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- 1871 -

Prairie Farmer
Chicago, Illinois
February 4, 1871

Patrons of Husbandry
A State Grange for Iowa was lately organized at Des Moines by Wm. Duane Wilson, General Deputy, under the authority of the National Grange. Officers were elected as follows: Master, D.W. Adams, Waukon, Allamakee county; Lecturer, Isaac Brandt, Des Moines, Polk county; Overseer, J.L. Enos, Cedar Rapids, Linn county; Steward, Peter Mclendy, Cedar Falls, Blackhawk county; Assistant Steward, J.D Whitman, Dallas Centre, Dallas county; Chaplain, C.D. Beeman, Waukon, Allamakee county; Treasurer, Wm Anderson, of Madison county; Secretary, Wm. Duane Wilson, Des Moines, Polk county; Gate Keeper, W.H. Shower, Dennison, Crawford county.

[transcribed by S.F., June 2010]


Buffalo Daily Courier
Buffalo, Erie Co., NY
May 20, 1871

Suddenly, at Burlington, Iowa, on the 9th inst., Mrs. Mary A. Lank, sister of the Rev. John K. Lewis, U.S.N., formerly Rector of St. Luke's Church in this city.

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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA
Monday, October 23, 1871

DIED -- in Bloomfield, Van Buren county, Iowa, Sept. 17, 1871, Mrs. Susan SWANK, sister of Deputy Sheriff HARLESON, of this city.

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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA
Friday, November 3, 1871

MARRIED -- in Empire city, Oct. 29th, by Rev. T.F.R. GARNER; William B. GARNER and Miss Almeida BURROWS of Iowa. [Iowa papers please copy]

[transcribed by D.S., August 2005]


Titusville Morning Herald
Titusville, Pennsylvania
November 28, 1871

At Keosauqua, Iowa, on Friday, Craig & Blackmore's drug store, the Republican office and Masonic lodge, all located in Craig's building, were burned. Loss $14,000; insured for $5,500.

[transcribed by C.J.L., Sept. 2003]


Freeborn County Standard
Albert Lea, Minnesota
December 22, 1871

J.J. Reardon, who held a position in Dwyer's store some time ago, but who went east about two years since, was to be seen in this city for a short time on Monday evening. Mr. Reardon has, during his absence mastered the art of telegraphy and expects soon to have a station on a branch of the B.C.R. & N. road near Emmetsburg, Iowa. He is at present breaking between here and Cedar Rapids.

[transcribed by C.J.L., Jan. 2004]

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