Iowa News from across the Country
- 1858 -

Rochester Daily Democrat
Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.
July 10, 1858

HORRIBLE TRAGEDY - The Cedar Valley (Iowa) Times relates the particulars of a horrible transaction in Iowa, on the 30th ult. Ambrose S. SKEELS, formerly of Lockport, had parted from his wife and went to Michigan, leaving her at Cedar Rapids. A few weeks since, he returned and endeavored to effect a reconciliation with his wife. She refused to receive him and at once took steps to procure a divorce, alleging ill-treatment. SKEELS went to her house one day, while she was absent, at a neighbor's. One of the children went to inform her mother, and the latter, accompanied by a young lady, went home and found SKEELS in the cellar. He was told to leave the house, Mrs. S. saying she had told him often enough not to come there. He came out of the cellar, and his wife was about to fasten the door, when he threw her down, and with a pocket knife nearly cut her head off, killing her at once. He then inflicted wounds upon his own throat, which soon after proved fatal. The man was 35 years old, and the woman 32; they had been married fifteen years, and leave four destitute children. Mrs. SKEELS maiden name was Bulah C. VINTON.

[transcribed by G.S. August 2003]


The Chicago Press and Tribune
Chicago, Illinois
September 1, 1858

Died. At Wyoming, Jones county, Iowa, on Wednesday, August 25th, Julia E. Allen, wife of J.B. Allen, Esq., aged 26 years, 10 months and 8 days.

[transcribed by S.F., January 2009]

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