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Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Udel American Weekly Thursday Ind J.J. Taylor
Union Star Weekly Thursday Rep C.E. Sentman
Ute Independent Weekly Friday Ind J.W. Downing
Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Vail Observer Weekly Wednesday Ind M.J. Monaghan
Valley Junction Valley Express Weekly Thursday Rep Homer Thompson
Van Horn Benton County Record Weekly Friday Ind H.J. Breuer
Van Meter Reporter Weekly Thursday Ind W.E. Riggs
Van Wert Record Weekly Thursday Ind Fred Jay
Victor Record Weekly Wednesday Rep G.B. Fullmer
Villisca Letter Weekly Thursday Dem Carl A. Silas
Villisca Review Weekly Thursday Rep E.L.C. White
Vinton Benton County Times Weekly Thursday Dem H.G. Kruse
Vinton Eagle Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep B. Murphy
Vinton Review Weekly Wednesday Ind Allen & Gerberich
Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Walker News Weekly Friday Ind Justin Barry
Wall Lake Blade Weekly Friday Ind Rep F.A. Brown
Walnut Bureau Weekly Friday Rep J.W. Wayne & Son
Wapello Republican Weekly Thursday Rep R.G. Hawkins
Wapello Tribune Weekly Thursday Rep J.A. Bigger
Washington Democrat Weekly Tuesday Dem A.R. Miller
Washington Evening Journal Daily except Sunday Ind Orville Elder
Washington Washington County Press Weekly Friday Rep C.K. Needham
Washta Journal Weekly Thursday Ind H.S. Swift
Waterloo American Noble Monthly   Fraternal Young & Williams
Waterloo Courier Daily except Sunday Rep John C. Hartman
Waterloo Courier Tri-weekly Mon, Wed & Fri Rep John C. Hartman
Waterloo Creamery Journal Semi-monthly   Trade Fred L. Kimball Co.
Waterloo Deutsch-Amerikaner Weekly Wednesday Ind H.C. Finnern
Waterloo Egg Reporter Monthly & Semi-monthly Mar, Apr, May, Oct, Nov & Dec (not given) Fred L. Kimball Co.
Waterloo Kimball's Dairy Farmer Semi-monthly   Dairying H.E. Colby
Waterloo Reporter Daily except Sunday Rep Matt Parrott & Sons
Waterloo Reporter Semi-weekly Tuesday & Friday Rep Matt Parrott & Sons
Waterloo Times-Tribune Daily   Ind Dem Wm. A. Reed
Waterloo Woman's Standard Monthly   Woman Sufferage J.O. Stevenson
Waucoma Sentinel Weekly Thursday Rep J.N. Walker
Waukon Allamakee Journal Weekly Wednesday Dem Dunlevy Bros.
Waukon Democrat Weekly Wednesday Dem Edgar F. Medary
Waukon Republican Weekly Wednesday Rep A.P. Bock
Waukon Standard Weekly Thursday Rep John DeWild
Waverly Bremer County Independent Weekly Thursday Rep J.F. Grawe
Waverly Democrat Weekly Thursday Dem Hoeger & Westphal
Waverly Lutheran Herald Monthly   Religious E. Rausch
Waverly Phoenix (German) Weekly Wednesday Dem G.A. Grossman
Waverly Republican Weekly Thursday Rep W.H. Tyrrell
Wayland News Weekly Wednesday Rep J. Dolph & Son
Webb Record Weekly Friday (not given) J.L. Addington
Webster City Freeman Weekly Tuesday Rep W.F. Hunter
Webster City Freeman-Tribune Daily except Sunday Rep W.F. Hunter
Webster City Herald Weekly Thursday (not given) D.C. Chase
Webster City Journal Weekly Thursday Rep Geo. C. Tucker
Webster City Tribune Weekly Friday Rep W.F. Hunter
Weldon American Weekly Thursday Rep R.C. Hoadley
Wellman Advance Weekly Thursday Ind E.I. Coffey
Welsburg Herald Weekly Wednesday Ind J. Vanderwicken
Wesley News-World Weekly Friday Rep S.L. Sherman
West Bend Journal Weekly Thursday Rep Thos. Larsen
West Branch Times Weekly Thursday Rep Ross Leech
West Burlington Advertiser Weekly Thursday Ind Chas. F. Fisher
Westgate Herald Weekly Thursday Ind W.E. Snyder
West Liberty Index Weekly Thursday Rep A.W. Jackson
West Point Bee Weekly Thursday Dem J.M. Pohlmeyer
West Side Journal Weekly Friday Ind M.R. Hueschen
West Union Argo-Gazette Weekly Thursday Rep Walter H. Beall
West Union Fayette County Union Weekly Thursday Dem E.A. McElree
What Cheer Chronicle Weekly Friday Rep Geo. A. Poff
What Cheer Patriot Weekly Thursday Ind Rep C.M. Gates
Wheatland Buxton's Gazette Weekly Wednesday Dem F.W. Buxton & Son
Whiting Argus Weekly Thursday Ind Rep J. William Howe
Whittemore Champion Weekly Thursday Ind Tom J. White
Williams Wasp Weekly Thursday Ind Lloyd Walterick
Williamsburg Journal-Tribune Weekly Thursday Ind Osborn & Gallagher
Wilton Junction Advocate-Review Weekly Saturday Rep E.W. Clark
Winfield Beacon Weekly Thursday Ind Hinkle & Stinson
Winterset Madisonian Weekly Thursday Rep E.M. Smith
Winterset News Weekly Friday Dem Arthur Goshorn
Winterset Reporter Weekly Thursday Rep J.W. Miller
Winthrop News Weekly Thursday Rep J.N. Gray
Woden Watchman Weekly Thursday Rep J.H. Bode
Woodbine Chronicle Weekly Thursday Rep Geo. G. Adams
Woodbine Twiner Weekly Friday Rep Bays & Atkins
Woodward Enterprise Weekly Thursday Ind Chas. Haworth
Woolstock News Weekly Friday Rep Frank Boughton
Wyoming Journal Weekly Thursday Rep D.A. White
Y & Z          
Town of Publication Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Yale Tribune Weekly Friday Ind Rep C.O. Sawyer
Zearing Advocate Weekly Thursday Rep Guy W. Mills

Source: "The Iowa Official Register for the Years 1911-1912", Twenty-Fourth Number; compiled under the supervision of William C. Hayward, Secretary of State and John M. Jamieson, deputy, by Guy S. Bewer; Des Moines, Emory H. English, State Printer, E.D. Chassell, State Binder; 1911; pages 723-746.

Transcribed for Iowa Old Press by Sharyl Ferrall, winter 2005

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