Iowa News from across the Country
- 1862 -

New York Times
New York, New York
January 15, 1862

Fire at McGregor, Iowa
McGregor, Iowa, Tuesday, Jan, 14 - A fire yesterday morning destroyed Worth's dry goods store, O'Brien's grocery, Gilms' jewelry store, McNeill's liquor store, Turner's clothing store, Bowen's cabinet store, the City Hotel, and several other buildings. The stocks were mostly saved. Total loss, $25,000.

[transcribed by S.F., October 2007]


Democrat & Chronicle
Rochester, Monroe co., NY
January 18, 1862

Henry O'CONNOR, Esq., of Muscatine, Iowa, District Attorney, and reputed to be one of the best lawyers in the State, joined the first company that was raised in that place after war broke out, as a private. - He was with the First Iowa ?? the battle of Wilson's Creek, and fought like a Turk. On returning home he was offered a commission - any he might choose in a regiment. But his reply was, "D--n your commission; all I want is a gun." That's the kind of a man for you.

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Hartford Daily Courant
Hartford, Connecticut
March 21, 1862

Died. In West Union, Iowa, March 14, John R. Haskell, late of this city, ae 39 years

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Rocky Mountain News
Denver, Denver co., Colorado
June 19, 1862

Arrivals At the Elephant Stables
Mr. Keyes, five teams, Cass co. Iowa, flour and bacon (of course). Mr. Conner, one team, flour, Plattsmouth. Chaplin & Co. two teams, four and corn, Plattsmouth. Dr. Botsford, four teams from Marion co., Iowa, loaded with a general asortment of groceries. Mr. Lumn, one team, Marion co. Iowa, groceries. J. Mason, four teams, Kansas, general assortment of groceries. L. Marion, three teams, flour and groceries from Iowa. J.P. Johnson, four teams, Davenport, Iowa, flour, bacon, corn meal &c. The in-comers report "a perfect slew" of pilgrims on the route here. The corral runners are in clover just now.

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The Chicago Tribune
Chicago, Illinois
August 13, 1862

R.T. Thorne, of the United States Sanitary Commission, has copied a list of the graves in the soldiers' burying ground at Savannah, Tenn., with the inscriptions on the head boards. The record will be perused with melancholy interest by all; with tearfulness by many who recognize familiar names in the list:
Marion Shinkle, I, 12th Iowa, died March 31.
John D. Blanchard, K, 12th Iowa, died March 31.
James H. Williford, I, 14th Iowa, died March 29.
William H. Edward, D, 14th Iowa, died March 27.
William Kyle, K, 14th Iowa, died March 24.
James D. Welch, K, 14th Iowa, died March 24.
W.A. Wesser, E, 14th Iowa, died March 22.
D. Wigdown, K, 12th Iowa
Lieut. Wm. Bauner, F, 2d Iowa.
F.E. Powers, 16th Iowa.
A. Garrison, 12th Iowa.
I. Honse, 12th Iowa (may be L. Honse)
G.B.S. Livingston, C, 11th Iowa.
A.G. Corbint, D, 15th Iowa
O.M. Creath, K, 13th Iowa
W.W. McRay, D, 11th Iowa
Capt. Getler, K, 16th Iowa
J. Chrismore, 15th Iowa, died April 6
Corp. Nathan Cloud, G, 8th Iowa, died April 14
D. Scott, F, 15th Iowa, died April 15
Jacob Albertis, A, 7th Iowa
Edward Cayner, I, 14th Iowa
James Burley, B, 2d, Iowa
Isaac Waker, E, 14th Iowa
J.T. Gately, H, 5th Iowa, died May 6
G.W. Hoag, H, 7th, Iowa, died April 20
Solomon W. Moore, E, 12th Iowa
Jacob Ricker, 12th Iowa
L.C. Herring, G, 12th Iowa

[Transcriber note: only the names identified with an Iowa company were extracted from the lengthly list; transcribed by S.F., February 2010]


Morning Oregonian
Portland, Oregon
September 1, 1862

During a hail storm in Van Buren county, Iowa, lately, cakes of ice two or three inches in diameter tumbled to the earth. whole fields of corn and oats were destroyed. Fowls were killed and horses were bruised.

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The Chicago Tribune
Chicago, Illinois
October 9, 1862

Dubuque, Oct. 8th - T.J. Townsend, surveyor general for Iowa and Wisconsin, died at his residence in this city, this evening.

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The Chicago Tribune
Chicago, Illinois
October 11, 1862

Married. On the 9th inst., by the Rev. W.H. Cooper, Chas. R.P. Wentworth, Esq., of the firm of Wentworth & Hibbard, of this city, and Miss Mavilla Branton, of Lyons, Iowa.

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Weekly Oregonian
Portland, Oregon
October 25, 1862

Murders on the Plains.
In a communication to the Washington Statesman, Mr. Pyle, of the Oregon Escort, gives the following list of murders which came to the notice of the Escort:
Between Fort Hall and Raft river, we passed four graves of persons killed by Indians, as follows:
A.J. Hunter, of Iowa, August 9, 1862; Massin O. Lippi, August 9, 1862; Charles Bullwinkle, of New York, August 9, 1862; G. Leiper, Iowa, August 10, 1862. After crossing Raft river, we passed the grave of Miss E.J. Adams, aged 26 years, who was shot by Indians, August 9th, and died August 12th, 1862. We passed here August 31st -- 22 days after the attack.

[Transcription note: this was a very long article, only the paragraph mentioning people from Iowa was transcribed; transcribed by S.F., May 2006]

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