Iowa News from across the Country
- 1860 -

Hartford Daily Courant
Hartford, Connecticut
March 13, 1860

Married. In Simsbury, Feb. 27, by Rev. Joseph Vinton, Mr. Charles Raymond of Lyons, Iowa, and Georgie C. Tuller, daughter of Col. J.A. Tuller, of the former place.

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Omaha Nebraskan
Omaha, Nebraska
April 6, 1860

Emigrant Arrivals
Below we publish the list of arrivals in this City as taken from the register of the Ferry Company, onboard the steam ferry.

March 31st
- Ross' company, Allamakee county, Iowa, 4 wagons and 10 men
- Bishop's company, Newton county Iowa, 1 wagon, 3 men

April 1st
- Giller's company, Butler, Iowa, 2 wagons, 3 men

April 2d
- W. Griffey and family, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 2 wagons, 5 persons
- Her's company, Buchanan county, Iowa, 1 wagon, 2 men
- Connolly's company, Woodbury county, Iowa, 3 wagons, 8 men
- Carpenter's company, Fort Didge, Iowa, 2 wagons, 5 men
- M.B. Davis's company, Lewis, Iowa, 1 wagon, 7 men

April 3d
- Richard's company, Jefferson county, Iowa, 1 wagon, 2 men
- Petr's company, Clinton county, Iowa, 1 wagon, 5 men
- John McCune, Council Bluffs, 1 wagon, 3 men
- Robertson's company, Hamilton county, Iowa, 2 wagons, 6 men

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Daily Democrat
Rochester, Monroe co., NY
May 10, 1860

Miscellaneous Items.
The Davenport News, Iowa, throws some light upon the recent suicide of Miss VAN DUZER, an account of which we have published. The girl was in love with one young man, while her mother wanted her to marry another, and it is supposed she wanted to frighten her mother by pretending to hang herself, but succeeded in hanging herself in reality.

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Hartford Daily Courant
Hartford, Connecticut
June 12, 1860

Married. In Newark, N.J., June 10, by Rev. Dr. Poor, Rev. Chas. W. Bissell of Poquonnock, Ct. and Anna M., daughter of Capt. Geo. K. Smith, of Bowen's Prairie, Iowa

[Note: Bowen's Prairie is in Jones co.; transcribed by S.F., May 2009]


New York Times
New York, New York
July 12, 1860

The Late Tragedy in Iowa
The Burlington (Iowa) Hawkeye gives the following additional particulars regarding John Kephant, who was lately lynched by a mob for murdering Mrs. Willis and her two children in Jefferson County. He pretended to be a preacher, "was a zealous exhorter, positive and prompt in manner, talked much about duty and honesty, with apparent sincerity." He was an elderly man, but "rather good loooking, of good address, and plausible and gracious in conversation." His ruling passions seemed to be avarice and lust. Under the guise of being a minister of the church to which Mrs. Willis belonged, he caught her in his meshes, and induced her to become his housekeeper -- poisoned her husband -- induced her to sell a farm of 160 acres which her husband had owned, for which she got $400 in gold, and his aim then was to get possession of this money. She refused to let him have it, and the only way in which he could get it was to kill her; so, under cover of a dark night, while she was asleep with her three children, in the emigrant wagon in which they were traveling, he deliberately murdered her with an axe. In the morning the children, on waking and seeing the mangled corpse of their mother, becamse alarmed and made an outcry. To hush them he murdered the two youngest, sparing the boy James, who knew where the $400 was concealed, with the hope that he would reveal the whereabouts of the money. Had the lad told him where the money was, the scoundrel would then probably have immediately put him also out of the way, he being the only witness against him. But the boy kept his secret, and after the hoary headed murderer was arrested, the $400 in gold was found in a barrel of soap-grease in the wagon, where doubtless the poor woman had concealed it.

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New York Times
New York, New York
September 24, 1860

-Baldwin-Marven. In Woodstock, N.B., on Monday, Sept. 17, by the Lord Bishop of Fredericton, Simeon Baldwin, Jr., of Clinton, Iowa, to Mary S., daughter of Charles Marven, Esq., of the former place.

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Pike Co., Illinois
October 25, 1860

The Davenport (Iowa) band, have sued the Mayor of that city for a serenade they gave him last spring, on the occasion of his election.

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