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Maurice Times, January 17, 1918

Mr. J.E. Mieras took a load of furniture to Sioux Center Monday.

Mrs. J.E. Mieras was an Orange City passenger Monday.

Mrs. Ralph Mieras was at Hawarden two days this week having some
dental work done.

Mrs. Dr. Oggel and daughter Dorothy were at Sioux City Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mieras and Mrs. Huesinkveld called at the Alvin
Huesinkveld home near LeMars last Saturday.

Johannes Mieras and James Duven autoed to Ireton Saturday on business
and experienced the usual trouble with snow banks this time of year.

Maurice Times, January 24, 1918

SOLD!- Johannes Mieras Buys Telephone Stock-
For some time the Mutual
Telephone Company of this place has been on the ragged edge financially and
its future uncertain. Some few wanted to sell out to the Bell concern while
others wanted to keep the control of it in local hands. Tuesday night the
stockholders met at the office of the company and proceeded to settle the
matter at hand. It was a good natured crowd that gathered and while there
were several bids and differences of opinion on minor matters, there were no
heated discussions and matters were handled in all fairness and with the
right spirit.

As soon as the meeting was called to order by P.N. Vos, its president,
the minutes of the last meeting were read and approved and a motion was made
to sell the stock to the highest bidder with the right to resist any bid for
cause. There was a noticeable attitude against selling to outside parties by
many present. Mr. Vander Berg starting the discussion and gave his opinions
on the matter.

Bids were next in order and the following were submitted. P.N. Vos $22
per share; Henry DeJong $20 and Johannes Mieras $15, which was finally
raised to $20. Really there was no difference between the last two bids as
presented. P.N. Vos informed the stockholders that if they sold to him it
would not remain in his possession for very long but that he would guarantee
better service than we had been having.

Henry DeJong would guarantee one year's service and give local parties
a chance to buy if he should want to sell after one year. Mr. J. E. Mieras
said that it was a patriotic move on their part as they did not want to see
the line pass to an outside concern; that the money could be invested to
better advantage in some other business. They promise to give the people of
Maurice a chance to buy if they desire to sell at any time. Mr. Johannes
Mieras said that he expected to devote all his time to the business and put
it in good condition as soon as possible if he bought the business. A vote
was taken and the stockholders sold out to Johannes Mieras and his
associates in the business, Messrs John M. and J.E. Mieras, who own stock in
the new company. The new company asks for a liberal patronage and the loyal
support of the people and will strive to give the best service since its

Owing to the high cost of labor and material, it will be absolutely
necessary to raise the rates and the following schedule of rates will go
into effect from November 1, 1918. Residence phones $1.25 per month.
Business phones $1.50 per month, both in advance. Farm phones, $15 per year.

The patrons of this company realize that prices are going up
everywhere and there should be no opposition to an increase in prices for
rental phones.

Mr. J.M. Mieras and Miss Mabel Huesinkveld were at LeMars Monday where
Mr. Mieras had some dental work done.

Wm. Mieras was an Orange City passenger Monday.

Ralph Mieras autoed to Orange City Monday afternoon.

Mrs. J.M. Mieras was a visitor in Orange City Wednesday.

J.E. Mieras was on the sick list Sunday.

Mrs. James Ard of Hawarden was visiting at the home of her mother,
Mrs. L. Mieras, Monday.

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