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Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Calmar Courier Weekly Friday Ind S.R. Yager
Cambridge Leader Weekly Thursday Rep Ole Langland
Cantril New Era Weekly Wednesday Ind Jesse N. Stonebraker
Carlisle Optimist Weekly Wednesday Ind Stewart Fulmer
Carroll Der Carroll Demokrat Weekly Friday Dem J.M. Dunck
Carroll Herald Weekly Wednesday Rep Saul & Son
Carroll Sentinel Weekly Tuesday Dem C.C. Colclo
Carroll Times Weekly Thursday Dem Times Pub. Co.
Carson Critic Weekly Thursday Rep F.G. Weeks
Cascade Katholischer-Wachter Weekly Thursday Catholic Dem J.P. Kirchen
Cascade Pioneer Weekly Thursday Dem C.D. Baldwin
Casey Vindicator Weekly Friday Ind M.S. Varley
Castana Times Weekly Thursday Ind Dem J.E. McNamara
Cedar Falls Dannevirke Weekly Wednesday Ind M. Holst
Cedar Falls Record Daily except Sunday Rep J.W. Jarnagin
Cedar Falls Record Weekly Thursday Rep J.W. Jarnagin
Cedar Rapids American Penman Monthly   Education The A.N. Palmer Co.
Cedar Rapids Coe College Cosmos Bi-monthly   Collegiate C. Clyde Minord
Cedar Rapids Coe College Courier Monthly   Collegiate Coe College
Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette Daily except Sunday Ind C.L. Miller, Manager
Cedar Rapids Evening Times Daily except Sat & Sun Rep Cyrenus Cole
Cedar Rapids Herald Monthly   Fraternal E.N. Helm
Cedar Rapids Iowa Post Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Ind Henry Gundling
Cedar Rapids Iowa State Zeitung Weekly Friday Ind Chas Stoudt Ptg. Co.
Cedar Rapids Iowsky Pokrok Weekly Thursday Rep Jos. V. Sterba
Cedar Rapids Kvinden og Hjemmet Monthly   Family N. Fr. Hansen Pub. Co.
Cedar Rapids Listy Weekly Thursday (not given) Frank Hradecky
Cedar Rapids Modern Brotherhood Monthly   Fraternal Luther A. Brewer
Cedar Rapids Optimist Weekly Friday Ind Rep E.C. Barber
Cedar Rapids Railway Conductor Monthly   Labor F.H. Pease
Cedar Rapids Republican Daily except Monday Rep Cyrenus Cole
Cedar Rapids Russells Railway Guide Monthly   Time Tab Russells Ry. Guide Co.
Cedar Rapids Saturday Record Weekly Saturday (not given) Ernest A. Sherman
Cedar Rapids Slovan Ameriky Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Ind Dem J.M.B. Letovsky & Son
Cedar Rapids Tribune Weekly Friday Labor Raymond G. Stewart
Cedar Rapids Western Poultry Journal Monthly   Poultry E.E. Richards
Cedar Rapids West Side Enterprise Weekly Thursday Local W.I. Endicott
Center Point Journal Weekly Thursday Rep J.A. Mahuran
Centerville Citizen Daily except Sunday Rep Geo. W. Needels
Centerville Iowegian Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep J.M. Beck
Centerville Journal Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Dem J.W. & D.H. Rinehart
Centerville Sun Weekly Friday Dem T.W. Killion
Central City News-Letter Weekly Thursday Rep E.S. Wetherbee
Chariton Herald-Patriot Weekly Thursday Rep S.M. Greene
Chariton Leader Weekly Thursday Dem H.W. Gittinger
Charles City Advocate-Herald Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep L.H. Henry
Charles City Familien-Freund Weekly Thursday Ind W.F. Niedorf
Charles City Intelligencer Daily   Rep C.W. Rhinesmith
Charles City Intelligencer Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep C.W. Rhinesmith
Charles City Press Daily except Sunday Rep L.H. Henry
Charlotte Record Weekly Thursday Ind Rep A.W. Gault
Charter Oak Times Weekly Thursday Ind Rep H.H. Sturges
Cherokee Democrat Semi-weekly Monday & Thursday Dem W.P. Goldie
Cherokee Republican Weekly Thursday Rep John T. Hogan
Cherokee Times Semi-weekly Monday & Thursday Rep Thos. McCulla
Chester Sun-Herald Weekly Wednesday Rep Clarence J. Zook
Churdan Reporter Weekly Friday Rep C.E. Wherry
Cincinnati Review Weekly Wednesday Rep J.H. May
Clarence Sun Weekly Thursday Ind Chas. A. Seaton
Clarinda Herald Weekly Thursday Rep C.A. Lisle
Clarinda Journal Weekly Thursday Rep Kenea & Lane
Clarinda Page County Democrat Weekly Thursday Dem A.B. Robinson
Clarion Clipper Weekly Thursday Rep H.M. Guy
Clarion Wright County Monitor Weekly Wednesday Rep Burt Harwood
Clarion Wright County Education Monthly   Education M.L. Howell
Clarksville Star Weekly Thursday Rep J.M. Ramsey
Clearfield Enterprise Weekly Thursday Ind Lewis H. Andrews
Clear Lake Mirror Weekly Wednesday Rep Yost D. Wallace
Clear Lake Reporter Weekly Thursday Rep J.C. Davenport
Clermont Enterprise Weekly Thursday Ind W.R. Blake
Clinton Advertiser Daily except Sunday Dem Louis E. Fay
Clinton Anzelger Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Ind Rep August Burzlaff
Clinton Clinton County Teacher Monthly   Education G.E. Farrell
Clinton Herald Daily except Sunday Rep W.R. Ashford
Clinton Iowa Volkszeitung Weekly Friday Dem John Lietz
Clinton Merry War Weekly Friday Rep D.H. Winget
Clinton Pleiad Monthly   Collegiate Mary Ogilvie
Clinton Wartburg Quarterly Quarterly   Collegiate Students
Coggon Monitor Weekly Thursday Rep W.M. Crosier
Coin Gazette Weekly Friday Rep Evert Stewart
Colesburg Clipper Weekly Thursday Rep Albert Voit
Colfax Clipper Weekly Thursday Rep H.W. Robinson
Colfax Tribune Weekly Thursday Ind Rep C.L. Smith
College Springs Current Press Weekly Thursday Rep J. Chester Dow
Collins Gazette Weekly Thursday Rep Wm. Burney
Colo Banner Weekly Thursday Rep J. Dwight Hargreaves
Columbus Junction Columbus Gazette Weekly Thursday Dem B.H. Shearer
Columbus Junction Columbus Safeguard Weekly Thursday Rep W.E. Whetstine
Conrad Record Weekly Thursday Ind F.W. Alexander
Conway Record Weekly Thursday Rep W.D. Leppo
Coon Rapids Citizen Weekly Thursday Dem W.H. Rickerson
Coon Rapids Enterprise Weekly Friday Rep S.D. Henry
Corning Adams County Free Press Weekly Saturday Dem R.G. Welsell
Corning Adams County Union Republican Weekly Wednesday Rep Charles W. Gray
Correctionville News Weekly Thursday Rep Fred W. Colvin
Corwith Hustler Weekly Thursday Rep S.L. Thompson
Corydon Wayne County Democrat Weekly Thursday Dem J.J. Stirling
Corydon Times-Republican Weekly Thursday Rep C.F. LeCompte & Son
Council Bluffs Christian Advance Monthly   Religious C.W. Snyder
Council Bluffs Christian Home Weekly Thursday Religious H.R. Lemen
Council Bluffs Deaf Hawkeye Bi-weekly Thursday Institutional Henry W. Rothert
Council Bluffs Freie Presse Weekly Friday Ind Philip Andres
Council Bluffs Nonpareil Daily   Rep New Nonpareil Co.
Council Bluffs Nonpareil Weekly Thursday Rep New Nonpareil Co.
Council Bluffs The National Horticulturist Monthly   Horticulture O.O. Buck
Crawfordsville Imprint Weekly Friday Ind P.L. Huber
Cresco Howard County Times Weekly Thursday Rep L.P. Barth
Cresco Plain Dealer Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Dem Mead Pub. Co.
Creston Advertiser-Gazette Daily except Sunday Rep Paul S. Junkin
Creston Advertiser-Gazette Weekly Thursday Rep Paul S. Junkin
Creston Independent American Weekly Thursday Dem W.H. Robb
Creston Morning American Daily except Monday Dem W.H. Robb
Crystal Lake Chronicle Weekly Thursday Rep J.A. Duitman
Cumberland Enterprise Weekly Thursday Rep Ed L. Richardson

Source: "The Iowa Official Register for the Years 1911-1912", Twenty-Fourth Number; compiled under the supervision of William C. Hayward, Secretary of State and John M. Jamieson, deputy, by Guy S. Bewer; Des Moines, Emory H. English, State Printer, E.D. Chassell, State Binder; 1911; pages 723-746.

Transcribed for Iowa Old Press by Sharyl Ferrall, winter 2005

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