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Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Dallas Center Times Weekly Thursday Rep E.A. Emmert
Danbury Review Weekly Thursday Rep C.L. Adams
Davenport Catholic Messenger Weekly Thursday Religious Fred B. Sharon
Davenport Democrat & Leader Daily   Ind Dem Ralph W. Cram
Davenport Democrat & Leader Weekly Thursday Ind Dem Ralph W. Cram
Davenport Der Demokrat Daily except Monday Dem A.P. Richter
Davenport Der Demokrat Semi-weekly Wed & Sat Dem A.P. Richter
Davenport Der Demokrat Weekly Thursday Dem A.P. Richter
Davenport Iowa Reform Semi-weekly Mon & Thurs Dem Adolph Peterson
Davenport Iowa Reform Weekly Monday Dem Adolph Peterson
Davenport Times Daily except Sunday Ind Rep E.P. Adler
Davenport The Trident Weekly Saturday Local Ella G. Bushnell-Hamlin
Davis City News Weekly Thursday Ind Grant Mallory
Dayton Review Weekly Friday Rep Herrick & Tufft
Decorah Borne Blad Weekly Sunday S. School Luth Pub. House
Decorah College Chips Monthly   Collegiate Norman Madson
Decorah Ervingen Quarterly   Historical Oliver B. Grimley
Decorah Evangelisk Luthersk Kirketidende Weekly Wednesday Religious L.S. Dale, Mgr.
Decorah Illustreret Familieblad Weekly Saturday Ind Luth Pub. House
Decorah Journal Weekly Tuesday Dem Holmes & Biermann
Decorah Lutheran Herald Weekly Thursday Religious Luth Pub. House
Decorah Our Friend Weekly Sunday S. School Luth Pub. House
Decorah Posten og Ved Arnen Semi-weekly Tues & Fri Ind B. Anundson Pub. Co.
Decorah Public Opinion Weekly Wednesday Rep H.J. Green
Decorah Republican Weekly Thursday Rep A.K. Bailey & Son
Deep River Record Weekly Friday Rep A.P. Hughes
Defiance Enterprise Weekly Wednesday Ind O.E. Kelso
Delmar Journal Weekly Friday Rep F.L. Sunderlin
Delta Press Weekly Wednesday Ind J.N. Lewis
Dennison Bulletin Weekly Wednesday Dem G.L. Casewell
Dennison Crawford County Democrat Weekly Thursday Dem Finneren & Vossgeran
Dennison Denison College Star Monthly   Collegiate Students
Dennison Review Weekly Wednesday Rep Review Pub. Co.
Dennison Zeitung Weekly Saturday Ind J.F. Harthun
Des Moines Annals of Iowa Quarterly   Historical E.R. Harlan
Des Moines Auto News Monthly   Auto D.H. Caldwell
Des Moines Brown Bros. Magazine Monthly   Literary C.D. Brown
Des Moines Capital Daily except Sunday Rep Lafayette Young
Des Moines Children's Home Herald Monthly   Children A.T. Burnell
Des Moines Christian Union Weekly Thursday Religious Jas. T. Nichols
Des Moines Christian Worker Monthly   Religious Finis Idleman
Des Moines City Hall Monthly   Municipal Neal Jones
Des Moines College Record Quarterly   Collegiate College students
Des Moines Collegium Forense Semi-monthly   Collegiate Students
Des Moines Daily Record Daily except Sunday Legal, etc. A.E. Kennedy
Des Moines Delphic Weekly Saturday Collegiate E.C. McBride
Des Moines Dentist's Record Monthly   Dental O'Brien-Worthen Co.
Des Moines Evening Tribune Daily except Sunday Rep Cowles & Ingham
Des Moines Farm Sense Monthly   Agricultural W.J. Pilkington
Des Moines Grand Army Advocate & W.R.C. Magazine Monthly   Patriotic W.M. Howell
Des Moines Highlander Weekly Thursday Collegiate Miss Pearl Moomaw
Des Moines Homestead Weekly Thursday Agricultural Jas. Atkinson
Des Moines Iowa Health Bulletin Quarterly   Health Guilford H. Sumner
Des Moines Iowa Homeopathic Journal Monthly   Medical G.A. Huntoon
Des Moines Iowa Medical Journal Monthly   Medical E.E. Dorr
Des Moines Iowa Methodist Hospital Magazine Monthly   Hospital W.H. Cable
Des Moines Iowa Posten Weekly Friday Ind Rep Carl L. Oleson
Des Moines Iowa Staats Anzeiger Weekly Friday Ind Dem Joseph Eiboeck
Des Moines Iowa State Bystander Weekly Friday Rep (Negro) John L. Thompson
Des Moines Iowa State Register & Farmer Semi-monthly   Agricultural The Ia. Farm Pub. Co.
Des Moines Iowa Sunday School Helper Monthly   Religious Frank F. Fitch
Des Moines Iowa Tidings Monthly   Religious Annette Newcomer
Des Moines Iowa Unionist Weekly Friday Labor D.H. Caldwell
Des Moines Loyal Workman Monthly   Fraternal E.B. Evans
Des Moines Masonic Bulletin Monthly   Masonic M.L. Heilhecker
Des Moines Merchants Trade Journal Monthly   Trade W.J. Pilkington
Des Moines Midland Schools Monthly   Educational C.R. Scroggie
Des Moines Midwestern Monthly   Literary Carolyn M. Ogilvie
Des Moines National Economist Monthly   Insurance B.W. Blanchard
Des Moines News Daily (not given) Ind W.G. Hale
Des Moines Northwestern Banker Monthly   Financial Emerson DePuy
Des Moines People's Popular Monthly Monthly   Home A.M. Piper
Des Moines Plain Talk Weekly Saturday Ind Bishard Bros.
Des Moines Register and Leader Daily   Rep Cowles & Ingham
Des Moines Spirit of the West Weekly Wednesday Horse P.S. Kell
Des Moines Still College Journal of Osteopathy Monthly   Osteopathy Still College
Des Moines Successful Farming Monthly   Agricultural E.T. Meredith
Des Moines The American Issue Monthly   Temperance Iowa Anti-Saloon League
Des Moines The Golden Egg Monthly   Poultry E.C. Beck
Des Moines The Toiler Monthly   Fraternal J.F. Taake
Des Moines Underwriters Review Semi-monthly   Insurance A.H. Huling
Des Moines Wallace's Farmer Weekly Friday Agricultural Henry Wallace
Des Moines Western World Weekly Thursday Religious Wm. A. Halloran
Des Moines Woman's Standard Monthly   Reform Mary J. Coggeshall
Des Moines Yeoman Shield Monthly   Fraternal H.C. Evans
DeWitt Observer Weekly Friday Ind Rep Fred W. Mitchell
Dexter Sentinel Weekly Thursday Rep Ross Bros.
Diagonal Progress Weekly Thursday Ind C.F. Quinn
Dickens Review Weekly Thursday Rep Merle R. Fish
Dike New Era Weekly Thursday Ind W.N. Thompson
Donnellson Review Weekly Thursday Rep F.C. Tabor
Doon Press Weekly Thursday Rep C.F. Fitzgerald
Dougherty World Weekly Thursday Ind Thos. Conwell
Dow City Enterprise Weekly Friday Ind A.H. Rudd
Dows Advocate Weekly Friday Rep H.G. Zimmerman
Dubuque Apostolate Monthly   Religious M.R. Lucas
Dubuque Catholic Tribune Weekly Thursday Religious Catholic Ptg. Co.
Dubuque College Spokesman Quarterly   Collegiate Students
Dubuque Der Presbyterianer Weekly Saturday Religious D. Grieder
Dubuque Der Waechter Semi-monthly   Religious Smith-Morgan Co.
Dubuque Echo Monthly   High School Richard W. White
Dubuque Iowa Churchman Monthly   Religious John C. Sage
Dubuque Katholischer Westen Weekly Thursday Religious Catholic Ptg. Co.
Dubuque Labor Leader Weekly Saturday Labor J.M. Conley
Dubuque Lektionshefte fuer Sonntagschulen Quarterly   Religious A.C. Kruse
Dubuque Luxemburger Gazette Weekly Tuesday Religious Catholic Ptg. Co.
Dubuque Moose Review Monthly   Fraternal Jas. F. Lavin
Dubuque National Demokrat Weekly Thursday Ind Dem F.A. Gniffke
Dubuque Normal Monthly Monthly   Educational Jas. A. Edwards
Dubuque Our German Work Quarterly   Religious W.O. Ruston
Dubuque Phi Gamma Monthly   Religious M.M. Cady
Dubuque Seminarist Monthly   Religious Henry J. Nveding
Dubuque Telegraph-Herald Daily   Dem Louis R. Murphy
Dubuque Telegraph-Herald Semi-weekly Tues & Fri Dem Louis R. Murphy
Dubuque Times-Journal Daily   Rep Smith-Morgan Co.
Dubuque Times-Journal Weekly Thursday Rep Smith-Morgan Co.
Dumont Journal Weekly Thursday Rep L.O. Brewer
Duncombe Tribune Weekly Thursday Ind C.A. Bohnenkamp
Dunlap Reporter and Herald Weekly Friday Rep Thos. E. Caverly
Durant Star Weekly Thursday Ind C.W. Hamilton
Dyersville Commercial Weekly Friday Ind C.A. Smith
Dyersville News-Letter Weekly Friday Dem News-Letter Ptg. Co.
Dysert Reporter Weekly Thursday Ind O.E. Lathrop

Source: "The Iowa Official Register for the Years 1911-1912", Twenty-Fourth Number; compiled under the supervision of William C. Hayward, Secretary of State and John M. Jamieson, deputy, by Guy S. Bewer; Des Moines, Emory H. English, State Printer, E.D. Chassell, State Binder; 1911; pages 723-746.

Transcribed for Iowa Old Press by Sharyl Ferrall, winter 2005

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