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Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
McCallsburg Tribune Weekly Thursday Ind John C. Mills
McGregor News Weekly Wednesday Rep J.F. Widman & Sons
McGregor North Iowa Times Weekly Thursday Dem Anton Huebsch
Macedonia Botna Valley News Weekly Friday Ind H.H. Sheaffer
Madrid Register News Weekly Thursday Rep J.G. Lucas
Malcolm Leader Weekly Thursday Dem J.E. Latchem
Malvern Leader Weekly Thursday Rep W.P. Wortman
Manchester Delaware County News Weekly Thursday Rep Frank D. Joseph, Mgr.
Manchester Democrat Weekly Wednesday Dem Carr, Bronson & Carr
Manchester Press Weekly Thursday Rep H.L.Rann
Manilla Times Weekly Thursday Ind J.J. McDermott
Manly Chronicle Weekly Thursday Rep H.H. Hallett
Manning Herold Weekly Friday Dem Werner & Hasselmann
Manning Monitor Weekly Thursday Ind Frank Mantz
Manson Democrat Weekly Wednesday Dem John F. Dalton
Manson Journal Weekly Wednesday Rep G.I. & T.D. Long
Mapleton Press Weekly Thursday Rep H.V. Chapin
Maquoketa Excelsior Weekly Friday Rep J.P. Gruwell
Maquoketa Jackson Journal Weekly Thursday Ind German Paul Herter
Maquoketa Jackson Republican Weekly Tuesday Rep Robt. G. Grant
Maquoketa Jackson Sentinel Weekly Thursday Dem W.B. & W.C. Swigart
Maquoketa Record Weekly Tuesday Ind F.L. Sunderlin
Marathon Republic Weekly Thursday Rep Joel E. Johnson
Marble Rock Journal Weekly Thursday Rep H.B. Nies
Marcus News Weekly Thursday Rep Wilson M. Hamilton
Marengo Democrat Weekly Thursday Dem Jas. J. Glenn
Marengo Republican Weekly Wednesday Rep Mott & Son
Marion Quill Monthly   High School Students
Marion Register Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep S.W. Rathbun
Marion Sentinel Weekly Thursday Dem T.T. Williams
Marion The Educator Monthly   Educational A.B. Alderman
Marne Free Press Weekly Thursday Ind Dirk Tollenaar
Marshalltown Beobachter Weekly Thursday Ind Dem Charles Beck
Marshalltown Evening Times-Republican Daily except Sunday Rep D.W. Norris, Jr.
Marshalltown Herald Daily except Sunday Rep James McNally
Marshalltown Iowa Times-Republican Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep D.W. Norris, Jr.
Marshalltown Iowa Prohibitionist Weekly Thursday Prohibition O.D. Ellett
Marshalltown Midland Municipalities Monthly   Municipal Frank G. Pierce
Marshalltown Pebbles Monthly   High School Helen Jarvis
Mason City Globe-Gazette Daily except Sunday Rep W.F. Muse
Mason City Globe-Gazette Semi-weekly Tuesday & Thursday Rep W.F. Muse
Mason City Herald Weekly Thursday Rep Emory H. English
Mason City Times Daily except Sunday Rep Emory H. English
Masesna Echo Weekly Friday Ind Rep O.T. Myers
Maurice Times Weekly Friday Ind J.F. Van Gorkom
Maxwell Iowa Odd Fellow Semi-monthly   Fraternal L.R. Shepherd Pub. Co.
Maxwell Trappers World Monthly   Trappers D.E. Allyn
Maxwell Tribune Weekly Thursday Ind Rep L.R. Shepherd Pub. Co.
Maynard News Weekly Thursday Local L.D. Rowley
Mechanicsville Pioneer-Press Weekly Thursday Rep N.F. Purcell
Mediapolis New Era-News Semi-weekly Wednesday & Saturday Rep T.A. Merrill
Melbourne Record Weekly Thursday Ind O. Wiesley
Melrose Bell Weekly Thursday Ind James Duggan
Melvin Argus Weekly Thursday Ind J.I. Dobbyn
Menlo Journal Weekly Thursday Ind U.G. Smith
Merrill Record Weekly Thursday Ind W.A. Julian
Milford Mail Weekly Thursday Rep E.E. Heldridge
Milo Motor Weekly Thursday Rep S. Hockett & Son
Milton Herald Weekly Wednesday Ind N.E. Guernsey
Minburn Criterion Weekly Thursday Rep R.E. Zerwekh
Missouri Valley Harrison County News Semi-weekly Wednesday & Saturday Rep A.H. Sniff
Missouri Valley Times Daily   Ind Mahoney & Lahman
Missouri Valley Times Weekly Thursday Ind Mahoney & Lahman
Mitchellville Index Weekly Thursday Rep E.P. Marmon
Modale Record Weekly Friday Ind Fred H. Kelley
Mondamin Enterprise Weekly Thursday Ind Chas. B. Wilson
Monona Leader Weekly Thursday Rep Harley S. Rittenhouse
Monroe Mirror Weekly Thursday Rep John Vandermast
Montezuma Poweshiek County Palladium Weekly Wednesday Dem R.L. & R.A. Mortland
Montezuma Republican Weekly Thursday Rep Esther B. McGugin
Monticello Express Weekly Thursday Rep J.W. Doxsee
Monticello Jones County Times Weekly Thursday Dem J.T. Lanigan
Montour Courier Weekly Thursday Ind L.H. Bufkin
Montrose Journal Weekly Thursday Rep J.C. Scott
Moorhead Times Weekly Thursday Ind J.B. McElwain
Moravia Union Weekly Thursday Ind J.H. Allred
Morning Sun News-Herald Weekly Thursday Rep J. Kirk Latta
Moulton Tribune Weekly Friday Rep Rob. R. Wilson
Mount Auburn News Weekly Thursday Rep H.B. Lizer
Mount Ayr Journal Weekly Thursday Dem J.S. Shepherd & Son
Mount Ayr Press Semi-weekly Monday & Thursday Dem H.C. Beard
Mount Ayr Record-News Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep Tedford & Spurrier
Mount Pleasant Free Press Weekly Thursday Dem Stanley Miller
Mount Pleasant Journal Daily except Sunday Rep E. John Richards
Mount Pleasant Journal Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep E. John Richards
Mount Pleasant News Daily except Sunday Rep Charles S. Rogers
Mount Pleasant News Weekly Wednesday Rep Charles S. Rogers
Mount Pleasant Republican Weekly Thursday Rep Frank P. Porter
Mount Pleasant Wesleyan News Weekly Wednesday Collegiate E.A. Fimmen
Mount Vernon Cornell College Bulletin Bi-monthly   Collegiate Cornell College
Mount Vernon Cornellian Weekly Monday Collegiate Chauncey Merwin
Mount Vernon District Methodist Monthly   Religious E.T. Gruwell
Mount Vernon Fruitman and Gardener Monthly   Horticultural Lloyd McCutcheon
Mount Vernon Hawk-Eye Weekly Thursday Rep A.A. Bauman
Mount Vernon Methodist Herald Monthly   Religious W.W. Carlton
Mount Vernon Record Weekly Tuesday Rep Lloyd McCutcheon
Mount Vernon W.C.T.U. Champion Monthly   Temperance Mary F. Williams
Moville Mail Weekly Thursday Rep James Graham
Murray News Weekly Thursday Rep R.H. Martindale
Muscatine Herold Weekly Friday Dem Henry Heinz
Muscatine Journal Daily except Sunday Rep Frank D. Throop
Muscatine Journal Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep Frank D. Throop
Muscatine News-Tribune Daily except Monday Dem Muscatine News Co.
Muscatine News-Tribune Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep Muscatine News Co.
Muscatine Record Weekly Saturday Ind Will M. Narvis
Mystic Telegram Weekly Friday Rep A.R. Scott
Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Nashua Post Weekly Thursday Ind Rep C.R. Wallace
Nashua Reporter Weekly Thursday Ind Keller & Ellison
Nemaha Register Weekly Thursday Rep C.C. Keeny
Neola Gazette-Reporter Weekly Thursday Ind L.G. Merrill
Nevada Evening Journal Tri-weekly Mon, Wed & Fri Rep Benjamin Bros.
Nevada Representative Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep Payne & Son
New Albin News Weekly Thursday Rep Ludwig Schubbert
Newell Mirror Weekly Thursday Local H.C. Gordon
New Hampton Courier Weekly Thursday Rep R.H. Fairbairn Co.
New Hampton Gazette Weekly Thursday Rep Walter N. Crawford
New Hampton Iowa Freie Presse Weekly Thursday Dem August Hilmer
New Hampton Tribune Weekly Wednesday Dem E.J. Feuling
New Hartford Review Weekly Thursday Rep F. Kaley
New London Farmer-Times Weekly Thursday Ind C.W. von Coella & Co.
New Market Herald Weekly Thursday Rep Lafe Hill
New Sharon Star Weekly Wednesday Rep Ray B. Duboc
Newton Herald Weekly Thursday Dem N.M. Ward
Newton Journal Daily except Sunday Rep Frank L. Boyden
Newton Journal Weekly Wednesday Rep Frank L. Boyden
Newton News Daily except Sunday Ind James W. Rhodes
Newton Record Weekly Thursday Rep W.S. Johnson
New Virginia The New Virginian Weekly Thursday Rep C.P. Shane
Nodaway Nodaway Valley News Weekly Thursday Ind E.J. Orr & Sons
Nora Springs Advertiser Weekly Thursday Rep A.M. Moore
North English Record Weekly Thursday Ind G.L. Kirkpatrick
Northwood Anchor Weekly Wednesday Rep E.K. Pitman
Northwood Worth County Index Weekly Thursday Rep Frank Scammon
Norwalk Free Press Weekly Thursday Ind Cooley & Payne
Norway Benton County Signal Weekly Thursday Ind John T. Smith

Source: "The Iowa Official Register for the Years 1911-1912", Twenty-Fourth Number; compiled under the supervision of William C. Hayward, Secretary of State and John M. Jamieson, deputy, by Guy S. Bewer; Des Moines, Emory H. English, State Printer, E.D. Chassell, State Binder; 1911; pages 723-746.

Transcribed for Iowa Old Press by Sharyl Ferrall, winter 2005

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