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Maurice Times, September 5, 1918

Tom Vore, who works for Mrs. L. Mieras, had a very narrow escape from
death Sunday night on his way home from Church services. Just east of
Maurice near the Meylink place the road has quite a steep grade and going at
a good rate of speed the car slid into the ditch and turned turtle and
caught Mr. Vore and pinned him down under the car. The gasoline saturated
his clothes but did not catch fire before he was released by a stranger like
the good Samaritan of old. Mr. Stranger came to town and got J.E. Mieras,
Mr. Henry Borrink and Mr. Jasper. They hastened to the place and Mr. Vore
was taken to his home at Mrs. Mieras and the next day he was at work in the
field and outside of a few bruises and a scalded back caused by the gas, he
was alright. The car will need some little attention but is not in bad

Maurice Times, September 12, 1918

Chester Van Peursem left for Omaha Sunday.

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