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Maurice Times, June 7, 1918

Notice!- Instructions on Piano
- Miss Hazel Mieras, a graduate from
Morningside Conservatory of Music is coming to Maurice to give instruction
on the piano or organ. Anyone wishing up to date instruction on above
instruments will do well to engage her. Prices reasonable. Lessons will be
given at the J.E. Mieras home every Thursday.

Word has been received from home friends that John Rodenhour, Jim
Jasper, Wm. Lehman, and Wm. Mieras are all safe in France. This is good news
and were a very glad the boys of "fighting squad" are on French soil.

Miss Eleanor Mieras of Sioux City is visiting relatives and friends at
Maurice for a few days.

C.A. Vore takes charge of the farm just left by Jake and Adrian Mieras
who have gone to Fort Dodge. He has hired out to Mrs. Mieras for the season.

Maurice Times, June 13, 1918

Ella Mensink went to Orange City where she had some dental work done.

Milo Mieras has been helping cultivate the corn on Mrs. L. Mieras farm
for a couple days of the forepart of the week.

The foreign address of Private Wm. Mieras is Battery E, 304 Field
Artillery, A.E.F. France.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mieras and the Misses Emily and Mabel, and
Clifford Huesinkveld visited with Mr. and Mrs. Kukak of LeMars last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Mieras took their daughter Bernice to Sioux City
Monday for an examination of one ear. Wednesday the ear was operated on. It
will leave no serious effects. We understand it was caused by an abcess.

Maurice Times, June 20, 1918

J.E. Mieras reports the use of new potatoes June 15. Some gardener.

Ralph Mieras, J.C. Emery, and Pierce Baker autoed to Sioux City

Mrs. Geo. De Groot and Miss Ella Mensink went to Orange City Tuesday
where they attended the C.C. Convention which was held there Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie De Groot and family autoed to Doon Sunday where
they spent the day at the home of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Schmidt. Miss Lillian Mieras accompanied then to Doon.

Dean Oggel while playing with a curtain rod fell and punctured his
palate and several stitches were required.

Alton Democrat, June 22, 1918


Sioux County Eight Grade Graduates 1918, in the Rural Schools.

Buncombe Township

Mary Stevenson, Hawarden.

Capel Township

Irene Harmon, Boyden;

Henry J. Wissink, Boyden;

Bertha Wissink, Boyden;

Katherine Vander Wilt, Orange City;

Henry Vanden Bosch, Sheldon;

Johanna Vander Berg, Orange City;

Jennie Van Orth, Orange City.

Center Township

Earl Opdahl, Ireton;

Minnie DeVries, Maurice;

Orville Dittmer, Maurice;

Bertha Ramker, Ireton;

Marion dykshorn, Ireton;

Vera Mueller, Ireton.

Eagle Township

Orwin Hemmingson, Ireton;

Elmer Hufsaker, Ireton;

Lewis Abbey, Hawarden.

Floyd Township

Jennie Van Veldhuizen, Hospers;

Nellie Fonkert, Hospers;

Gertrude Lyzen, Alton;

Herman Hofmeyer, Granville;

Jeanette Scholten, Alton;

Charles Spykerman, Granville;

Nick J. Klein, Alton.

Garfield Township

Josephine Toft, Hudson, SD;

Marcella, Anderson, Hudson SD.

Grant Township

Anna Ralston, Sheldon;

Lorris Kane, Sheldon;

Alida Vanderberg, Sheldon;

Abel Vanderberg, Sheldon;

Nellie Groendyke, Sheldon;

Alvin Lynch, Sheldon;

Minnie Heikens, Matlock;

Mabel Washer, Alton;

Jeb Uden, Boyden.

Holland Township

Marion Balkema, Alton;

Elsie Deroo, Hospers;

Johnny Mouw, Orange City;

Harry Hagens, Orange City;

Margaret Muilenburg, Orange City;

Lillian Vander Schaaf, Hospers;

Bernice Van Meveren, Alton;

Frank DeGraf, Alton;

Harrietta Noteboom, Alton;

Martin Van Der Maten, Alton;

Adolph Luchtenburg, Orange City;

Margaret Muyskens, Alton.

Lincoln Township

Walter Smit, Hull;

Andrew Jansen, Perkins;

Angeline Clearfoot, Perkins;

Harrietta Westra, Perkins;

Gertrude VerMeer, Hull;

Peter Van Batavia, Hull;

Renus Nettinga, Perkins;

Ester Buckley, Perkins;

Jennie Nettinga, Perkins;

Susan Nettinga, Perkins.

Lynn Township

Sadie Kruse, Sheldon;

Walter Kruse, Sheldon;

Carolina Hoffs, Hospers;

Matilda TeGrootenhuis, Hospers.

Nassau Township

Harold Kraai, Orange City.

Rock Township

Mabel Klein, Rock Valley;

Halda Klein, Rock Valley;

Henry Noble, Rock Valley;

Arthur Klein, Rock Valley;

Delia Noble, Rock Valley;

Alice DeJong, Rock Valley;

Manus DeJong, Rock Valley.

Sherman Township

Gertrude Brink, Maurice;

Bertha Vanden Brock, Maurice;

Mervin Moir, Orange City;

Ethel Moir, Orange City;

Fern Chapman, Maurice;

Edith Darville, Orange City;

Ethel Darville, Orange City.

Sioux Township

Clarence Kempema, Rock Valley;

Martin Culliman, Rock Valley;

Cecilia Baatz, Hudson, SD;

Helen Austin, Ireton;

Emma Cannegieter, Rock Valley.

Reading Township

Nelson Westra, Ireton.

Washington Township

John McCabe, Hawarden;

Nick Biesbrock, Hawarden;

Marie Busch, Hawarden;

Herbert Ziln, Ireton;

Frances O’Meara, Ireton;

Frank Evans, Ireton;

Mary Dannenbring, Ireton.

Welcome Township

Johanna Schut, Sioux Center;

Arie Vand Der Weide, Sioux Center;

Sadie DeVries, Sioux Center;

Allie Kempers, Hull;

John Pap, Doon;

Fannie Schut, Sioux Center;

Julia Hollander, Sioux Center;

Gerrit Van Patten, Sioux Center.

West Branch Township

Jennie Pater, Sioux Center;

Gertrude Rozeboom, Sioux Center;

Ester Beernink, Sioux Center;

John Doornink, Sioux Center;

Wilimena Eppink, Sioux Center;

Harrietta Mol, Maurice;

Carrie Proper, Maurice;

Anthony Muilenburg, Maurice;

Mary Ekema, Orange City;

Peter Punt, Maurice;

Martha Rozeboom, Maurice;

Minnie Mieras, Maurice;

Evelyn Van De Brake, Maurice.

This list includes the rural schools only. We do not have a complete list of the graduates of the eighth grade in all the town and Christian schools.
If we have omitted your name by mistake, write us and we’ll publish it next week.

We did not have diplomas for all the graduates. If you did not receive yours, it will be sent to you just as soon as we receive another supply.

Each and every graduate should plan to attend high school next year. Finishing the 8th grade is only a beginning. An 8th grade education is not enough for the future. It may have done pretty well for the past, but the future is calling for men and women of careful training.

Maurice Times, June 27, 1918

Milo Mieras will soon be prepared to take the Kaiser himself. He is
becoming a veteran, hardened and brave. First, he is well acquainted with
firearms having tried one out on his hand to note its effect. It was a
success. This did not worry Milo very much. Second, last week he tried to
test his strength against a gasoline car and came through in fair shape and
is back to work. Moral: You don't have to go to war to lead a strenuous
life. Milo Mieras and Teddy Roosevelt can get it at home.

John M. Mieras has been busy for the last few days laying sidewalks
for Dr. Oggel and Mrs. Martha Beyers. He also put in a crossing on Second
St. near the Mensink and Oggel properties.

Ramona Mieras is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Mieras of
Sioux City.

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