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Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Eagle Grove Eagle Grove Eagle Weekly Thursday Rep A.H. Barnes & Son
Eagle Grove Times-Gazette Weekly Thursday Rep H.B. Hallock
Earlham Echo Weekly Thursday Rep Paul R. Stilllman
Earlville Phoenix Weekly Thursday Rep Albert Voit
Early News Weekly Friday Rep I.C. Blair
East Peru Mail Weekly Friday Rep A.B. Vines
Eddyville Tribune Weekly Friday Ind C. Sturgeon
Edgewood Journal Weekly Thursday Ind Floyd A. Peet
Eldon Forum Weekly Thursday Ind Pruess & Seaton
Eldora Herald Weekly Thursday Rep Howard E. Moffett
Eldora Ledger Weekly Thursday Rep Paul C. Woods
Elgin Echo Weekly Thursday Rep F.W. Hughes
Elkader Clayton County Democrat Weekly Wednesday Dem H.C. Bishop
Elkader Nord Iowa Herold Weekly Wednesday Dem Chas. Reinecke
Elkader Register and Argus Weekly Thursday Ind H.L. Griffith
Elliott Graphic Weekly Thursday Rep E.C. McCarthy
Ellsworth News Weekly Thursday Rep F.O. Satter
Elma New Era Weekly Thursday Ind Dem F.E. Howard
Emerson Chronicle Weekly Thursday Rep J.R. Coates
Emmetsburg Democrat Weekly Wednesday Dem W.I. Brannagan
Emmetsburg Palo Alto Reporter Weekly Thursday Rep L.H. Mayne
Emmetsburg Palo Alto Tribune Weekly Wednesday Ind Anna Donavan
Epworth News Weekly (not given) (not given) J.R.A. Hanner, Mgr.
Essex Independent Weekly Friday Rep Frank P. Rotton
Estherville Democrat Weekly Tuesday Dem Frank Carpenter
Estherville Enterprise Weekly Wednesday Rep Geo. E. Patterson
Estherville Opera House Reporter Weekly Friday Theatrical Jas. Cox Co.
Estherville Vindicator and Republican Weekly Wednesday Rep Geo. A. Nichols
Everly News Weekly Thursday Rep George Nugent
Exira Audubon County Journal Weekly Thursday Ind Rep W.J. Lancelot
Exline Messenger Weekly Friday Ind J.H. May
F - Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Fairbank View Weekly Thursday Ind Chas. Thompson
Fairfield Jefferson County Republican Weekly Friday Prohibition Geo. H. Frasher
Fairfield Journal Daily except Sunday Rep Dean Taylor
Fairfield Journal Weekly Wednesday Rep Dean Taylor
Fairfield Ledger Weekly Wednesday Rep C.M. Junkin
Fairfield Portfolio Weekly Thursday Collegiate Students
Fairfield Tribune Weekly Wednesday Dem C.R. Spencer
Farley Advertiser Weekly Thursday Local Chas. A. Joseph
Farley News Weekly Friday Ind Klinkner Bros.
Farmington News-Republican Weekly Thursday Rep J.H. Taylor
Farmington Republican Weekly Tuesday Rep Frank D. Carr
Farnhamville Index Weekly Thursday Rep J.W. Hartinger
Farragut Leader Weekly Thursday Ind Rep Jas. A. Johnson
Fayette Reporter Weekly Thursday Ind Prohibitionist C.F. Paine
Fayette U.I.U. Collegian Monthly   Collegiate L.W. Sampson
Fenton Reporter Weekly Thursday Ind Jacob Schwartz
Fertile Enterprise Weekly Saturday Rep E.E. Brown
Fonda Journal Weekly Thursday Rep H.E. Hornor
Fonda Times-Gazette Weekly Thursday Rep C.E. Johnson
Fontanelle Observer Weekly Thursday Rep W.H. McClure
Forest City Independent Weekly Thursday Ind J.E. Anderson
Forest City Summit Weekly Thursday Rep W.O. Howard
Forest City Waldorf College Journal Monthly   Collegiate Norman Norland
Forest City Winnebago Republican Weekly Wednesday Rep Luther I. Aasgaard
Fort Dodge Chronicle Daily   Dem C.F. Duncombe
Fort Dodge Chronicle Weekly Friday Dem C.F. Duncombe
Fort Dodge Messenger Daily   Rep Messenger Ptg. Co.
Fort Madison Democrat Weekly Wednesday Dem N.C. Roberts
Fort Madison Evening Democrat Daily except Sunday Dem N.C. Roberts
Fort Madison Gem City Daily except Sunday Dem Nauer & Barnes
Fort Madison Gem City Weekly Friday Dem Nauer & Barnes
Fort Madison High School Times   Special Holiday School Students
Fredericksburg News Weekly Thursday Rep Don A. Jackson
Fremont Gazette Weekly Thursday Rep A.P. Norton
G - Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Galva Tribune Weekly Thursday Local Thos. Hogan
Garden Grove Express Weekly Thursday Rep R.C. Hoadley
Garner Hancock County Democrat Weekly Thursday Dem W.M. Brackett
Garner Signal Weekly Wednesday Rep E.F. Kluckhohn
Garrison Independent Weekly Thursday Ind Rep F.M. Springsteen
Geneva Enterprise Weekly Thursday Ind L.L. Dolson
George News Weekly Wednesday Ind G.W. DeWald
Germania North Kossuth Record Weekly Thursday Rep Thaves Bros.
Gilman Dispatch Weekly Thursday Ind J.S. Darrah
Gilmore City Globe Weekly Wednesday Rep H.C. Marmon
Gladbrook Tama Northern Weekly Friday Dem U.S. Hulse
Glenwood Mills County Tribune Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Ind Dem Hill & Bradway
Glenwood Opinion Semi-weekly Monday & Thursday Rep D.B. & R.E. Cunningham
Glidden Graphic Weekly Thursday Rep W.H. Reever
Goldfield Chronicle Weekly Friday Rep B.W. Agard
Goodell Globe Weekly Thursday Ind G.J. Hall
Gowrie News Weekly Thursday Rep A.F. Patton
Graettinger Times Weekly Thursday Rep E.B. Merriman
Grafton Journal Weekly Thursday Rep H.H. Hallett
Grand Junction Globe Weekly Wednesday Rep W.H. Kettell
Grand River Local Weekly Thursday Ind Paul E. Hubbell
Granger Iowa Outlook Monthly   Religious D.W. Swender
Granville Gazette Weekly Friday Dem N.J. Glesener
Gravity Independent Weekly Thursday Ind Jas. S. Francis
Greeley Home Press Weekly Thursday Rep V.E. Dow
Greene Butler County Press Weekly Friday Rep F.H. Camp
Greene Iowa Recorder Weekly Wednesday Dem Ingalls & Mahnke
Greenfield Adair County Free Press Weekly Thursday Dem E.J. Sidey
Greenfield Transcript Weekly Thursday Rep Lynch & Oldham
Grinnell Congregational Iowa Monthly   Religious P.A. Johnson, et al
Grinnell Grinnell College Bulletin Quarterly   Collegiate J.H.T. Main
Grinnell Herald Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep Ray & Frisbie
Grinnell Register Semi-weekly Monday & Thursday Rep A.A. Miller
Grinnell Review Monthly   Collegiate J.H.T. Main
Grinnell Scarlet and Black Semi-weekly Wednesday & Saturday Collegiate J.G. Danforth
Grinnell Unit Monthly   Collegiate Robert Kerr
Griswold American Weekly Thursday Rep D.H. Scott
Grundy Center Democrat Weekly Thursday Dem J. Vanderwicken
Grundy Center Republican Weekly Thursday Rep A.L. Rowen & Son
Guthrie Center Guthrian Weekly Thursday Rep A.H. Grisell & Son
Guthrie Center Guthrie Times Weekly Thursday Rep H.W. Stoy & Son
Guttenberg Clayton County Journal Weekly Friday Rep C. Mitrucker
Guttenberg Press Weekly Thursday Ind Z.G. Houck

Source: "The Iowa Official Register for the Years 1911-1912", Twenty-Fourth Number; compiled under the supervision of William C. Hayward, Secretary of State and John M. Jamieson, deputy, by Guy S. Bewer; Des Moines, Emory H. English, State Printer, E.D. Chassell, State Binder; 1911; pages 723-746.

Transcribed for Iowa Old Press by Sharyl Ferrall, winter 2005

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