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Here are pages from a scrapbook I rescued from a flea market in Waterloo, Iowa, in 2003.  Some of the clippings say they are from the Sioux City Journal 1933.  Some of the clippings in the scrapbook pages prior to that indicate they might be from around 1929. These make many references to Morningside College, and the surrounding towns. The later ones indicate they are from about 1947 in the Waterloo area.

I have indicated where there is a photo.  I would be happy to scan pictures for people who request them. I have no other information on any of these families.

Thank you, Ruth M.F. Tucker

Scrapbook Page 1
No date. No newspaper named.

Kruwell Will Be Superintendent at Moville Next Year
  Announcement was made here yesterday that Lynn L Kruwell, who has been
principal of the local high school, and has taught here for the past 12
years, will not return next fall. He has been elected Superintendent of
Schools at Moville, Iowa. The Moville school is a progressive one, the
town being 1100 in population. The position is considered a distinct
advancement for Mr Kruwell.

(Caption under the picture)
  W. C. Jackman, popular Rock Rapids school man, who next year is to
take over the superintendency of the Sheldon public schools. Mr.
Jackman, who was re-elected by the Rock Rapids board of education,
decided on the move on account of the fact that it was a real

  Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Kruwell announce the birth of a lovely 8 pound baby
girl born Wednesday, March 9th, at the Vander Wilt hospital. Karen Kay
was chosen as a name for the little lady.

Ca. 1941 - 1945
   Mrs. J. W. Dickinson has received a letter from the Lee Gillis' of
Omaha, informing her of the death of their son, Bob, in the Southwest
   Mr. Gillis was superintendent of the Rock Rapids schools in the early
1920's, coming here to succeed Lester Ary. Bob was born just before
Gillis took charge of the local schools and he more or less got his
start in life in Rock Rapids. They left here in 1926.
  In the letter, Mr. Gillis said that the government had notified him
Bob was missing in action, but that a buddy from Omaha, in the same
outfit, had written home. According to this flyer, "Bob was returning
from a rather long bombing mission, when an oil leak developed He was
ordered to the closest field, but could not make it. He made a water
landing with his usual competence and go into his raft. Within a short
time the rescue PBY which accompanied such missions located him. They
flew over him at a height of 20 feet and dropped smoke bombs and turned
immediately to land, but in that short time Bob and his boat had

Photos of Lester C. Ary, Lee J. Gillis, O. H. Whitehead of Rock Rapids,
Mr. Lynn L. Kruwell, Principal, High School, Rock Rapids.

Louis Kohl Goes To Luverne After 14 Years Here
To Be Industrial Arts Instructor; Several Faculty Changes Here

  Louis Kohl, manual training instructor in the Rock Rapids high schools
for the past 14 years, was granted a release from his contract by the
board of education Friday, and this week began his duties as industrial
arts instructor in the Luverne junior and senior high schools.
  Several changes in the teaching personnel in the local schools are the
result of Mr. Kohl's release. Robert Porter, 5th and 6th grade teacher
in the grade school was promoted to science teacher in the junior high
and will take over duties as assistant coach.
  Ralph Birchard, who has held the junior high position, has been
transferred to the high school where he will teach biology, English and
junior business training. Principal Crawford will have charge of the
manual training in addition to the principalship.

Photo: GOES TO LUVERNE (title of photo of Louis Kohl)

  Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kohl are the parents of a fine baby boy born
Tuesday, August 1, at the Rock Rapids hospital. James Warren is the name
which has been selected for him.

Scrapbook, Page 2
Miss Mabelle Whitney and Mr. William McGraw Wedded at Holy Name Church

   On Monday, September 26, occurred the marriage of Miss Mabelle
Whitney, daughter of Mrs. Mary Whitney, and Mr. William McGraw, son of
Mr. Dan McGraw.
  The services were read by Rev. Thomas Dullard at Holy Name church in
the presence of relatives and close friends. As the bridal party entered
the church at eight-thirty, Mrs. Benita LaChance rendered Mendelssohn's
wedding march, continuing throughout the service with nuptial music.
  The wedding attendants were Mrs. G. S. Mishler, only sister of the
bride, and Mr. Jack McGraw, brother of the groom.
  The bride wore a beautiful gown of wood brown Georgette, with gold
embroidery, a small French hat and a brown fox fur.  She carried an arm
bouquet of Ophelia roses, ferns and ribbons to match her gown.
Mrs. Mishler's gown was of rose brown Georgette and velvet. Her hat was
of lighter brown. She also carried an arm bouquet of roses.
  Immediately following the church service, the members of the
bridal party were served a three-course breakfast at the J. F. Nagle
home, Miss Marjorie Nagle assisting Mrs. Nagle in the serving.
  A large reception was held at the home of Mrs. Mary Whitney, at
twelve-thirty noon, to friends of Mr. and Mrs. McGraw. Mrs. Mishler
received at the door and was assisted by Mrs. J. F. Nagle and Miss
Bertha Hampe as parlor hostesses. Miss Marjorie Nagle nd Miss Bessie
McGuire had charge of the dining room, and were assisted by the Misses
Marvel Kerns, Martha Chushman, Thelma Kernsand Genevieve in serving a
two course luncheon. The chosen colors of the bride, orchid and yellow
were carried out in the menu. The dining room was beautifully decorated
with roses, tall candles and wedding bell tulle. Garden flowers were
used throughout the house. During the receiving of the guests and
throughout the afternoon music was furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Watson and Mrs. Benita LaChance.
  Mrs. McGraw is well known in Rock Rapids. She finished her public
school course here and later attended State Teachers' College at Cedar
Falls and Iowa State University, where she was affiliated with the Gamma
Beta Phi sorority. She is a member of the General John Washington
chapter, of the American Revolution at Washington, D. C. She taught in
the pubic schools of Waterloo, Iowa City and Rock Rapids. While in Rock
Rapids, Mrs. McGraw has taken an active part in the work of the Woman's
club, Catholic Daughters of America and the Red Cross societies. For the
past year, following her trip abroad, she has spent much of her time in
Des Moines, being employed in the state education department.
Mr. McGraw living in this vicinity until a few years ago, when he
entered the theatre business. He is well known in athletic circles. He
is now located at Lake City, where the couple will be at home following
a motor trip through eastern Iowa and Wisconsin.

Married at Sibley
  Wm. J. Hindt, Rock Rapids attorney, and Miss Maxine May Buck, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Corydon Buck, of State Center, Iowa, were married at
Sibley last Thursday afternoon by Rev. Paul Jackson. After a short
honeymoon the young people returned to Rock Rapids, where Mrs. Hindt is
a teacher in the grade school. They will make this city their home.
Congratulations and best wishes.

MacDonald-Means Wedding Sunday
Affair Held in Sioux Falls; to Make Residence in City

(17 June 1934)
  A wedding of interest to a large circle of friends took place in Sioux
Falls Sunday morning, June 17, at 8 o'clock, when Miss Dorothy
MacDonald, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. MacDonald, of Sioux Falls, and
Mr. Haven LaVerne Means, of this city, son of Frank L. Means, of
Berkeley, Cal., were married in the home of the bride. The Rev. Charles
Gerlinger, pastor of the First Congregational church, performed the
  The bride wore a knitted outfit in blue and carried a Colonial
bouquet. Immediately after the ceremony, a wedding breakfast was served
to the relatives and a few close friends. Appointments were in Miss
MacDonald's colors, rose and blue.
  After a short honeymoon trip, Mr. and Mrs. Means will be at the
Knights Templar Park hotel, where Mr. Means has a summer position.
September 1, they will be at home in Rock Rapids, where the bridegroom
is athletic coach and instructor in the high school.
  Miss MacDonald was graduated from Washington high school in Sioux
Falls and the University of South Dakota at Vermillion where she
affiliated with the Alpha Phi national society sorority. Mr. Means
graduated from Morningside college in Sioux City, where he was well
known as an athlete.
  Friends who were present at the wedding from Rock Rapids were: Mr. and
Mrs. H. F. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Parker and Mrs. J. H. Harrison.
Other out of town guests at the wedding  were: Mr and Mrs. Robert R.
MacDonald and son, Dickie of Mitchell, S. D., Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gray,
of Sioux City, Ia., Mr and Mrs. W. A. Murphy, of Chicago, Ill., Norbert
Manion, of Luverne, Minn., and Kermit Dock, of Colman, S. D.

Scrapbook page 3
Photo of The Rock Rapids High School dated Thursday, September 4, 1930
Photos (ca. 1939) with following caption: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gately who
were married 30 years ago-their marriage being delayed a day by the
terrific blizzard of 1909.

Scrapbook page 4:
Sibley and Sheldon Casts Join Rock Raids in Performances (1929)

  Youthful actors, representing three schools-Sheldon, Sibley and Rock
rapids, presented three one-act plays at the high school auditorium here
on Monday evening of this week. Three entirely different types of plays
were given, adding greatly to the interest in the program, and every
cast won an equal share of praise for its excellent work.
Sibley was the first to take the "boards." Their cast presented "Owin'
to Maggie" by J. J. Trent. Members of the Sibley cast were:
Robert Whiteing Drummond . . . . . . ..Emil Turnbull
Richard Dolorton . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .    Russell Pell
Miss Sophronisba Bird . . . . . . .  Margeret De Bloom
Miss Sylvia Bird . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Louise Wibbena
Miss Edith Hardy . . . . . . . . . . .    Virginia Garberson
Maggie McGinnis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Orva Peters
James T. Coyle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Leon Polley
The Connolly Baby . . . . . . . . . .   Shirley Ann Polley
  Sheldon was second on the program giving for their play "The
Confessional." Those taking part in this production were:
Evie Baldwin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Janice Vander Meide
Martha Baldwin, mother . . . . .  Marguerite Donohue
John Baldwin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .John Peterson
Robert Baldwin, the father . . . . . . . . . . Howard Wolf
Marshall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Wilmar Ellerbroek
Maid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Lucile
  Rock Rapids was last with "The Pot Boilers" by Alice Gertenberg Those
who made up the cast of this play were:
Stagehand . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   William West
Sud, the playwright . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Loran Hunter
Miss Wouldby, the novice . . . . . . . . Abbie Moreland
Miss Ivory, the heroine. . . . . . . . . . . .. . Esther Lloyd
Mrs. Pencil  the vampire . . . . . . . . . . . . .Alice Rohde
Mr. Ruler, the hero . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Clair Ross
Mr. Inkwell, the villain . . . . . . . . . . Richard Allbright
Mr. Ivory the father . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kenneth Miller
  Last evening the same cast which represented Rock Rapids, appeared in
a similar triangular performance at Sheldon, and on Thursday of next
week, another cast recruited from the local school will take place in a
similar program at Sibley.
  Members of this second cast of "The Pot Boilers" are:
Sud, playwright . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Gerald Getman
Miss Wouldby, the novice . . . . . . . Marjorie McGuire
Miss Ivory, the heroine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Clara (  )ran
Mr. Ruler, the hero . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Raoul Escallier
Mr. Inkwell, the villain . . . . . . . . . . . . Floris De(  )ger
Mr. Ivory, the father . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Claude Nichols
Mrs. Pencil, the vampire . . . . . . . . . Marguerite Moon
Stagehand . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Clyde Bird

One Act Plays to Be Given at School To-Night
  Four one act plays, a comedy, a farce, a mystery and a drama are to be
given at the high school auditorium in Rock Rapids tomorrow evening,
Friday, April 24. Three schools furnish talent for these
productions-Sheldon, Sibley and Rock Rapids, schools which have joined
in an annual drama night series for the past several years. 
   Students from the Sheldon school will give the farce "A Mad
Breakfast," directed by Coach A. Roggen. Sibley highwill present the
comedy "Trouble, Trouble, Trouble," coached by Mr. Milton Bergfield,
while Rock Rapids will add variety to the program with the mystery "The
Grill,"and the drama "Drums of Oude," a costume play. Both will be
directed by Miss Marie Vanderburg.
  Those who take part in the productions given by the local school are
Arnold Dickinson, Floris Decker, Florence McLean and Grace McKisick who
appear in "The Grill," and Thomas Corcoran, Pete Westra, Thomas McGuire,
Clyde Bird, Richard Smoldt, Gordon Kage, Catherine Corcoran, Jerry
Getman and Bob Davis, who are to appear in "The Drums of Oude."
  All the plays are of high dramatic value. They are varied in type, and
are played by select casts, chosen from the entire high school groups.
All four productions should afford real entertainment.

They Win
Scholastic Honors

  Here's the list of students in the local school, whose grades were
highest for the six weeks period just ended:
  Grade One -Robert Beaman, Mary Conway, Lois Follett, Jean Follett,
Patty O'Brien, Alta Meda Phipps, Earl Roche, Jimmie Roach, Helen
  Grade Two-Dorothy Hill, Louis Paules, Louis Van Anne, Paul Baker,
Leonard Joslyn, Edward Ladd, Duane La Chance, Patty Lou Swallum, Mary
Haffey, Eleanor Dykhouse.
  Grade Three-Carolyn Baustian, Clive De Wald, Byron Hunt, Frances
Madigan, Beverly Peters, Ralph Peters, Joan Rogers.
  Grade Four-Wanda Hill, June Johnson, Ellen Thomsen, Rose Esther
Whitehead, Winnie Piersma
  Grade Five-Madeline McLean, Eleanor Miller, Herbert Soltow
  Grade Six-Jean Baker, JoLois Coggeshall, John Raveling, Hazel Hunt,
Alice Dolly
  Grade Seven-Howard Wittrock, Gail Riter.
  Grade Eight-Dick Carpenter, Joe Maloney
  Freshman-Clyde Bird, Betty Boll, Vera Coggeshall, Alice Hetrick, Iva
Kroeger, Florence MacLean, Mary Edna Roche, Arlo Scnepf, Dorothy Van Der
  Sophomores-Thomas Corcoran, Florence Cusman, Arnold Dickinson, Raoul
Escallier, Dorothy Kerns, Woodrow Lohman, Esther Bohde.
   Juniors-Neva Baustian, Earl Davis, Loyee Geick, Dora Westra.
  Seniors-Alice Cushman, Hazel Gately, Ethel Herrington, Esther Lloyd,
Opal MacDonald, Marguerite Moon.

Scrapbook page 5
Wed Yesterday

  Mrs. Hummel, formerly Miss Grace Forrette of Sioux Falls, was married
to Mr. Gilbert Hummel of this city, Wednesday morning at St. Joseph's
Cathedral, Sioux Falls. The young couple will make their home in Rock

Weds Sioux Falls Girl Yesterday-
The marriage of Miss Grace Forrette, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J.
Forrette of Sioux Falls, to Gilbert Hummel of this city, was solemnized
yesterday morning, June 9, at 8 'clock in St. Joseph's cathedral in
Sioux Falls.
  Immediately after the ceremony, Mr. Hummel and his bride departed on a
honeymoon trip to visit the former's relatives in eastern Iowa.
  Upon their return they will be at home in the new duplex which is
being erected by Anthony Sieperda on west Main Street.  Mr. Hummel is
employed by the J. C. Penney Company here.

(Photo of house)
  Above is a cottage built this past summer by Tony Sieperda, manager of
the Associated Market store, and which has two compartments. One is
occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Sieperda, and the other by Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert
Hummel, of the J. C. Penney store. It is located on Main street a short
distance east of Sacred Heart church

  At noon Sunday Miss Viola Toft of Sioux Falls, former Humboldt, S. D.
girl, became the bride of Robert Herington of Sioux Falls when they were
bound into the holy bonds of matrimony in an impressive ceremony in the
St. Paul's Lutheran church of Humboldt with Rev. F. R. Kumpf
  To the strains of "I Love You Truly," by the bride's brother, Mr.
Elmer Toft, the young couple entered the church. Misss Toft was
beautifully attired in a knee-length dress of black transparent velvet
with accessories of an eggshell hue. The groom and best man, Mr. Merle
Toft, brother of the bride, wore dark suits, while the bridesmaid, Miss
Ethel Herington, sister of the groom, wore a black velvet dress. The
bride carried a corsage of tea roses and baby delphiniums.
  After a sort sermon by Rev. Kupf, Miss Marcine Peters and Mr. Elmer
Toft sang "Dawning", accompanied by Miss Margaret Emmerson at the organ.
Following the vocal duet, the young couple was united in marriage in a
single wedding ring ceremony.
  A delightful wedding dinner was served at the hoe of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Toft of Hartford, with the tables
attractively decorated in the bride's chosen colors, pink and blue.
  Out-of-town guests attending the dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Theo.
Richardson of Omaha, Mr. and Mrs Amos Richardson of Ireton, Mr. and Mrs.
O. M. Richerdson (sic) of Sioux Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Richardson of
Sioux Falls, Mr and Mrs. Nels Richarson of Sioux Falls, Mr. and Mrs. A.
O. Richardson of Sioux Falls, Mr. and Mrs. S. C Toft of Humboldt, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Van Hull of Sioux Falls, Mr. and Mrs. John Hemmingson
of Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Hemmingson of Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Long of
Rock Rapids, Mr and Mrs. Fahrendorf of Sioux Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Sandvig
of Sioux Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Drake of Humboldt, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Stofferahn of Humboldt, Miss Marjorie Orner of Humboldt, Miss Mabel
Reuter of Humboldt, Miss Marcine Peters of Sioux Falls, Miss Selma
Cramer of Sioux Falls, and a host of co-workers from the J. C. Penney
Co. of Sioux Falls.
  Miss Alice Van Hull, Miss Evelyn Richardson, Miss Marcella Stofferahn
and Miss . Hemmingson acted as waiters for the wedding dinner.
  Miss Toft, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Toft of Hartford,
attended and graduated from the Humboldt high school and was employed in
the Humboldt Supply Co., until securing a position as an employee in the
J. C. Penney Co. of Sioux Falls.  A charming young lady of pleasing
personality, Miss Toft has made hosts of friends in and about her work.
  The groom, Mr. Robert Herington, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emery Herington
of Rock Rapids, Iowa, is a man of fine character and rates high among
those who have made his acquaintance.

-      - - - - - - - -
-      Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Herrington (sic), of Sioux
Falls, will be interested to know that they are the parents of a son,
Ronney Roy, born Friday, March 18, at the Sioux Valley hospital in Sioux
Falls. The baby weighed seven and a half pounds.

Scrapbook page 6
Blowout Causes Accident Friday
Local Young Men Not Injured; Passenger Suffers Most

(30 Dec 1932)

  Three young men, Robert and Harley Herington of this place and Wayne
Hogencamp of Iowa Falls, escaped serious injury Friday morning, in an
automobile accident on East Main street in Rock Rapids. An icy roadway
and a flat tire are blamed for the accident, which took place just east
of the Rock river bridge on Main street, and resulted in a badly wrecked
car. Neither of the Heringtons, who were in the front seat, were injured
in any way, but young Hogencamp, a former resident of this city, who was
riding in the rear seat of the car, was badly cut and was unconscious
for several hours as the result of neck injuries.
  According to Robert Herington, who was driving the car, the accident
followed a blow-out, which occurred when a tire hit the sharp edge of a
chuck hole in the oil-surfaced highway on Primary No. 9, just east of
the Rock river bridge. The car swerved following the blow-out, turned
completely around, rolled over on its side and finally came to a stop
against a telephone pole on the north side of the roadway.
  The young men were assisted from the badly wrecked machine by Herman
Kage, Rock Rapids man who was the first to arrive at the scene of the
accident, and they were taken to the office of Dr. J. D. Bishop for
treatment. Later young Hogencamp was taken to the Herington home near
this city, where he rested until Saturday when he returned to this home,
accompanied by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E Hogencamp, who had been
called here immediately after the accident.

Hughes-Long Marriage Solemnized Thursday-   (1935)
  The marriage of Miss Blance Hughes to Roy E. Long, was solemnized on
Thursday, December 12, at the parsonage of the Methodist church in this
city on the date of the 25th wedding anniversary of the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Hughes of Iowa City.
  Mr. W. H. Lease, pastor of the Methodist church, performed the
ceremony at 5:30 o'clock. The couple were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Long, the former the twin brother of the bridegroom.
  The bride attended the schools in Iowa City and later studied
cosmetology at a Cedar Rapids school. For the past year and a half she
has been employed here as an operator at the Beers Beautte Salon. The
bridegroom has always lived in Rock Rapids and is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Wilson Long, who a few weeks ago moved from this city to Phoenix,
Ariz., to reside. Mr. Long is employed here at the Red Owl store.
  Mr. and Mrs. Long have an apartment at the John Maris home at 601 W.
Main street.

Margaret Hartung Marries September 24 At Goldsboro, N.C.

    Word has been received here of the marriage of Miss Margaret
Hartung, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Hartung, to Lt. Paul Richard
Jones of the Army Air Corps, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones of
Detroit, Mich. The wedding took place on Sunday, September 24, in the
Church of the Good Shepherd, at Goldsboro, N.C.
  The ceremony was solemnized at four o'clock with the Rev. John Lasley
  In the absence of Mr. Hartung, Dr. John William Lentz of Philadelphia,
gave the bride in marriage.
  The bride wore a dress of soft grey wool, accented with seal grey
velvet. Her hat and gloves were fuschia, which gave an effective touch
of color. Her veil was draped under her chin and fastened to her
shoulder with white orchids
  Miss Lee Woods of Ridley Park was the bride's only attendant and Lt.
Whitson McLean of Memhis, Tenn., served as best man.
  Ushers were Capt. Roscoe Wertmann of Bloomsberg, Pa., and Lt. Earl
Stoucker of Canton, Ohio.

-      - - - - - - - - - - -
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harmsen are the parents of a baby girl born Friday,
April 26, at the Rock Rapids hospital. Mrs. Harmsen is the former Miss
Marjorie Colby.

- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
   Mr. and Mrs. Denver Dietz are the parents of a fine seven and a
quarter-pound son born Tuesday night, April 23, at the Bishop hospital.
Mrs. Dietz is the former Miss Esther Johnson.

-      - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Autumn Bride
  Miss Henrietta Westra of this city and Clifford Madland of Sioux Falls
were united in marriage Thursday evening, September 28, in the parsonage
of the First Reformed church. The pastor, Rev. J. DeJongh officiated.
  Miss Margaret Hartung of Rock Rapids, and Kenneth Crowley of Sioux
Falls, attended the couple.
  The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Westra of Sioux Falls,
former residents of this city. She has for a number of years been
employed as a saleslady at the J. C. Penney store here.  Mr. Madland, a
son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Madland of Inwood, is employed as a meat cutter
in the Piggly-Wiggly store in Sioux Falls, where the couple will
establish a  home. Mr. Madland has many friends in Rock Rapids, as he
was employed a few years ago in the Thiesen market.

-      - - - - - - - - - -  -

(Photo - 1944)
  MRS. PAUL R. JONES,  who before her marriage on September 24 at
Goldsboro, N.C., was Miss Margaret Hartung.
   Mrs. Jones is now making her home in Philadelphia, until her husband,
who is in the air corps, is permanently assigned.
   Following the ceremony a reception was held at the Officers' Club,
Seymour-Johnson Field.
  Lt. And Mrs. Jones spent a brief honeymoon in Charleston, N., C.,
after which the groom proceeded to Florida for specialized training. At
the present time, Mrs Jones is making her home in Philadelphia and plans
to join her husband, upon completion of the training, sometime after
January first.

-      - - - - - - - - - -
  Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Kuech of Charles City announce the approaching
marriage of their daughter, Norma,
To Arthur M. Charest, son of Mrs. Nora Charest of Fergus Falls, Minn.,
which will take place early in June in Watertown, N.Y. After Aug. 1 Mr.
and Mrs. Charest will be at home in Syracuse, N. Y.

-      - - - - - - ----- - - -
(Photo - 1944)
  MRS. LORENZ FLOWER, the former Monica Van Lent, who on October 12, was
married at Marana Field Post Chapel, at Tucson, Ariz.

-      - - - - - - - - - - -
Margaret Hartung, who has been employed in the J. C. Penney Co., store
here, has left that position and taken a position as officer assistant
to Dr. A. C. Wubbena. Her position at the Penney store is being taken by
Mrs. Ida Bird.

Scrapbook page 7
(Loose Photo clipping from The Sioux City Journal - no date)

One Man's Family, but Don't Forget the Missus
   The above picture-truly an exemplification of "one man's family"-was
taken recently at the home of Dr. Earl A. Roadman, president of
Morningside College, and Mrs. Roadman, 3823 Garretson avenue. The six
sons and daughters of Dr. and Mrs. Roadman, together with their
families, were guests in their parents' home for a family reunion
earlier this month. Pictured, left to right, are: First row, Mrs. Warren
Youle, (Earline Roadman), holding her daughter, Tyann; Mrs. Gene Scott
(Joyce Roadman), holding her baby, Rickey; Dr. Roadman, holding Jean
Fishbeck, Kathy Fishbeck, Mrs. Roadman, holding Mike Scott; Mrs. Keene
Roadman, holding her son, Larry, and Mrs. Richard MacLaughlin (Katherine
Roadman); second row, Mrs. Charles Readman, holding her son, Chip; Keene
Roadman, Lynn Fishbeck, Marky Jones Youle, Judy Jones Youle and Sandra
Youle, and third row, Richard McLaughlin, Dr. Charles Roadman, Keene
Roadman, Dr. Warren Youle, Gene Scott, Arthur Fishbeck and Mrs. Fishbeck
(Pauline Roadman.)

Scrapbook page 9

Value of Methodist Hospital to the Territory Pointed Out by Official
Dr. G. T. Notson Explains Work of the Institution.

(Photo of Dr. G. T. Notson)
   More than a quarter of a million dollars has been spent in Sioux City
by the Methodist hospital during the past eight years, it was revealed
by Dr. G. T. Notson, superintendent of the hospital.
  That includes money paid for groceries and kitchen supplies, for
labor, drugs, dressings, and surgical supplies, household supplies, and
  "It is interesting to note that the hospital does virtually all its
buying here, and by this means turns large sums of money into Sioux City
financial channels," Dr. Notson pointed out, "but we might also take
into consideration the fact that it maintains here a staff of 114, aside
from a large number of people who are kept here indirectly because of
the hospital."
Gifts for Buildings Only
"Many people ask why a hospital cannot pay its own expenses," said Dr.
Notson. "The Methodist hospital does pay its current expenses, and even
has been able to make substantial payments on interest, in addition to
giving a great deal of free service, but the charges made to patients
pay only for current expenses. Hospitals everywhere must depend on
public spirited citizens for gifts which will pay the cost of
construction and equipment, and enable the hospitals to get started.
  "It is quite necessary that we have a nurses' home nearby in order to
maintain the high standard of service we have set ourselves at the
Methodist hospital. The department of nursing of the state board of
health has informed us that they cannot permit us to maintain this home
so far from the hospital for any great length of time. So we are
depending upon the people of Sioux City and surrounding territory to
help us with this project.
  "When the present campaign for funds is completed, and we shall have
met our maturing obligations on the hospital, and provided means to
build a nurses' home, we shall be able to do one of two things: Either
increase the amount of our free and part free service to deserving
patients, or reduce the cost to all patients."
  During the past year 3, 526 patients were admitted to the hospital and
its services were extended to 574 out patients. There was an average of
approximately 88 patients in the hospital each day during the year.
  2,485 Operations Performed.
  Operations performed in the hospital numbered 2,485, and there were
1,373 x-ray examinations. Some idea of the amount of food used in the
institution is gained from the fact that 245,970 meals were served
during the year.
  "Our total yearly budget was $147,609.46 last year," Dr. Notson
explained, "but out of that amount we made an allowance of $4,064 for
the training school, and we paid $12,600 on our interest accounts.
  Salaries and labor costs amounted to $56,140.18 during the year;
groceries and kitchen supplies, $25, 285.60; drugs, dressings, and
surgical supplies, $15,155.94; coal, $6,032; laundry supplies, office,
x-ray, and laboratory supplies, household supplies and general expenses.

Morningside Church Establishes Wood Pile to Aid Unemployed Family Heads
in Suburb

(Photo by McFadden, the Journal's Staff Photographer)
(Caption) Fifth families are being aided by the unemployment relief
project that is being conducted by Grace Methodist Episcopal church.
Heads of families are given work chopping wood and receive scrip money
in return for their labor The scrip may be used to purchase groceries
and clothing at the church commissary in Miller's garage at Peters Park.
An average of 22 men work daily on the wood cutting project. The picture
shows men cutting wood back of the science hall on the Morningside
college campus. One hundred thirty cords of wood have been cut by the
men. The church now has 2 ricks on hand for sale. Guy Morse is in charge
of the project. Rev. C. B. Hankins is pastor of the church.

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