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Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Hamburg Reporter Weekly Friday Rep A.L. Holmes
Hamburg Republican Weekly Friday Rep Davidson & Hill
Hampton Chronicle Weekly Thursday Rep T.W. Purcell
Hampton Franklin County Recorder Weekly Wednesday Rep I.L. Stuart
Hampton Globe Weekly Thursday Dem M. Bilderback
Hanlontown News Weekly Thursday Rep M.A. aasgaard
Harlan Shelby County Republican Weekly Thursday Rep Brown & Meek
Harlan Tribune Weekly Wednesday Dem W.C. Campbell
Harlan Vagteren Weekly Tuesday Religious J.C. Lunn
Harris Herald Weekly Friday Ind J.I. Dobbyn
Hartley Journal Weekly Thursday Dem Eugene B. Peck
Harvey News-Tribune Weekly Friday Ind Arden McCoy
Hawarden Chronicle Weekly Thursday Rep Will F. Wolf
Hawarden Independent Weekly Thursday Rep D.O. Stone
Hawkeye Beacon Weekly Thursday Ind Will N. Rogers
Hedrick Journal Weekly Wednesday Local R.S. Martin & Sons
Henderson Times Weekly Thursday Ind C.E. Huffaker
Hillsboro Enterprise Weekly Thursday Ind C.P. Lowther
Hinton Gazette Weekly Thursday Rep C.E. Perdue
Holstein Advance Weekly Thursday Dem W.F. Hutton
Hopkinton Leader Weekly Thursday Rep Will S. Beels
Hornick Index Weekly Thursday Rep C.H. Cattermole
Hospers Tribune Weekly Friday Local John S. Randolph
Hubbard Monitor Weekly Friday Ind Clark Brown
Hull Index Weekly Friday Ind Rep C.N. Sawyer
Humboldt Herald Weekly Friday Ind Dem J.S. Hopkins
Humboldt Independent Weekly Thursday Rep Al M. Adams
Humboldt Republican Weekly Friday Rep Frank Jaqua
Humeston New Era Weekly Wednesday Ind Sanford & McGuire
Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Ida Grove Ida County Pioneer Weekly Wednesday Rep Frank P. Clarkson
Ida Grove Record-Era Weekly Thursday Dem S.L. Frisbie
Independence Bulletin-Journal Weekly Thursday Rep Willey, Farwell & Coltman
Independence Conservative Weekly Wednesday Dem L.W. Goen
Indianola Advocate-Tribune Weekly Thursday Dem Clint L. Price
Indianola Herald Weekly Thursday Rep Herald Pub. Co.
Indianola Record Weekly Thursday Rep Evan B. Dowell
Indianola Simpsonian Weekly Saturday Collegiate Students
Inwood Herald Weekly Thursday Rep W.J. Stearns
Iowa City Bulletin State University of Iowa Monthly October to January Collegiate Chas. H. Weller
Iowa City Bulletin State University of Iowa Weekly January to June Collegiate Chas. H. Weller
Iowa City Citizen Daily except Sunday Rep Elmer E. Johnson
Iowa City Iowa Alumnus Monthly   Collegiate Alumni Bureau
Iowa City Iowa Journal of History and Politics Quarterly   Historical Benj. F. Shambaugh
Iowa City Iowa Methodist Monthly   Religious H.H. Fairall
Iowa City Iowan Semi-weekly 5 days per week Collegiate Gordon & Meredith
Iowa City Johnson County Teacher Monthly   Educational C.M. Miller
Iowa City Press Daily except Sunday Dem S.E. Carrell
Iowa City Republican Daily except Sunday Rep David Brant
Iowa Falls Hardin County Citizen Weekly Friday Rep Ira A. Nichols
Iowa Falls Sentinel Weekly Tuesday Rep S.B. Stonerook
Ireton Ledger Weekly Thursday Rep Joseph A. Spinden
Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Jamaica Journal Weekly Thursday Ind Lewis F. Raper
Janesville Banner Weekly Thursday Ind L.A. Burton
Jefferson Bee Weekly Wednesday Rep Paul E. Stillman
Jefferson The Free Lance Weekly Thursday Ind V.H. Lovejoy
Jesup Citizen-Herald Weekly Thursday Rep Fay R. Place
Jewell Record Weekly Thursday Rep Claude V. Campbell
Joice Review Weekly Thursday Rep H.H. Hallett
Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Kalona News Weekly Thursday Ind D.C. Miller
Kanawha Record Weekly Thursday Rep B.C. Ellsworth
Kellerton Globe Weekly Thursday Local Bert Ballou
Kellog Enterprise Weekly Friday Dem William P. Coutts
Kensett News Weekly Thursday Rep H.H. Hallett
Keokuk Constitution-Democrat Daily except Sunday Dem F.A. Warwick, Mgr.
Keokuk Constitution-Democrat Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Dem F.A. Warwick, Mgr.
Keokuk Gate City Daily   Rep C.F. Skirvin
Keokuk Post-Anzeiger Weekly Friday Ind E. Erber
Keokuk School Music Bi-monthly   Music P.C. Haydon
Keosauqua Independent Weekly Wednesday Ind Sherman Bros.
Keosauqua Republican Weekly Thursday Rep Rowley & Landes
Keosauqua State Line Democrat Weekly Thursday Dem Geo. F. Smith
Keota Eagle Weekly Thursday Ind Richardson Bros.
Keystone Bulletin Weekly Wednesday Local Harry J. Reger
Kingsley News-Times Weekly Thursday Rep J.H. Beardsley
Kiron News Weekly Wednesday Ind E.B. Nordell
Klemme Times Weekly Thursday Rep A.C. Flint
Knoxville Express Weekly Wednesday Dem Casey & Belville
Knoxville Journal Weekly Friday Rep Curtis & Gilson
Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Lacona Ledger Weekly Friday Ind G.F. Tilden
Lake City Blade Weekly Thursday Rep W.C. Snyder
Lake City Graphic Weekly Thursday Rep T.B. Hotchkiss
Lake City News Weekly Thursday Ind A.L. Clark
Lake Mills Graphic Weekly Wednesday Rep M.A. Aasgaard
Lake Park News Weekly Thursday Rep A.E. Woodruff
Lake View Resort Weekly Thursday Rep A.C. & L.M. Rodgers
Lamoni Autumn Leaves Monthly   Religious Elbert A. Smith
Lamoni Chronicle Weekly Thursday Rep Ray K. Nicholson
Lamoni Gospel Quarterly Quarterly   Sunday School Mrs. Anna Salyards
Lamoni Graceland College Bulletin Quarterly   Collegiate College
Lamoni Independent Patriot Weekly Thursday Ind D.F. Lambert
Lamoni Journal of History Quarterly   Religious College
Lamoni Saints' Herald Weekly Wednesday Religious Joseph & E.A. Smith
Lamoni Sunday School Exponent Monthly   Sunday School Daniel McGregor
Lamoni Zion's Hope Weekly Wednesday Religious Mrs. M. Walker
Lamont Leader Weekly Thursday Rep J.F. Davidson & Son
Lamotte News Weekly Thursday Ind C.L. Olmsted
Lanesboro Topic Weekly Thursday Ind Everett A. Place
Lansing Allamakee Journal Weekly Wednesday Dem Dunlevy Bros.
Lansing Mirror Weekly Friday Rep Geo. W. Metcalf
LaPorte City Progress-Review Weekly Thursday Rep H.B. Lizer
Larchwood Leader Weekly Thursday Rep W.B. Rogers
Latimer Odd Stories Monthly   Magazine A. Hanson
Latimer Star Weekly Friday Ind A. Hanson
Laurens Pocahontas County Sun Weekly Thursday Rep U.S. Vance
Lawler Dispatch Weekly Thursday Dem Edwin G. Erler
Lehigh Lehigh Valley Argus Weekly Thursday Rep Hal C. Fuller
LeMars Globe-Post Semi-weekly Monday & Thursday Dem Warren F. Miller
LeMars Herold Weekly Thursday Ind Dem John Starzl
LeMars High School Item Quarterly   School High School
LeMars Sentinel Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep Jas. C. Gillespie
LeMars Western Union Journal Monthly   Collegiate Merle B. Thompson
Lenox Time Table Weekly Thursday Rep J.E. Rogers
Leon Decatur County Journal Weekly Thursday Rep Will F. Lindsey
Leon Reporter Weekly Thursday Dem O.E. Hull
Letts Record Weekly Thursday Rep Chas. M. Wright
Lewis Standard Weekly Thursday Ind G.W.B. Fletcher
Lime Springs Sun-Herald Weekly Wednesday Rep Clarence J. Zook
Lineville Tribune Weekly Thursday Rep Austin & Austin
Linn Grove Independent Weekly Friday Rep Geo. W. Evans
Lisbon Herald Weekly Thursday Rep W.F. Stahl
Little Rock Free Lance Weekly Friday Rep C.E. Davison
Little Sioux Hustler Weekly Friday Ind Rep H.W. Kerr
Little Sioux Independent Weekly Saturday Rep D.W. Butts
Livermore Gazette Weekly Thursday Ind Rep W.F. Miller
Lockridge Herald Weekly Friday Ind G.K. Bankhead
Logan Gazette Weekly Thursday Rep J.M. Davis
Logan Observer Weekly Thursday Rep J.C. McCabe
Lohrville Enterprise Weekly Friday Rep W.F. Safley
Lone Tree Reporter Weekly Friday Ind W.H. Younkin
Lorimor Journal Weekly Friday Ind Geo. Stafford
Lovilia Press Weekly Thursday Ind Henri L. Gaddis
Lowden News Weekly Friday Ind Geo. W. Mueller
Lucas Lucas County Ledger Weekly Friday Ind L.M. Parisho
Lu Verne Des Moines Valley News Weekly Thursday Rep Hal E. Rogers
Lynnville Star Weekly Thursday Local C.W. Wildman
Lyons Clinton Mirror Weekly Saturday Rep W.D. Eaton
Lyons Tri-City Labor Voice Semi-monthy   Labor Peter Hofmann
Lytton Star Weekly Thursday Ind C. Everett Lee

Source: "The Iowa Official Register for the Years 1911-1912", Twenty-Fourth Number; compiled under the supervision of William C. Hayward, Secretary of State and John M. Jamieson, deputy, by Guy S. Bewer; Des Moines, Emory H. English, State Printer, E.D. Chassell, State Binder; 1911; pages 723-746.

Transcribed for Iowa Old Press by Sharyl Ferrall, winter 2005

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