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Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Sabula Gazette Weekly Saturday Ind Wade Guenther
Sac City Sac County Bulletin Weekly Wednesday Ind Ross Mayhall
Sac City The Sac Sun Weekly Thursday Rep S.M. & F.E. Stouffer
Salem News Weekly Thursday Ind S.C. Merrill
Salix Chief Weekly Thursday Dem S.L. Frisbie & Son
Sanborn Pioneer Weekly Thursday Rep C.E. & L.B. Foley
Schaller Herald Weekly Thursday Rep W.K. Whiteside
Schleswig Leader Weekly Friday Ind R.E. Vaughan
Scranton Journal Weekly Thursday Ind Rep L.W. Smith
Sergeant Bluff Sun Weekly Thursday Dem S.L. Frisbie & Son
Seymour Democrat Weekly Thursday Dem Byron L. Hoschar
Seymour Leader Weekly Thursday Rep John J. Adams
Shannon City Sun Weekly Thursday Rep H.E. Greeley
Sharpsburg North Taylor Review Weekly Friday Ind Elliott Hurd
Sheffield Press Weekly Thursday Rep John R. Bell
Shelby News Weekly Thursday Rep Chas. O. Wayne
Sheldahl Thrift Weekly Friday Ind Joseph Croft
Sheldon Mail Weekly Friday Rep J.W. Vanderburg & Co.
Sheldon Sun Weekly Thursday Rep Hamilton & Bartz
Shell Rock News Weekly Thursday Rep Chas E. Witt
Shellsburg Call Weekly Thursday Rep J.E. Albertson
Shenandoah Missionary World Monthly   Religious C.S. Hanley
Shenandoah Sentinel-Post Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep C.N. Marvin
Shenandoah Tidings of Iowa Monthly   Fraternal Etta A. Branson
Shenandoah World Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Dem W.D. Jamieson
Sibley Gazette Weekly Thursday Rep W.W. Overholser
Sibley Osceola County Tribune Weekly Thursday Dem J.H. Bahne & Son
Sidney Fremont County Herald Weekly Friday Dem G.M. Waterman
Sigourney Keokuk County News Weekly Thursday Rep Sherman W. Needham
Sigourney Review Weekly Wednesday Dem W.L. Etter
Silver City Times Weekly Wednesday Ind E.A. Stevens
Sioux Center Nieuwsblad Weekly Wednesday Rep Van Der Meulen & Co.
Sioux City Collegian Reporter Weekly Wednesday Collegiate Earl C. Warburton
Sioux City Courier Weekly Thursday Ind Dem Adolph Carl Lutze
Sioux City Farmer and Breeder Weekly Thursday Stock Farmer and Breeder Co.
Sioux City High School Record Monthly   School Students
Sioux City Journal Daily   Rep Perkins Bros. Co.
Sioux City Journal Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep Perkins Bros. Co.
Sioux City Live Stock Record Daily except Sunday Markets H.D. Smalley
Sioux City News Daily except Sunday Ind Frank R. Wilson
Sioux City Stylus Weekly Thursday Ind Kathryn Hunt James
Sioux City Sun Weekly Thursday Rep C.J. Lever
Sioux City Svenska Monitoren Weekly Friday Rep O.E. Jacobson
Sioux City Trade Journal Monthly   Business Allen J. Johnson
Sioux City Tribune Daily except Sunday Ind Rep John C. Kelly
Sioux City Union Advocate Weekly Thursday Labor W.H. Bastian
Sioux City Volksfreund Weekly Thursday Ind Oscar A. Hoffman
Sioux Rapids Republican-Press Weekly Thursday Rep Syder & Sherman
Slater News Weekly Thursday Rep Andrew Maland
Sloan Star Weekly Thursday Dem S.L. Frisbie & Son
Smithland Sun Weekly Thursday Rep Ariel A. Christie
Soldier Tribune Weekly Friday Ind J.B. McElwain
Solon Economy Weekly Thursday Ind H.M. Thompson
Spencer Herald Weekly Wednesday Dem E. Bronson
Spencer News Weekly Tuesday Rep E.M. Glasgow
Spencer Reporter Weekly Wednesday Rep Randall, McKee & Co.
Spirit Lake Beacon Weekly Thursday Rep D.E. Smith
Spirit Lake Herald Weekly Friday Rep Jean Patterson
Springville New Era Weekly Thursday Rep G.A. Guiles
Stacyville Monitor Weekly Thursday Ind Rep D.H. Murphy
Stanton Call Weekly Thursday Rep C.G. Carlton
Stanwood Herald Weekly Thursday Ind A.W. Bushnell
State Center Enterprise Weekly Thursday Ind Bert Merrill
St. Ansgar Enterprise Weekly Wednesday Ind Rep Miles K. Culver
St. Charles News Weekly Thursday Rep P.S. Wise
Stockport Cyclone Weekly Thursday Ind G.A. Brown
Storm Lake American Free Mason Monthly   Fraternal Jos. E. Morcombe
Storm Lake Buena Vista College Bulletin Bi-monthly   Collegiate E.F. Bleyney
Storm Lake Buena Vista Vidette Weekly Friday Ind Dem E.S. Morcombe
Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune Weekly Friday Rep Chas. H.J. Mitchell
Storm Lake Tack Monthly   Collegiate Louise Unger
Story City Herald Weekly Thursday Rep Paul A. Olson
Story City Visergutten Weekly Thursday Rep G. Amlund
Stratford Courier Weekly Thursday Rep L.M. & C.E. Peterson
Strawberry Point The Mail-Press Weekly Thursday Ind Arthur Williams
Struble Journal Weekly Friday Rep John A. Sayer
Stuart Herald Weekly Friday Rep Herald Pub. Co.
Stuart News Weekly Thursday Ind J.B. Richardson
Sumner Gazette Weekly Thursday Ind H.P. Branch
Sutherland Courier Weekly Friday Rep G.H. Vos
Swea City Herald Weekly Thursday Ind Rep Sperbeck & Son
Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Tabor Beacon Weekly Thursday Rep W.C. McClintock
Tabor Bulletin of Tabor College Quarterly   Collegiate Frederick W. Long
Tabor College Times Semi-monthly   Collegiate B.F. Hume
Tabor John Three Sixteen Weekly Saturday Religious L.B. Worcester
Tabor Sent of God Semi-monthly   Religious L.B. Worcester
Tama Herald Weekly Thursday Rep Chas. J. Wonser
Tama News Weekly Thursday Dem A.E. Jackson
Terril Tribune Weekly Friday Ind A.E. Karst
Thompson Courier Weekly Thursday Dem Irve Townsend
Thornton Enterprise Weekly Friday Ind Rep Joe A. Moore
Thurman Times Weekly Friday Ind C.E. Witherow
Tingley Vindicator Weekly Thursday Rep W.E. Burleigh
Tipton Advertiser Weekly Thursday Rep Yates & Ripley
Tipton Conservative Weekly Wednesday Dem Wm. Wisener
Tipton Reformed Church Herald Weekly Thursday Religious J.N. Nally
Titonka Topic Weekly Thursday Rep Lee O. Wolfe
Toledo Chronicle Weekly Thursday Rep Lee & Richards
Toledo Tama County Democrat Weekly Thursday Dem J.J. McMahon
Toledo The Owl Bi-monthly   Collegiate H.F. Dickensheets
Traer Farm and Real Estate Journal Monthly   Real Estate Chas. Wood & Son
Traer Star-Clipper Weekly Friday Rep E.E. Taylor
Treynor Record Weekly Thursday Ind Earl C. Bundy
Tripoli Leader Weekly Thursday Ind H.C. Kirkpatrick
Troy Mills News Weekly Friday Ind Justin Barry

Source: "The Iowa Official Register for the Years 1911-1912", Twenty-Fourth Number; compiled under the supervision of William C. Hayward, Secretary of State and John M. Jamieson, deputy, by Guy S. Bewer; Des Moines, Emory H. English, State Printer, E.D. Chassell, State Binder; 1911; pages 723-746.

Transcribed for Iowa Old Press by Sharyl Ferrall, winter 2005

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