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New York Daily Times
New York, New York
March 29, 1853

List of Deaths on Board of the Steamship Winfield Scott, on her passage from Panama to San Francisco, ending Feb. 22:
Charles Sloan, Iowa
[transcriber note: of the 40 names listed, Mr. Sloan was the only one from Iowa]

In Portland, O.T. Daniel Kerkenhall, recently from Iowa.

[transcribed by S.F., March 2007]


New York Daily Times
New York, New York
September 3, 1853

At the Catskill Mountain House, Aug. 29, by Rev. Geo. Howard, Mr. Chas. H. Abbott, of Iowa, and Miss Julia A., daughter of the late Rev. John Beach, of Michigan.

[transcribed by S.F., March 2007]


Portland, Oregon
December 18, 1853

A list of persons who died on the plains as reported to us by the immigrants who crossed the Cascade Mountains, together with their former places of residence:

NAME - - - - - - - - - - - - RESIDENCE
ALLEN, Abner (Wife of), Pike Co., IL
ALLEN, H.B.B., Mason Co., Iowa
ALLEN, Linsey, Jackson Co., MO
ANDERSON, Chas., Shelby Co., IL
ANDREWS, Josiah, Pike Co., IL
ARNOLD, R., Platt Co., MO
BAROWS, A. (An infant of), Lagrange Co., Indiana
BEECH, Mrs. (Wife of BEECH, Dennes), Iowa
BERD, Thomas, Iowa Co., Iowa
BIGHAM, Samuel N. ,Platt Co., MO
BIGHAM, Susan Ann, Platt Co., MO
BRISTOE, Josephine E., McDonough Co., IL
BROWN, Louisa, Cane Co. IL
BUFF, Elizabeth, Johnson Co., MO
BUFF, John, Platt Co., MO
BUFF, M., Platt Co., MO
BURGEN, Thomas, Platt Co., MO
CAMBELL, C.R., Lafayette Co., IL
CAMBELL, Mary, Adams Co., IL
CARTNER, Rebecca, Franklin Co., KY
CLARK, J.D., Mason Co., IL
COFFEY, C. T. C. (Lost two children), Pike Co., IL
COLE, John W., Henry Co., Iowa
CRAM, F., Pike Co., IL
CRANDLE, Mrs.(Wife of CRANDLE, D.W.), Rock Co., Wisconsin
CRIDER, Thomas, Miller Co., MO
CROW, Christian, Pike Co., IL
CROW, Elizabeth, Pike Co., IL
CROW, Lucinda, Pike Co., IL
CROW, Samuel T., St. Charles Co., MO
CROW, Susan C., St. Charles Co., MO
CRUSE, Henry, Lafayette Co., IL
DENISON, John, Iowa
DIMICK, Thomas, Shelby Co., IL
DIVERS, Elizabeth T., Pettis Co., MO
DODSON, Rachel, Franklin Co., MO
DOLBY, Herrod, Stark Co., IL
DOLBY, Nancy, Stark Co., IL
DOLLEY, David, Nodway Co., MO
DORETY, Mary, Pike Co., IL
DUNOWAY, Emily L., Pike Co., IL
DUNOWAY, Mary M., Pike Co., IL
DUPEERS, Mahaley, Cass Co., MO
EAGAN, Margaret, Jackson Co., Wisconsin
EVANS, Ann, Wappello Co., Iowa
EVANS, I. J., Andrew Co., IL
EVANS, Robert W. ,Platt Co., MO
FINCH, Nancy, Jackson Co., MO
FLUVER, Jesse, Madison Co, Iowa
FLUVER, Rachel, Madison Co, Iowa
FOSTER, Thomas, Allegany Co., MD
FREDRICKS, Sarah F., Pike Co., IL
GOODEL, Abel, Knox Co., IL
HALL, William, Cole Co., IL
HARRIS, Mary & child, Nodway Co., MO
HASKINS, Charles, Henry Co., Iowa
HATFIELD, Nathaniel, Iowa
HENDERSON, Daniel, Buchanan Co., MO
HENDERSON. Mary E., Buchanan Co., MO
HENDERSON. Middleton, Buchanan Co., MO
HILL, F., Monroe Co., Tenn.
HOPKINS, Martha, Michigan
HOSA, Nathaniel, Henry Co., Iowa
INGLE, Lemuel, Pike Co., IL
JACKSON Bay Co., Canada
JACKSON, W.E., Rush Co., Indiana
JOHNSON, David, Wisconsin
JOHNSON, Mary, Lafayette Co., MO
JOHNSON, Z., Lafayette Co., MO
JONES, John ,Atchison Co., MO
JONES, John wife & child, Pike Co., IL
KENNETT, A.F., Lagrange Co., Indiana
LANGSON, John, Johnson Co., MO
LANGSON, Lucinda, Johnson Co., MO
LANGSON, Martha, Johnson Co., MO
LAWRENCE, W.L., Wisconsin
LEGRET, E., Platt Co., MO
LEWIS, David, Platt Co., MO
LINSEY, John, Jackson Co., Iowa
LOGAN, B., Platt Co., MO
LUSTER, Walter & Wife, Andrew Co., IL
LYNDAL, William, Henry Co., Iowa
MAINE, John, Hancock Co., IL
MATHEWS, Elizabeth, Platt Co., MO
MATHEWS, James, Platt Co., MO
MATHEWS, John, Platt Co., MO
McCLAUGHEY, John, Salem, NY
McCLAUGHEY, Susan, Salem, NY
MEGEE, Fry P., Lagrange Co., Indiana
MEGEE, Jackson, Jackson Co., MO
MILLER, Mary, Davis Co., MO
MOORE, E., Jackson Co., MO
MOORE, Malinda, Chariton Co., MO
MOORE, William J., Chariton Co., MO
MOOSER, Aaron, Henry Co., Iowa
MORGAN, Frances, Stark Co., IL
MORGAN, Joseph, Cass Co., MO
MORGAN, Leroy, Cass Co., MO
MORGAN, Sarah E., Cass Co., MO
NELSON, John R., Lafayette Co., IL
NEWINGHAM, A., Hancock Co., IL
NIDER, Elizabeth Jane, Polk Co., MO
NOBBLETT, Sarah, Ray Co., MO
NORTON, Henry, Pike Co., IL
PARKER, Y. ,Demoines Co., Iowa
PHIPPS, Albert, Iowa
PONDEXTER, Elizabeth, Carrol Co., MO
PROUSE, Mary Jane, Johnson Co., MO
RAINOR, Henry, Michigan
ROBERSON, Francis, Dean Co., Wisconsin
RUST, Martha, Iowa
SAVAGE, Izza, Michigan
SCOTT, Mrs. (consort of SCOTT, I.T.), Taswell Co., IL
SHAW, Joel F.(Son of SHAW, Jefferson), Andrew Co., MO
SHELLY, G.T., Jefferson Co., Iowa
SMITH, Amerrica, Knox Co., IL
SMITH, E. ,Jackson Co., Iowa
SMITH, Elizabeth, Taylor Co., IL
SMITH, Hiram (Daughter of), Allegany Co., MD
SMITH, Mary E. ,Taylor Co., IL
SMITH, William, Taylor Co., IL
STANTON, William, Rock Co., Wisconsin
STAY, Miles, Platt Co., MO
STEPHENS, Mary, Demoines Co., Iowa
STORMES, Julia D., Springfield, IL
STRODE, Thomas A., Clay Co., IL
STUMBO, Catharine, Demoines Co., Iowa
STUMBO, David, Demoines Co., Iowa
SWAIN, James, Demoines Co., Iowa
TAYLOR, A., Jackson Co., MO
TAYLOR, William, Perry Co., MO
THOMPSON, Bay Co., Canada
TUCKER, John F., Jackson Co., MO
TULLY, William, Nahaspa Co., Iowa [Mahaska co.?]
TUPPER, Benjamin, Decalb Co., IL
WALLACE, J., Pike Co., IL
WALLACE, Martha Ann, Henry Co., IL
WHITTEN, C.T., Chester Co., Iowa [note: there is no Chester co. in Iowa]
WILLIAMS, Manuel, McDonough Co., IL
WILLIAMS, Robert, Wisconsin
WILSON, John, Platt Co., MO
WISEMAN, John, Chariton Co., MO

[transcribed by B.K., January 2005]

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