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- 1893 -

Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, California
January 24, 1893

Licensed to Wed. Marriage licenses were issued at the County Clerk's office yesterday to the following persons:
Harry J. Tremain, a native of Iowa, 24 years of age, of Humboldt, Iowa, to Carrie E. Lorbeer, also a native of Iowa, 24 years of age, of Pomona.

[transcribed by S.F., June 2008]


Morning World Herald
Omaha, Nebraska
February 20, 1893

A Centenarian.
Mason City, Ia., Feb. 19. -- The oldest man in Iowa and probably in the west, is Mr. Charles L. Pool of Allamakee county, who will celebrate his 107th birthday on the 15th of the coming month. He was born in Congrasbury, Somersetshire, England, in 1786. He was thrice married, his first wife living but nine years. In England his business was farming and speculating in teasles, and after coming to this country he was engaged in farming as he was able to work at all. In 185? he came to this country with his wife and ten children, leaving his oldest son in England. He settled first in Kane county, Illinois, where in 1850 his wife died. In 1851 he removed to Allamakee county, which has since been his home, although he has spent one year in Dakota. Although so advance in years, Mr. Pool can walk about, and with the aid of his glasses can read the tinest print. Two years ago he was hurt by a fall, since which time he uses a cane to assist him in walking. Mr. Pool has seventy living descendants, seven children and sixty-three grandchildren.

[transcribed by S.F., Nov. 2003]


Watertown Herald
Watertown, Jefferson Co. N.Y.
Saturday, February 25, 1893

Judge S.C. Hastings, millionaire and pioneer, died on Saturday, in his 79th year, in San Francisco. He was born at Watertown in 1814, but went west to attend school. He and Henry Ward Beecher were students at Lawrenceburg, Ind. He then settled in Iowa and studied law. He was the first supreme judge of the Hawkeye state, and took Iowa into the union with him in the twenty-ninth congress. He was married to Miss Arzela A. Bradt of Iowa. He went to California early in the fifties, and was the first supreme judge of that state. He accumulated a large estate, which he divided among his children about four years ago, reserving only enough to assure him of maintenance. His fortune was estimated at one and a half millions.

[transcriber note: Judge S. Clinton Hastings was born in Jefferson co. NY in 1814. He came to Burlington, Des Moines Co. in 1837 and served in the Iowa Territorial General Assemblies. He served on the Iowa Supreme Court as Chief Justice for one year from January 26, 1848, to January 14, 1849. He also was the first representative in the U.S. Congress from the state of Iowa. -transcribed by S.F., March 2008]


Salinas Weekly Index
Salinas, California
Thursday, March 2, 1893

Died -- RUSSELL -- at West Grove, Iowa, Feb. 15, 1893, of pneumonia, Samuel RUSSELL, son-in-law of Mr.& Mrs. Ira TUCKER of Salinas City.

[transcribed by D.S., August 2005]


Salinas Weekly Index
Salinas, California
Thursday, March 16, 1893

Personal & Social
J. JACOBSEN and family, consisting of wife & 4 children, recently arrived from Iowa and are staying with their friends, Mr.&Mrs. M.J. FRESE, on the Buena Vista. H. HANSEN, a cousin of Mr. JACOBSEN, is also a member of the party. They have become tired of the rigors of Iowa winters and will locate permanently in the Salinas valley.

[transcribed by D.S., August 2005]


Neosho Times
Neosho, MO
April 6, 1893

Lacona, IA -- April 3, 1893 -- Henry McKinness & his 3 sons were killed when a boiler in the sawmill exploded.

[transcribed by S.B., August 2005]


Brooklyn Eagle
Brooklyn, New York
April 24, 1893

Timothy Collins of Waukon, Ia., was paralyzed after sneezing a week ago and he is still helpless.

[transcribed by S.F., February 2005]


San Francisco Call
San Francisco, California
June 1, 1893

Commencement Exercises at Palo Alto University
The following students are now Bachelors of Arts:
L.W. Bannister, Des Moines, Iowa, BA English
M.A. Campbell, Des Moines, Iowa, BA English

The following students received Masters of Arts Degrees:
Oscar Magnus Benzon, Newell, Iowa, German
Carl Lane Clemans, Manchester, Iowa, Ph.B in Mathematics

[note: the very lengthy description of the commencement was not transcribed, only the Iowa graduates; transcribed by S.F., July 2014]


Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, California
June 13, 1893

John Brennan, one of the most widely-known Irish-Americans of Iowa -- a lawyer, orator, politician and author -- who spends all his winters in Southern California, reached his home in Sioux City a few days since, and in an interview with a Journal reporter gave out over a column of very good English and very questionable logic, which appeared under the caption: "Paradise of the Indolent: Such, John Brennan Says, is Southern California." He made a passably commendable effort to discourage his shivering fellow townsmen from emigrating; yet it is easy to imagine that when another winter's blizzards are sporting with the snowdrifts, and Mr. Brennan is again picking oranges in the land he cannot help praising, many a Hawkeye will dig up the aforementioned interview and wonder how things can be so awfully bad when the conditions are as described. For in the very article in question Mr. Brennan is in candor compelled to say of the land he warns people of: "California, indeed, is a very beautiful country, with a soil that is abundantly productive, with a climate mild as a mother's jove, and scenes that are fairer than the Garden of the Gods. If it were my home I would cling to it affectionately, but it isn't my home. When one first sets his eyes upon it he is dazzled by the splendor of the sunshine and fascinated by the verdure of its valleys. There is a balm in its every breeze and an inspiration in its lofty mountain peaks and the perpetual roll of the waves upon its coast line. Great red and white roses bloom perennially, and by a sort of paradox in nature, the very middle of the winter is the most delightful season ... Southern California is an excellent place in which to live. A man who is industrious and willing to work there can find some sort of employment -- can find work for wages. If he has capital he an go into some business, big or little, pretty much the same as in any other country. And though his earnings may be small or his profits little, he can, if necessary, manage to live for rmuch less money than it costs him in a colder climate." If that is the way Mr. Brennan talks against this region, what a poem his praise of it would be.

[transcribed by P.H., Jan. 2004]


New York Times
New York, New York
June 16, 1893

Hale-Perkins. On Thursday, June 15, at Shaw Farm, Waterford, Conn., by the Rev. Drs. Edward E. Hale and George W. Alexander, Rose Postlethwaite, daughter of Dr. Maurice Perkins of Union College, New-York, to Dr. Edward E. Hale, Jr., of Iowa City, Iowa.

New-London, Conn., June 15. -- Prof. Edward Everett Hale, Jr., of Iowa University was married this afternoon at the old Shay farmhouse, Waterford, Conn., to Miss Rose Perkins, second daughter of Prof. Maurice Perkins of Union College. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Edward Everett Hale, father of the groom, assisted by the Rev. George Alexander of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New-York. The bride was given away by her father, and was attended by six bridesmaids. A wedding supper, at which fifty guests were present, followed the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Hale left on the evening train for Concord, Mass. They will sail for Europe on June 23. Returning, they will reside in Iowa City.

[transcriber notes: both write-ups of this wedding were in the same issue, the longer of the two appeared in the column "Weddings Yesterday"; note the bride's surname in the the shorter notice, given as Postlethwaite, although her father's surname was Perkins. A typo? Had the bride been previously married? -transcribed by S.F. November 2006]


Cheyenne Daily Sun
Cheyenne, Wyoming
October 13, 1893

New Rockford, N.D., Oct. 12 - A Northern Pacific train, with a party of thirty Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin hunters, left the track two miles south of here yesterday, owing to a broken rail and turned over on its side into a ditch. Flames broke out and it seemed for a time as if some would be burned to death. The fire, however, was put out before any of the injured were reached. Twenty men were injured, all of whom were brought to this place immediately after the accident. Those most seriously hurt are:
F. Barron of Calmar, Ia., concussion of the brain
W.C. Earle of Waukon, Iowa; spine injured
A.J. Hatch* of Dubuque, head bruised and internal injuries
C.H. Earl, Waukon, Ia., leg broken

The other men injured are:
A.F. Jagger, F. Jagger, F.J. Earling, Alvis Glale, Titus Schmidt, A.F. Heebe and James Reinfrid, of Dubuque, Ia.
V.E. Strayer, W.J. Moody, of Calmar, Ia.
J.T. Ayres, Elma, Ia.
Oscar Vanderbilt, Des Moines, Ia.

[*Note: another Wyoming paper also reported on the accident, giving the name A.J. Puich rather than A.J. Hatch of Dubuque. - transcribed by S.F., Dec. 2013]


The Mitchell Daily Republican
Mitchell, Davison Co., Dakota Territory
November 23, 1893

A Postmaster Missing
Des Moines, Ia. Nov. 18 -- Postmaster L. Winter, of Woodbine, heretofore prominent and highly respected is absent, his whereabouts unknown, and his affairs in bad shape, the full extent of his indebtedness being yet unknown. Gambling on the Chicago board of trade is said to be the cause of his trouble. His postoffice accounts seem to be all right and he paid 0ff $2,000 of debts before leaving.

[transcribed by C.D., October 2006]


Los Angeles Herald
Los Angeles, California
November 24, 1893

Died. In this city, November 22, 1893, James I. Donovan, beloved husband of Mary Ellen Donovan and brother-in-law of J.C. McMenomy, a native of Dubuque, Iowa. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend his funeral from his late residence, 226 1/2 East Fifth street, then to the cathedral of St. Vibiana, where a solemn requiem high mass wil be celebrated for the repose of his soul, commencing at 9 o'clock today. San Francisco papers please copy.

[transcribed by S.F., July 2014]

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