Iowa
Flynn, Miss Bessie E Hub opr The Leader r 408 e 12th
Flynn, Edward A wife Delia, wks Arsenal r 320 e 2d
Flynn, Edward H eng Arsenal r rear 509 e 10th
Flynn, Frank A wife Lorinda wks Rehling & S r Rock Island Il
Flynn, Honora G wid Michael r rear 509 e 10th
Flynn, James Lab r 1030 Western av
Flynn, Joe T wife Mary painter Mason Crrge Wks r 405 e 8th
Flynn, John P, wife Mary lab r 825 Brown
Flynn, Leander W r 825 Brown
Flynn, Leo E wife Blanche M r 823 1/2 Brown
Flynn, Miss Loretta J r 505 w 17th
Flynn, Miss Mamie E r 2103 Farnam
Flynn, Mary wid Michael r 1030 Western av
Flynn, Miss Mary A, artist r 510 e 8th
Flynn, Mary A wid T F r 408 e 12th
Flynn, Mary E wid J E, r 505 w 17th
Flynn, Michael J painter r 825 Brown
Flynn, Miss Nellie clk H A St Onge & Co r rear 509 e 10th
Flynn, Patrick H clk C M & St P r 2103 Farnam
Flynn, Wm H lab r 505 w 17th
Fock, Miss Agnes S r 630 Spring
Fock, Charles r 633 Christie
Fock, Miss Emma r 633 Christie
Fock, John H lab r 633 Christie
Fock, Maggie wid Louis r 633 Christie
Foehringer, Gustof L wife Mary music tchr r 1125 w 4th
Foelsch, Henry wife Kate lab r 1934 w 6th
Foelster (See also Folster)
Foelster, Gustav bds 104 Division
Foelster, Wm wks Brammer Mnfg Co bds 1506 w 2d
Fohrmann, Hans lab bds 324 w Front
Foley, Bridget wid John r Mercy Hospital
Foley, Edward lab r 819 e Front
Foley, Horace P wife Agnes G barber E Rodler r 32 Ryan blk
Foley, James blksmith Arsenal r 819 e Front
Foley, John wife Margaret grocer 161 Harrison r 1612 Harrison
Foley, Miss Margaret L r 819 e Front
Foley, Miss Mary r 1619 Harrison
Foley, Miss Mary F r 819 e Front
Foley, Michael wife Della lab C R I & P r 414 e 8th
Foley, Wm wife Elizabeth F motorman Tri-City Ry Co r 728 e 9th
Foline, Peter wife Brita r 729 1/2 e 6th
Follett, Frank F cigmkr J Goos Co bds 717 1/2 w 2d
Folster (See also Foelster)
Folster, John wks H Ott bds 1506 w 2d
Forber, George F wife Ella r 2032 Bridge av
Ford, Miss Amy dom 215 w 4th
Ford, Miss Belle r 311 Ripley
Ford, Charles F wife Delia J chf clk C R I & P r 712 w 17th
Ford, Miss Emma r 311 Ripley
Ford, Frank elect r 322 e 2d
Ford, John H (col) porter r 221 e 4th
Ford, Miss Kate r 1219 w Locust
Ford, Mrs. Kate r 4 Grand ct
Ford, Miss Maggie dom 325 College av
Ford, Martin wife Bridget lab r 1219 w Locust
Ford, Mrs. M.E. saloon 322 e 2d r same
Ford, Mrs. M E (col) r 616 Eastern av
Foreman, Arthur salesman Dav Furn & Cpt Co rms 208 e 6th
Forrest, Annie C wid John r 114 Bridge av
Forrest Block, Brady ne cor 4th
Forrest, Wm H corres Bett Axle Co r 144 Bridge av
Forsberg, Gustave E wife Christina L carp r 636 Sylvan av
Fort, Benj F wife Carolyn M sub crrier P O r 733 Kirkwood boul
Fort , Joseph B r 914 e High
Fort, M.C., W.R Fort mngr grocer, Kirkwood boul and Grand av tel 8307
Fort, Ruth E wid Benjamin r 525 Esplanade av
Fort, Wm R wife Mary C mngr M C Fort r 914 e High
Foster, Clinton E clk r 603 LeClaire
Foster, Elliot J wife Sarah messgr Dav Nat Bank r 603 LeClaire
Foster, Miss Florence r 1751 Bridge av
Foster, Frank wife May A plasterer r 1430 Harrison
Foster, Harry C r 1751 Bridge av
Foster, John F wife Martha carp r 1731 Bridge av
Foster, Miss Martha E r 1751 Bridge av
Foster, Miss Naomi E r 1751 Bridge av
Foster, Sarah L wid G W bkpr Washburn H Coffee Co r 1809 Harrison
Foster, Miss Viola M clk The Fair r 603 LeClaire
Foth, Louis wks Glucose Co r 646 Cedar
Foth, Wm wife Caroline F wks Glucose Co r 646 Cedar

Fowler, Alsion H, wife Winifred (Economy Rug Co) 829 w 3d r 820 w 3d
Fowler, Miss Bessie K rms 116 e 2d
Fowler, Wm M wife Lucy (Economy Rug Co) 328 w 3d r 329 w 3d
Fox, James express rms 317 Perry
Fox, John wks J L Armil r Gaines n city limits
Foy, John (col), wife Catherine wks W P Halligan Co r 1015 Scott
Frady, Benjamin F wife Ella r 1031 w 6th
Frahm, Miss Ada P, r Telegraph rd nr w 3d
Frahm, Miss Alma r 1120 Perry
Frahm, Bert C clk N S Plank r 1120 Perry
Frahm, Charles M wife Ida trav agt r Telegraph rd nr 3d
Frahm, Christ wife Anna M lab r 1915 w 6th
Frahm, Bora, wid Carsten r 1030 w 5th
Frahm, Frances wid Otto r 342 Western av
Frahm, Henry wife Alvina lab r 110 Warren
Frahm, Jochim wife Anna M wks Weyerhaeuser & D r 1647 w 4th
Frahm, Miss Josephine r Oak nr Center
Frahm, Miss Julia r Oak nr Center
Frahm, Julius bkpr Dav Davings Bank r Oak nr Center
Frahm, Juergen B wife Emily r 1120 Perry
Frahm, Miss Louise wks Crook Bros 110 Warren
Frahm, Margaret, wid Wm r 727 w 2d
Frahm, Rudolph wife Jennie saloon 432 w 2d r same
Frahm, Theo clk r Oak nr Center
Frahm, Wm T lab r 1912 w 6th
Frahm, John wife Ida lab r 219 1/2 w 3d
Frahm, Vincent coachman W D Petersen 808 Brady
Frakes, John H wife Dollie E r 322 e 15th
Franc, John wife Sopha lab r 1324 w 3d
Francis, Arthur G wife Belle W (Dav Cycle Works) 108 w 4th r 2017 LeClaire
Francis, Charles wife Susan C sec Oakdale Cemetery Co 202 w 3d r 228 College av
Francis, Chas F wife Edna C sec Marti nWoods Co 113 Perry r 2031 Farnam
Francis, Miss Fannie C tchr r 229 College av
Francis, Miss Gertrude W stenog Martin Woods Co r 2031 Farnam
Francis, Miss Jessie H r 2031 Farnam
Francis, John broommkr Lee B & L Co bds Windsor Motel
Francis, Miss Mae E r 2031 Farnam
Francis,  Noah M wife Cora wks Io Tel Co r 909 w 3d
Francis, T H treas Lee B & D Co 116 e Front r Lincoln Neb
Francis, Wm B (Dav Cycle Works) 108 w 4th r 2017 LeClaire
Franck, Henning wife Margaret (H Franck & Co) 217 Ripley r 327 w 3d
Franck, H & Co (Henning Franck, Henry Weiss, John Joehnke) wagon mkrs 217 Ripley
Franck, Miss Mary tailoress Drebing Co r 1110 Brown
Franck, Miss Tillie r 1110 Brown
Franck, Wm E wife Mary tailor r 1110 Brown
Frandsen, Christ L wife Emma (Plambeck & Frandsen), 1547 Prairie r 1616 South
Franey, Miss Agnes C, r 2126 Ripley
Franey, Miss Ella F r 2126 Ripley
Franey, Miss Gertrude S r 2126 Ripley
Franey, James E wife Louisa m wks Metal Wheel Co r 1361 w 2d
Franey, Maggie wid Thos r 1222 Harrison
Franey, Miss Margaret R r 2126 Ripley
Franey, Michael J wife Anna blksmith Metal Wheel co r 2126 Ripley
Frank, Miss Annie M dressmkr r 1518 Iowa
Frank, Carl M wks Economy Rug Co r 1013 w 3d
Frank, Catherine wid Martin r 712 w Front
Frank, Christopher E wife Mary S shoemkr 1013 w 3d r same
Frank, Miss Ellen M hairdresser Mrs. M S Frank r 1013 w 3d
Frank, Francis shoemkr r 1514 Fulton av
Frank, Harry J wife Mary A foundry 1741 w 2d r 1803 w 2d
Frank, Henry cupola tndr Metal Wheel Co r 1109 w 7th
Frank, Mrs. Mary S hair dresser 1013 w 3d r same
Frank, Ralph R wife Nellie A wks Dav F & M Co r 1431 w 4th
Frank, Raymond bartndr E Wenzel r 304 w 3d
Frank, Thies cooper r 416 Marquette
Frank, Wm bds 691 w 2d
Frankhauser Joseph L foreman F H Manse r 117 1/2 e 4th
Franklin Building 312 to 316 Brady
Franz, Charles wife Frances propr Windsor Hotel, 308 Perry r same
Franz, Johanna wid August r 1546 Leonard
Franzmueller, Miss Ida clk Petersen's sons r 717 w 4th
Franzmueller, Mrs Ludovica clk Petersen's Sons r 717 w 4th
Frary, Edwin L wife Libbie chf clk D R I & N W bds 614 Iowa
Frazier, Ann wid Wm J r 712 e 15th
Frazier, Hudson W mach r 712 e 15th
Frazier, Louis H r 712 e 15th
Frazier, Susanna wid Thomas r 731 e 14th
Frazier, Miss Theresa C r 713 e 15th
Fream, Elizabeth wid J M r 1516 Rock Island
Freberg, Gus tailor Mosenfelder & K bds 708 Rock Island
Frederichs, Miss Mamie dom 329 w 3d
Frederick, John wks Canning Co r 712 w 2d
Fredericksen, Max brtndr F Able rms 1312 w 3d
Fredersdorf, Axel, timekpr Dav Canning & Mnfg Co r 737 Cedar
Fredersdorf, Caroline wid John r 737 Cedar
Fredhold (See also Friedholdt)
Fredhold, Miss Dorothy clk Boston Store r 915 w 6th
Fredhold, Miss Helen J clk Boston Store r 915 w 6th
Fredhold, J Henry wife Sophia porter Van Patten & Marks r 915 w 6th
Fredhold, Miss Louise clk Boston Store r 915 w 6th
Fredhold, Miss Pauline clk Boston Store r 915 w 6th
Fredner, Carl G wife Mary shoemkr The Famous r 641 e 6th
Fredner, Fritz A lab r 641 e 6th
Fredricke, Miss Mary dom 1406 Perry
Free, Frank A photog 1506 Brady r Rock Island Ill
Free German School, Dr. Paul Radenhausen prin 223 Western av
Free German School Society, Emil Geisler pres Carl Matthey vice pres, J F Bredow sec, Theo Hartz fin sec, W W Wahle treas 223 Western av
Free Henry R wife Anna sub-carrier P O r 1623 Harrison
Freed, Hannah D wid Philip r 2042 Brady
Freed, Miss Mary E r 2042 Brady
Freed, Miss Rachel D clk r 2047 Brady
Freeman, Miss Ellen C, seamstress r 129 w 16th
Freeman, Miss Myra E r 129 w 16th
Freeman, Walter frt and tckt agt C B & Q r 108 w 3d
Freeman, Wm C r 129 w 16th
Freese (See also Fries)
Freese, Miss Anna r 1442 Rockingham
Freese, August painter rms 724 w 3d
Freese, Edmund C tailor J C Freese r 1819 w 3d
Freese, Hans farmer r w Locust nr limits
Freese, Hartwig bds 531 w 2d
Freese, Henry tinner C R I & P r 1442 Rockingham rd
Freese, Jacob wife Anna lab r 818 w 6th
Freese, John C wife Catherine M tailor 106 w 3d r 1819 w 3d
Freese, Wm wife Lena lab r 1442 Rockingham rd
Freese, Wm jr butcher r 1442 Rockingham rd
Freestodt, Miss Belle dom 2013 Brady
French, Miss Alice r 217 e 11th
French, Charles F F wife Jennie B carp r 1301 Perry
French, Miss Ellen C r 318 e 6th
French, Miss Emma M wks Roddewig S r 520 Rock Island
French, Miss Fannie r 217 e 11th
French, G Watson wife Clara V pres Bettendorf Metal Wheel Co 327 Farnam r 220 e 11th
French, Miss Jessie M r 520 Rock Island
French, Lucius wife Agnes N physician 57 Whitaker bldg r 318 e 6th
French, Mrs Mary r 520 Rock Island
French, Nathaniel wife Marion M vice pres Bett Metal Wheel co 327 Farnam r 228 e 11th
French, Miss Nellie E wks Roddewig S r 520 Rock Island
French, Roy M mach opr Red Jacket Mnfg Co r 520 Rock Island
French, Tomson E wife Adeline R ex press r 529 Western av
French, Wm wks Tri-City Crrge Wks r 520 Rock Island
Frenier, Albert B wife Laura A sec Implement Mnfg Co 512 e 4th r 602 Hennepin
Frenier, Joseph A wife Matilda foreman Bett Axle Co r 1026 e Front
Frenier, Miss Myrtle r 1026 e Front
Frenzen, Otto r rear 614 w Front
Frerk, Fredericka wid Christian r 1118 Scott
Frerk, Henry wks J H Raphael r 1118 Scott
Frerk, Miss Minnie r 1118 Scott
Frerkes, Henry wife Theckla lab r 1402 Sturdevant
Frerkes, John F wife Elizabeth J cooper r 1562 Union
Freund, Miss Carrie E M packer Washburn H C Co r 2008 Fulton av
Freund, Fred G wife Dora mngr N W Dav Turn Hall 1602 Washington r same
Freund, George, wife Kate A lab r 2008 Fulton av
Frew, Miss Margaret wks Jones Bros Co r 1120 Scott
Frey, Harry clk Schosser & Plagmann, r 1408 w 6th
Frey, J Wm wife Margaret baker H Korn & Sons r 1408 w 6th
Frey, Miss Lillie r 1127 Perry
Frey, Wm, (H Kohrs Packing Co) 1343 w 2d r Rock Island Ill
Freyman, Jacob F wife Weibke collr r 1161 w 13th
Freymann, Miss Kate wks F Haak r 1523 Catawba
Freymann, Richard W wife Kate trimmer Gas Co r 1523 Catawba
Frick, Amelia wid Henry r 1827 w 3d
Frick, Charles wife Minnie saloon 1402 w 3d r same
Frick, John wife Elvira harnessmkr Sears Frizzell Co r 1827 w 3d
Frickel, Carl wife Antonia mat mkt 1202 Harrison r same
Frickel, Fred W wife Ernestine barber 202 Ripley r 708 w 3d
Frickel, Fred W jr barber F W Frickel r 708 w 3d
Frickel, Miss Marian clk H & St Onge & Co r 708 w 3d
Frickel, Miss Paula B r 708 w 3d
Friday, John J wife Ella lab r 310 Gaines
Fried, Isaac wife Kate woodwkr r 1107 Scott
Friederich, John M trav agt Peto Steffen Co r Prairie Du Chien Wis
Friedholdt (See also Fredhold)
Friedholdt, Bernhard C wife Agnes clk r 420 Western av
Friedholdt, Miss Clara L r 2028 w 3d
Friedholdt, Fred W wife Amelia mngr Beiderbecke M Co r 2028 w 3d
Friedholdt, Oscar wks Crescent M Co r 2028 w 3d
Friedman, Miss Freda wks N Kuhnen Co r Rock Island Ill.
Friedmann, Wm carp bds 423 Warren
Friedrichsen, Conrad wife Minnie music tchr r 403 w 2d
Friedrichsen, Miss Lulu r 403 w 2d
Friele, Christina wid Charles A r 634 Sylvan av
Fries (See also Freese)
Fries, Anton, blksmth r 1815 Harrison
Fries, Balthasar M wife Anna shoemkr r 2336 Fulton av
Fries, Caspar wife Elizabeth blksmth 1815 Harrison r same
Fries, John lab r 1816 Harrison
Fries, John F wife Anna horseshoer B Kirk r 1742 Washington
Fries, Joseph lab r 1615 Harrison
Fries, Peter wks Arsenal r 1815 Harrison
Fries, Miss Sophia ,Modiste, 1815 Harrison r same
Fries, Wm H wife Emma sub-carrier P O r 628 1/2 Myrtle
Frimml, Miss Rose dom 706 Western av
Frisch, Carl wife Mary M lab r 632 Christie
Frisius, Adolph, wife Emma ins agt r 710 Gaines
Frisius, Miss Agnes R tchr Sch No 12 710 Gaines
Fritsch, Adolph W C wife Cathernie foreman F Haak r 715 Hennepin
Fritsch, Miss Catherine r 715 Hennepin
Fritsch, Joseph A wife Maud clk Boston Store r 1119 w 3d
Fritz, Albert baker Korn & Sons r 319 Harrison
Fritz, Albert G wife Ida wks Arsenal r 1729 w 8th
Fritz, Gottlieb r 1443 w 7th
Fritz, John M wife Sarah C r 1804 Summit av
Frizzell, Wm L wife Charlotte V sec Sears Frizzell Co 318 Perry r 121 w 13th
Froelich, Miss Jennie cash The Why r 626 Main
Froelich, Joe wife Rena B propr The Why Clothing House 128 w 2d r 410 e 14th
Froelich, Moses wife Bertha trav agt r 628 Main
Froeliger, Alphonse porter H Lorenzen bds 120 w Front
Froemming, Wm lab r Locust nr Tangen's lane
Froeschle, Alexander, wks Arsenal r 212 w 5th
Froeschle, Anna wid Leonhard r 212 w 5th
Froeschle, C Henry wife Marguerita mngr G Becker r 1625 w 4th
Froeschle, Frank wife Mamie r 412 Brown
Froeschle, Leonhard, clk r 212 w 5th
Froeter, Max, wife Margaret butcher r 1143 1/2 w 3d
Frohboese, C Fred wife Meta saloon 1101 w 3d r 220 Green
Froliger, Miss Tillie wks St James Hotel
Froom, John E wife Christina N physician 118 w 15th r same
Frost, Jacob wife Mary saloon 832 w 3d r same
Frus, Miss Tillie wks St Katharine's Hall r same
Fry, Miss Maud B r 515 Bridge av
Fry, Miss Viola B r 515 Bridge av
Fry, Wm M wife Susan D r 515 Bridge av
Frye, Miss Elizabeth M tchr Sch No 11 r 2006 Harrison
Frye, Herman H wife Louise r 2006 Harrison
Frye, Miss Hermanny r 2006 Harrison
Frye, John mason rms 724 w 2d
Fryer, George H driver McCosh & Co r 1123 Scott
Fryer, John H wife Emma lab r 1123 Scott
Fuchs, Charles wife Elisa bartndr P Fuchs r 1138 w 2d
Fuchs, Miss Elizabeth wks Woolen Mills r 821 e 14th
Fuchs Hall, P Fuchs propr 1138 w 3d
Fuchs, Peter Wife Sophia saloon 1138 w 3d r same
Fuetterer Maurus wife julia A tailor 218 e 9th r 312 e 12th
Fuhlendorf, Hans wife Adolphine flagman B C R & N r Indian rd nr Black Hawk
Fuhlendorf, Henry A clk E C Wiese r 420 w 2d
Fuhlendorf, John hostler W D Smith r 215 Scott
Fuhlendorf, John H lab r Indian rd nr Black Hawk
Fuller, Alonzo wife Minnie driver Washburn H C Co r 406 Brady
Fuller, Miss Blanche E r 1314 Carey av
Fuller, Eunice A wid D S r 2717 Fair av
Fuller, Geo W coahcman M C Brown r 2717 Fair av
Fuller, Julius R clk Boston Store r I 606 Brady
Fuller, Vancia M wid Albert r 1314 Carey av
Fuller, Warren C wife Birdie V painter r 114 w Locust
Fullerton, Andrew J wife Mary E blksmith Arsenal r 907 Le Page
Fulrath, Wesley A wife Lydia E barber D G Carr r 223 e 6th
Fulscher, Bernhardt H wife Mabel cigmnfr 1111 w 6th r same
Fulscher, Johannes F wife Catherine )Bretscher & Fulscher) 508 w 2d r 1457 w 3d
Fulscher, Marx F wife Fredericka D r 1414 w 4th
Fulscher, Michael H wife Christina r 1849 w 8th
Fulscher, Miss Rose F r 1457 w 3d
Fulton, Ambrose C office 314 Perry r 1206 e Front
Fulton Block (See Kerker Block)
Fulton, Le Claire C r 1206 e Front
Fulton, Theo bds Windsor Hotel
Fulton, Wm (col) porter r 322 1/2 e 4th
Fundis, Olive M wid John r 908 Perry
Furlong, James wife Clara bartndr bds 772 Case
Fursberg, Mrs. Christena dom 1810 e Front
Fust, Henry wife Louise lab r 1703 w 3d

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