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Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Oakland Acorn Weekly Thursday Rep Paul & Harrison
Oakville Sentinel Weekly Thursday Ind Geo. W. Graham
Ocheyedan Press Weekly Thursday Ind Manford Evans
Odebolt Chronicle Weekly Thursday Rep J.E. Chrysler
Oelwein Register Daily except Sunday Rep Hoyer & Robinson
Oelwein Register Weekly Wednesday Rep Hoyer & Robinson
Ogden Reporter Weekly Thursday Rep Williams & Lund
Olin Recorder Weekly Thursday Rep A.A. Cole
Ollie News Weekly Thursday Ind Rep H.C. Campbell
Onawa Democrat Weekly Thursday Dem W.H. Wonder & Son
Onawa Sentinel Weekly Thursday Rep T.L. & C.B. Gossard
Orange City De Heidenwereld Monthly   Religious H.P. Oggel
Orange City De Vrije Hollander Semi-weekly Wednesday & Saturday Dem H. Toering
Orange City De Volksvriend Weekly Wednesday Rep H.P. Oggel
Orange City Sioux County Herald Weekly Wednesday Rep Isaac Hospers
Orient Independent Weekly Thursday Ind Treichler Bros.
Osage Mitchell County Press and Journal Weekly Wednesday Rep T.M. Atherton
Osage News Weekly Thursday Rep Graves & Addington
Osceola Democrat Weekly Thursday Dem Theodore Wall
Osceola Sentinel Weekly Thursday Rep Joe L. Long
Oskaloosa Central Holiness University Bulletin Quarterly   Collegiate The University
Oskaloosa Herald Daily except Sunday Rep Oskaloosa Herald Co.
Oskaloosa Herald Semi-weekly Thursday & Saturday Rep Oskaloosa Herald Co.
Oskaloosa Penn Chronicle Monthly   Collegiate Wendell G. Farr
Oskaloosa Saturday Globe Weekly Saturday Ind Shockley Bros. & Cook
Oskaloosa Times Weekly Thursday Dem H.S. Rosecranz, Mgr.
Oskaloosa Western Work Monthly   Religious David M. Edwards
Ossian Bee Weekly Thursday Dem U.F. Schmitz
Oto Leader Weekly Thursday Ind Albert Healy
Ottumwa Courier Daily except Sunday Rep Jas. T. Powell
Ottumwa Courier Tri-weekly Tue., Thurs & Sat Rep Jas. T. Powell
Ottumwa Iowa Orphan's Appeal Bi-monthly   Home Find'g J.B. Smith
Ottumwa Journal (German) Weekly Wednesday Dem T.A. Wagner
Ottumwa Review Daily except Sunday Dem A.J. Stump
Ottumwa Review Weekly Thursday Dem A.J. Stump
Ottumwa The Saturday Herald Weekly Saturday Ind Rep R.H. Moore
Oxford Leader Semi-weekly   Dem Ed R. Doty
Oxford Junction Oxford Mirror Weekly Thursday Dem Frank Kenney
Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Packwood Review Weekly Friday Ind C.H. Spencer
Palmer Press Weekly Thursday Ind Alex Sinclair
Panora The Guthrie County Vedette Weekly Thursday Ind H.H. Hiatt
Parkersburg Eclipse Weekly Thursday Rep E.E. Schrack
Parnell Iowa County Advertiser Weekly Thursday Dem W.J. Naughton
Paton Portrait Weekly Friday Rep Karle C. Latta
Paullina Times Weekly Friday Rep A.W. McBride
Pella Baptist Record Weekly Tuesday Religious Sadler Bros. & Co.
Pella Booster Weekly Saturday Ind Dem G.A. Stout
Pella Central Ray Semi-monthly   Collegiate Miss Esther Hansen
Pella Christelyke Vildeeler Monthly   Religious K. van Stigt
Pella Chronicle Weekly Thursday Dem Sadler Bros. & Co.
Pella Weekblad Weekly Thursday Dem H.F. Johnson & Co.
Perry Advertiser Semi-weekly Monday & Thursday Rep R.E. Zerwekh
Perry Chief Daily   Rep Scott Snyder
Perry Chief-Reporter Weekly Wednesday Rep Scott Snyder
Perry Normal College Bulletin Monthly   Collegiate C. Durant Jones
Perry Prohibition Journal Weekly Monday Prohibition C. Durant Jones
Perry Railway Bridge and Building Brotherhood Monthly   Fraternal E.E. Clothier
Persia Globe Weekly Thursday Ind Geo. H. Holton
Peterson Patriot Weekly Thursday Rep Archie W. Evans
Pierson Progress Weekly Thursday Ind E.A. Nurnberg
Pilot Mound Monitor Weekly Thursday Ind G.H. Kick
Pleasantville Marion County News Weekly Thursday Rep Frank R. Wingfield
Plover Independent Weekly Thursday Ind A.I. Hull
Pocahontas Democrat Weekly Thursday Dem W.S. Clark
Pocahontas Record Weekly Thursday Rep D.O. Blake
Pomeroy Herald Weekly Thursday Rep Scott H. McClure
Postville Iowa Volksblatt Weekly Friday Ind Ronneburger & Hoesly
Postville Review Weekly Friday Rep A.E. & A.S. Burdick
Prairieburg News Weekly Thursday Ind A.J. Davidson
Praire City News Weekly Thursday Ind A.S. Condon
Prescott Argus Weekly Friday Ind Whit Booth
Preston Times Weekly Friday Ind F.E. Tripp
Primghar O'Brien County Bell Weekly Thursday Rep J.H. Wolf
Primghar O'Brien County Democrat Weekly Thursday Dem Frank A. Vaughan
Primghar Congregational News Letter Monthly   Religious (not given)
Princeton Journal Weekly Thursday Ind L.H. Gau
Pulaski Press Weekly Thursday Ind W.S. Allen
Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Quasqueton Quasquetonian Weekly Thursday Ind Dem Frank Vierth
Quimby Herald Weekly Thursday Ind G.A. Fox
Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Radcliff Signal Weekly Thursday Rep C.E. Myers
Rake Register Weekly Thursday Ind W.C. Sundermeyer
Randolph Enterprise Weekly Friday Ind C.C. Sheaffer
Redding Register Weekly Thursday Ind J.G. Norris
Redfield Review Weekly Thursday Rep W.C. Newton
Red Oak Express Weekly Friday Rep W.E. Wells
Red Oak Sun Weekly Friday Dem Wm. Boll & Sons
Reinbeck Courier Weekly Thursday Rep Chas. J. Adams
Remsen Bell-Enterprise Weekly Thursday Dem John P. Kieffer
Renwick Times Weekly Thursday Rep Lou Sherman
Riceville Recorder Weekly Wednesday Rep H.A. Yager
Richland Clarion Weekly Thursday Rep John Chancey
Ridgeway Review Weekly Thursday Rep M. Lee Hathaway
Ringsted Dispatch Weekly Thursday Ind M.M. Magner
Rippey Register Weekly Thursday Ind Jay G. States
Riverside Leader Weekly Friday Rep Wm J. Kueneman
Rockford Register Weekly Thursday Rep F.E. Trigg
Rock Rapids Reporter Weekly Thursday Rep W.G. Smith
Rock Rapids Review Weekly Thursday Dem P.H. McCarty
Rock Valley Bee Weekly Friday Rep A.L. Halstead
Rockwell Phonograph Weekly Tuesday Rep W.L. McEwen & Sons
Rockwell City Advocate Weekly Thursday Rep Walter A. Noel
Rockwell City Calhoun County Republican Weekly Thursday Rep Byron Mattison
Roland Record Weekly Thursday Rep M.O. Rod
Rolfe The Arrow Weekly Thursday Ind Marion Bruce
Rolfe The Rolfe Reveille Weekly Thursday Rep J.H. Lighter
Rowley News Weekly Friday Ind Justin Barry
Royal Banner Weekly Friday Rep Chas. A. Robison
Rudd Review Weekly Thursday Ind Rep Darr & Lesch
Runnells Des Moines Valley Record Weekly Thursday Ind B.H. Brown
Runnells Telegram Weekly Friday Rep R.E. Morris
Russell Union Weekly Thursday Ind Harry Keller
Ruthven Free Press and Appeal Weekly Thursday Rep L.L. Johnson
Ryan Reporter Weekly Thursday Ind E.E. Coakley

Source: "The Iowa Official Register for the Years 1911-1912", Twenty-Fourth Number; compiled under the supervision of William C. Hayward, Secretary of State and John M. Jamieson, deputy, by Guy S. Bewer; Des Moines, Emory H. English, State Printer, E.D. Chassell, State Binder; 1911; pages 723-746.

Transcribed for Iowa Old Press by Sharyl Ferrall, winter 2005

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