Iowa News from across the Country
- 1877 -

Freeborn Standard
Albert Lea, Freeborn co. Minnesota
May 3, 1877

YOUNG MEN. Baylies Great Commercial College, Keokuk, Iowa, on the Mississippi.
Nineteenth Year About sixty dollars pay all expenses for Membership, Board, and Stationery. Bookkeepers, Penmen, Reporters, Operators, Architects, Surveyors, and Teachers thoroughly fitted. Railroad fare reduced. Good situations. No vacations. Good boarding clubs; and family board. Don't fail to address Prof.
Miller, Keokuk, Iowa.

[transcribed by C.J.L., Oct. 2003]


Atlanta Constitution
Atlanta, Georgia
May 16, 1877

Almost as Sweet as Col. Jene's Okra Pod.
Dubuque, May 14 -- A young lady school-teacher in Allamakee county had a lover whose affection turned to rage in a singular manner. Last Tuesday, declining to receive his attention any more, she gave him the mitten. This sorely perplexed the young man. He packed up his duds for leaving the country, but before going called at the school to say farewell. After a few minutes' conversation he requested the favor of a parting kiss, and reached out to embrace her, when she struggled, under bashful modesty. Seizing the opportunity, he drew her face to his and bit her nose nearly off. The end part, a good mouthful, hung by the gristle and was sewed in place by a neighboring surgeon. With best possible care she will be disfigured for life.

[transcribed by S.F., Nov. 2003]


Westfield News
Westfield, Hampden co. Mass.
October 17, 1877

At Northampton (Florence), 11th, Frederick H. Severence of Iowa and Katherine L. Graves.

[transcribed by S.B., August 2005]


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