Iowa News from across the Country
- 1869 -

New York Times
New York, New York
January 30, 1869

Belknap-Tomlinson. In St. John's Church, Keokuk, Iowa, on Thursday, Jan. 21, by Right Rev. Henry W. Lee, Bishop of Iowa, William W. Belknap to Carita S. Tomlinson.

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Sacramento Daily Union
Sacramento, California
March 3, 1869

Died. In Sacramento, March 2d, Mary, wife of Owen Hannan, a native of Ireland, aged 36 years. (Dubuque, Iowa papers please copy).

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Walla Walla Statesman
Walla Walla, Washington Territory
August 6, 1869

Returned to Walla Walla
Two sons of T.P. Denny, Esq., with their families, arrived here on Wednesday, from Polk county, Iowa. They have been absent nearly four years. They left Iowa about the first of May last in company with some twenty emigrants families, bound for this section of country. They report their trip one of pleasure. They left the balance of the train some distance in the rear, they not being able to keep up.

Affray aboard the Dubuque
A dispatch from Rock Island mentions a terrible affray on the steamer Dubuque. About 125 raftsmen came aboard the boat at Davenport. One attempted to pass the negro guard at the gang way, placed there to prevent the deck passengers from entering the cabin. The negro refused to allow him to pass, whereupon the raftsmen made a general attack upon the crew, stabbing five negroes and throwing their bodies overboard. One raftsman was killed. At Hamilton the raftsman drove the remainder of the crew ashore and then commanded the captain to proceed up the river, threatening to burn the boat. The captain managed to telegraph the sheriff of Rock Isand, who immediately chartered a special train and left with a large force well armed, overtook the boat at Clinton and brought her back to Rock Island. Forty-two raftsmen were arrested and lodged in jal, which is guarded by a strong force of police. The city is full of raftsmen, but an extra force of police is employed and it is thought there will be no disturbance.

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